Last Perfect 10 update.....

March 11th, 2010 168.5 lbs.

Final perfect 10 after photo
Taken by my 6 ft. 5 inch tall husband.
So this is what I look like from up there.

The Starting photo is to your right.

Since this is the last Update, I want to thank Steve for getting my year kicked off right.
I had many goals.
My first goal was to lose at least 8 lbs.
I have lost 19.5 lbs.
Huge success.
A fact that I didn't even notice till I finished my sit ups and was talking about this post with my friend Amber.
My focus the last 10 weeks wasn't really on fat loss as much as it was consistency.
That is where My focus will continue to be.
I was supposed to get 8 cups of water....
for the last 10 weeks I got at least 9 cups a day.
I was supposed to do 200 sit-ups in less than 5 minutes.
I can do 200 sit ups...in 5 minutes and 44 seconds.
5 minutes and 44 painful seconds.
Those last 44 seconds involved me groaning and then laughing and then groaning ...
laughing does not help you do sit-ups.

My friend Amber...was right there timing me and encouraging me, and she has posted her confirmation of my sit up attempt at her blog.
She is a good friend and is trying to run a half marathon....
If you could go over and support her and her blog..that would be awesome.

I have been doing the sit-ups, but over a 7 or 8 minute period of time..
Apparently those little rest breaks are important...lol.
My legs felt like rubber.
I don't know if it was from the run prior to the sit-ups or if it was simply the overwhelming amount of sitting up.
My butt hurts even though amber very graciously offered me a pillow. I simply didn't use it correctly.

Get in bed before midnight...I did pretty well with this one until my mini-van conked out and I had to drive my husband to work at midnight.
Kind of threw that out the window...but I have been getting in bed by one o clock in the morning and getting up at 6. Pretty good.
So, I am saying I am tired...lmao.

um, three days upper and three days lower body toning...great the first five weeks..then meh.
the only thing I kept up were the situps...which proves I need a target or I won't hit anything.
Geez, I don't think I really remember the rest...
I tried with nearly everything...
The greatest things that came out of this whole shebang was the weight loss and the fact that I began to run again.
Or jog...Or shuffle menacingly.
I had my family members take pics of me tonight for my final  photo...need to up load that....but with blogger it's hit and miss so I will give it a go...

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful support I recieved on my last post.
I know so many people out there understand what it is like to be 'the fattest person in the room' or to be "morbidly obese"...
When you can get back down to blending in...no better feeling in the world.
I jogged 3 miles today and even picked up the pace in parts...I walked an additional half mile as well.
Tomorrow is my 'day of rest'.
I am going to take my kids to the park.
for at least two hours.
To play.
Then I am having a friend over for dinner...where I am making my world famous lasagna that I will have to cut into smaller pieces to feed everyone...making my formerly 800 calorie piece of lasagna closer to a 500 calorie piece. I get 1800 tomorrow so I will detail how I spent it.
Today I ate.
yogurt with peaches and honey...310 cal.
one small cup of coffee from starbucks 210 calories.
half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 250 calories.
1 bag of bar-b-que chips 280 calories.
2 slices lf cheese with 10 pretzels 180 calories.
(If you can't tell, my day of food was crap...You see, I was starting to feel 'hemmed in' by my eating...I decided to have whatever my little heart desired today...in portions. Man did I enjoy those chips...lol)
This leaves me with 270 calories left for my day...I intend to have some scrambled eggs (2 whole and 3 whites) with some homemade salsa...about 1/2 cup. That will put me in under 1500 calories.
Don't worry folks...I have no intention of eating like this most days...this was just a little experiment.
It was telling.
Number 1
If you are really craving something...eat the real thing.
I can try to make myself eat pretzels all day long, but if what I really want is chips..pretzels are not going to cut it.
If you want chocolate have A piece.
If you want peanut butter have A tablespoon on bread.
You can eat what you want, in portions.
It was a good day cause I learned alot.
I have no intention of giving up my 200 sit ups in under five minutes.
I am going to do this....
Give me a few more weeks.
I need a watch.
and an adult diaper....my tailbone actually sticks out...ah, the hazards of getting skinny.
Today as I was jogging I had a little epiphany...the harder you have to struggle to get going can also be the thing that gives you momentum.
My jog today was uphill the first part with the wind (and I mean blowing) full in my face.
The jog back had a mild breeze at my back (Of course it always quits before you get a tailwind) but felt much much easier.
So maybe the harder you hit bottom, the higher you can bounce.
Just a thought.
Oh and one thing you didn't know about me...
When I was 12 I was a camper at the Y...and at the end of camp there was always a dance. For three years running I had a crush on a counselor named Chris, So i knew he wasn't coming back the following year, and I knew it was my last shot...so I asked him to slow dance with me, and he did. We danced to lady in Red. It was my first slow dance. It was one of the boldest things I ever did.
Hugs to you all...
Have a great night.


Amber said...

You did awsome on the 200 sit ups!
Give yourself 2 weeks then we'll time you again and see what happens. Maybe I'll join in and see if I can get 200 "belly busters" in 5 minutes.

Great picture by the way!

This summer I am going to take you to the mountains and get some nice pictures of the new skinny you.
One's you can and will give to family and friends and hang in your house.

You look awsome!


Linda Pressman said...

Unbelievable job on the perfect 10 challenge, Chris! Wow. The bones sticking out thing is weird - something you don't think about till your kids hug you and say, "Ouch!" But any bone protrusion is better than that area being covered by a layer of fat, I figure.

KrysTros said...

Congrats on your big accomplishment! You look wonderful Chris!

Retta said...

You did fantastic on those goals! And I'm totally convinced that in time you will be doing those 200 situps in less than 5 minutes.

It was a fun challenge, I'm almost sorry it's over.

Leslie said...

You look mahvelous! Great picture, you tiny thing!

South Beach Steve said...

Great job on The Perfect 10 Chris! Congrats on sticking it out all ten week. You accomplished exactly what I was hoping to see people accomplish - you developed some new habits that are going to take you farther than this challenge ever could.

Oh, and asking a counselor out? That is pretty bold!

Learning to be Less said...

Girl you are totally rockin' it!! Can you believe how far you have come? Think about where you were physically a year ago. Could you have run 3 miles? 3 miles?!??! That is huge! Congratulations.

Oh and I feel your tailbone pain. At first I thought I had some weird bone growth. That in one place I miss my fat.

Bret and Victoria said...

Wow you are rocking it girl!! Thats awesome keep up the amazing work. You look so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job on the challenge Chris!

I love the new pic...you look absolutely gorgeous. You have such beautiful eyes.

Robin said...

Awesome pic. Your husband is really tall! And you are looking slim! Bone protrusion! Wow!

I loved slow dance story. You remembered a time that you were bold, but scared, and it worked out just the way you wanted. Kind of like now.... BTW, I love the song LADY IN RED. Great first slow dance.

BEE said...

u look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syl said...

you are doing so great, congrats on all your successes

Alexia said...

Chris, you look amaze! So happy for you!

deisegal said...

You look superb, so healthy and glowy....

But really, I have to be honest and say that Lady in Red is one of the songs that squicks me out the most in the world. Chris de Burgh is the CREEPIEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE..those eyebrows. People outside Ireland and Turkey (I think he may still be popular there) probably think he's dead but no the man is still around and being a creepy, annoying little man. His daughter won Miss World a few years back so he was piggybacking on that and the daughter said recently that she thinks she was married to him in a previous life *shudder*

Sorry for using your blog as part of my Operation Badmouth Chris de Burgh but really feel strongly about this....heheh..

Anonymous said...

Chris, you look AMAZING! Congratulations on all of your progress, both weight-wise and physical-ability-wise. Keep it up!

outdoor.mom said...

holy cow do you look FABULOUS!!

Helen said...

Goodness, I thought I did pretty good but you really rocked the Perfect 10!