It's never too late...

I think I will start counting down my days from my birthdays.
Makes sense.
Our time here is limited. Statistically speaking.
As my older daughter said, "You're one year closer to death."
she is 16....nuff said.
Which actually doesn't bother me.
Because we never know how much time you have.
I want to make the most of every day.
suck the marrow out of it, as it were.

I had a comment yesterday that I felt I had to answer.
Someone asked...
"Do you think it's too late for me."
My answer.
As long as you are on the right side of the dirt, it's not too late.

I had an interesting conversation with someone else on my birthday, in fact.
It was the sucm (service unit cookie manager).
She was talking about how much 'smaller' airplane seats have gotten.
I have to admit I fought an eye roll on that one.
If anything they have gotten larger.
She must have sensed my 'skepticism'.
Because she said "Really, I haven't gotten any bigger...I have been the same size for years...after my daughter was born, my metabolism went right out the window."

I remember saying some of the same things relating to my weight...so I am just nodding my head and making sympathetic noises.
Now I was thinking...she must be relating this to me because she sees me as someone who struggles with weight.
So I said...I know what you mean....I have lost nearly a hundred pounds.
Her eyebrows went up and her mouth drops and she says "REALLY!"
Then she states "Well, I have lost nearly 60 lbs." (so much for not having been any larger lol)
That's when I realized she was relating to me as a woman who was overweight to someone she saw as thinner...until she realized I too had been overweight (and still am, just not where she is right now)..When she realized that I had been where she is, then she felt she could tell me the truth about her weight struggles.
Holy crow was that ever an eye opening experience.
She said "All I do really is walk.'
I said "That's how I lost my first 40 lbs."
She says "I don't know if I can lose the rest.'
I said, "Yes you can, you just keep at it like you've been doing...it'll go".

That is all I did, just kept going.

So Mr. Putz and Mrs. Lippman...
It's not too late.
It's never too late to change your life.
Begin today.
Eat less, move more and stay patient.
It'll come off.

I did a 5.6 mile hike today.
It was beautiful.
There were some huge hills.
I really enjoyed myself on my hike.
I was noticing how blue the sky was and how the trail wound up through the prairie grass.
The road was rusty orange, and the grass gray blue.
There were three little birds that would fly ahead of me as I hiked, and land on the stalks of dead yucca.
I brought water and a granola bar.
I saw a ton of birds and only three other people.
Hope you all had a really good day too.


Kat said...

Congratulations for all of your progress and happy belated birthday.
I too started off Morbidly Obese and I am now obese. I am hoping to become overweight at some point this year. It is a process for sure.
Your hike sounds lovely today.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Your hike sounds wonderful. It was nice here & I wanted to walk outside, but with this Around the World Challenge at the gym all of my exercise is going to be indoors for the next few weeks. :)

Linda Pressman said...

Some of the trickiest conversations are when you're normal-sized and people think you're the "enemy" (always thin) or that you've never struggled. But for you to be able to tell her about your weight loss and give her encouragement is incredible, Chris.

Kim said...

Hey Chris, sorry I haven't been commenting here much lately. I have been reading though. :) I replied to you over on my blog. Your walk sounds lovely...I have a yucca in my yard. I saw it bloom for the first time a couple years ago. :)
What you say is so true. As long as we are on this side of the dirt, we can do this. :)Great words of motivation friend.

Patsy said...

I'm 40 in 7 weeks and really looking forward to it! :o) It's Tabitha's first birthday on Sunday - how quickly the time flies by... Makes me feel quite wistful!

outdoor.mom said...

happy birthday Chris!!

You're right! Its NEVER too late! I want to tell my patients that so many times. I think you should think about someday being a weight loss coach or trainer :-) You do a great job of it on your blog.

Melissa said...

It really never is too late. I was reading on someone's blog just this week about their uncle (around 70 years old I think) that had decided to make a lifestyle change. And did you ever see those older people on the Biggest Loser? WOW!

Your hike sounds absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping to get the kids out and do just that same thing this weekend at the state park. :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

One of the nicest things that's happened to me outside the blogging world is inspiring a co-worker and my own doctor to lose weight just by my example. Wow.

Way to pass it forward, Chris.

Seth said...


Robin said...

Thanks for continuing to inspire!

M Pax said...

People do have an odd way of communicating sometimes, huh?

I'm with you! It's never too late.