Are you a Pit Viper...or a fainting Goat...Good question.

How are you all...me, I am fine.
anywhoozle....nod to this gal...whom I have told that I intend to make anywhoozle  a household word. It's completely her creation, but I just love it.
It will just take time and diligence.
I went back to the gym..and was both relieved and irritiated.
Relieved because I could see my calorie burn...
irritated by all the  gym-y things that you have to put up with at the gym.
I did one hour on the elliptical and then 200 situps..Which I must say, are getting easier.
Although, everytime I reach around 180 some odd sit-ups, I feel like I am going to hurl.

My calves were tight when I woke up this morning.
I really had to stretch them today.
Which is good.
Shows the jogging is working.
I went up to the defense institute to try and inquire about self defense classes and they weren't open.
I don't think these people keep regular hours.
Maybe they just sneak in and out like ninjas...
And IF I can hunt them down, I can be trained.
If not, I am doomed to remain in ignorance.

I am looking around at the locked front door, attemting to find actual HOURS OF OPERATION
But I do see that they have a fighting team called the PIT VIPERS.

Now, I had issues up till two hours ago with this..
I said to myself
"Self, You are not a pit viper."
Then I was all, well...what the heck IS a pit viper. hmmm...thought I.
What is a Pit viper?
So, I looked it up.

The pit viper
Like most snakes, crotalines keep to themselves and will strike only if cornered or threatened. Smaller snakes are less likely to stand their ground than larger specimens.

 I gave this some thought,,,,and the thought I thunk was....

Beats this:

So, I will try and call tomorrow and see if I can get a hold of someone or leave a message.
Hope everyone out there is having a great day.....
I did.
Your fainting pit viper of a blogger,


Fiona said...

Good luck Ms Pit Viper :)

Anne H said...

Also, a pit viper snake has live births - not eggs!
*Anywhoozle* just a little 411.

Tammy said...

lmao...fainting goats....who knew??

Linda Pressman said...

I just hope you're not in some class of junior ninja "pit vipers" karate chopping each other!

Helen said...

Most martial arts places open up around 4 in the afternoon and stay open until late. They might have only a class or two in the morning. So, definitely leave a message, I'm sure they'll call you back. No doubt about it, you're a Pit Viper Chris!

BEE said...

running is killing my claves as well
your doing great

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I am sooo looking forward to your posts when you start martial arts. I can see you kicking some serious booty, you pit viper, you!

Robin said...

That video was hilarious, but you are right in that you do not want to be a fainting goat. Or the incredible fainting woman posted all over youtube. So, I agree with the earlier poster about those karate places keeping later hours. Try going back later and see if you don't find someone there. If the mental imagery of the pit viper works for you, I say use whatever works!

Also good for you for making friendly with the elliptical machine:-)

Retta said...

I agree with Karen, I'm looking forward to hearing about it. :-)

Christine Jeske said...


You WILL find those ninjas. I know you have the skillz. ♥