Hello all..
Well, I did another 3 mile jog today.
It took me a bit to warm up, but once I did and got going. I felt really good.
I did my 3 mile run in about 45 minutes....so 4 miles per hour lol.
I could have probably walked that fast, but that wasn't the point. The point was that I jogged using front foot strike, keeping my body centered and placing my feet under my center of gravity....low and slow and smooth.
I never lost my breath.
I did breath heavier than I usually do while walking,
I worked up a good sweat.
I felt really good when I was finished.
So,new rule...if it's under three miles.
I Jog.
Over 3 miles.
I walk.
For now...
When I was finished I felt like I could have gone a while longer.
I am going to build up slowly.
I want to get the vibrams kso type woman's shoe.
I think It would help me feel my foot strike better.
I am going to try and jog two times a week.
Elliptical two times a week.
and if this whole self defense thing works out, two times a week kickboxing or some such.
So, back to the gym tomorrow for the elliptical.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
and this is the newest song I love to listen to while jogging...great beat.
Hugs to you all,


Robin said...

I tried to leave a comment on your earlier blog and the comment box wouldn't pop and I thought, "Well, maybe that is best." Let me think on it some more. Everyone in this blogger world reads and processes differently, but we all (I think) want to offer up something helpful. I am so glad that Linda posted a comment to your mall incident that resonated for you and made you say, "Yes. That makes sense to me."

I hope you know that if/when I comment it is always with good intent. I realize that you weren't resonating with my comment for that incident and that is okay. I freely admit to not having a handle on LOTS of things. But I do want you to be the best you can be. I am so glad that you are getting there:-)

Keep on keeping on. You are doing great!

Christine said...

Thanks robin.

Robin said...

You're welcome. You didn't have to drop in and leave me a comment. We were good. I am really glad that someone said the "right" thing that clicked with you. It is really important. I am in a battle of my own. It doesn't have anything to do with my weight. We all have our own demons. I wrote this crazy blog today (because I was feeling kinda crazy) and it helps when people you sort it out. Anyway, it was sweet of you to doubleback and reply:-)

Linda Pressman said...

Hey Chris (and Robin),
Great on the jogging. You are amazing. I think it's good to change your routine, to shake it up. Of course, I'm saying that knowing that I've been going to Jazzercise (and only Jazzercise) for 21 years! Sometimes I don't even think I exercise for exercise, I think I do it for depression.

Well, those are my deep thoughts today!

Retta said...

Walking, running, jogging, wt lifting, gym machines, kickboxing, self-defense classes... you must feel like quite the athlete!

I've read about those Vibram shoes... good reviews. I'll be curious how you like them.

Christine said...

lol loretta, I am getting there.

Miz said...

and Id say be careful with the KSO and running.
I have them (Im a sucker for odd looking shoes :)) but havent run in them yet as Im nervous about injury.

Im sure you know---but take it slooooowly if you do.

xo xo,


Fiona said...

Sounds like great running technique :)

Anonymous said...

look at your running hot ass. So excited.

I'll have to check out the blogger you referenced. I had a natural tendancy to jog on my toes, and that was the reason for the dreaded High Sprain incident years ago that stopped me from jogging altogether, so I wonder what I wasn't doing right. As it is right now I've got shoes that really work for me and I concentrate on the heel strike and I have been (knock wood) injury free so far. Achy ankles from time to time.

Anyhow. GREAT RUNNING. And the word verification I have to type in is Barbie. That's funny to me.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Mixing up your form of cardio is a great way to challenge yourself. With spring coming, outdoor runs will be really nice for you. Do you run in a park or other area where the scenery is pretty?

Seth said...

Awesome job! Keep on jogging if you feel it in you! good work.

Putz said...

i haven't commented on the two last blogs because, errhumm, i am man>>>>you know like you are woMAN ERRHUM>>>>BUT NOW YOU ARE BACK TO AN EMOTIONAL StABLE POSITION AND I CAN COMMENT WITHOUT YOU GETTING UNSELTTLED.....i thinkk 3 miles is commendable, yep commendable, so i am going award you a condemnation>>>an award of sorts>>>>THE MOST GLAD TO BE ALIVE AND KICKIN AWARD>>so bask in it's light and amber glow and know that you are>>>zs nieil diamond would say...<<<>>>>

paulawannacracker said...

Way to go chris!!!! That's great news about the jogging. BTW... I'm just jamming here to your music. Like it very much.

I really like that song. I wish I can download it for my cell phone ring tone.

Tara said...

3 miles!!!!


In the famous words of...well you: KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!!!

and my word verification is: subfrap. WTH ia that?

Anonymous said...

Great job on the jogging Chris!

Amber said...

3 miles, before you know it it will be 5, 7, 9 miles or more.

Keep it up!