perfect 10 update and um....I ninja'd my way into a class

I actually did what helen suggested (for the second time) and called at 7:30 at night.
Whadduya know?  They answered, lol.
So I have signed up for a 123 hit class...
It's a street self defense class for women.
It's on March 27th.
It's one initial class and two follow up classes.
They are three hours long.
holy crow.

This week...
did my cardio
today I did a five mile walk.
NOt bad...it was kind of an accident as I was trying to see where a trail went...
Well, It went
I did one upper and two lower body toning sessions.
Thats bad.
But I am running, that's good.
My calories have been between 1400 and 1600.
I am revamping this weekend and am going to come up with a new target type thingy...
I haven't quite worked it out yet.
I'll get there.
Can I tell you all how nervous I am to go to this class.
I'm nervous.
It's bad enough when guys are hitting on me....
But now they will be HITTING me.
I am not a violent person by nature.
The toughest part of me is my mouth.
Actually, I have never struck another person in the face.
I have grabbed someone, I have shoved someone...
But I have never, with the intention of doing serious harm...hit someone.
I have swatted my children on their back side a time or two.
But only with my hand, and only a swat or two.
I don't even think I have done it  hard enough to hurt.
I know I was in the army, but I don't like guns either.
One time while I was carrying explosives (I was a truck driver) they gave me a gun.
I vividly remember handling the thing by the butt and gently placing it in the glove compartment.
so, thing you don't know...
I don't like guns.
I support everyones right to have one.
I just don't like them. 
Well, either way...I am going.

We shall see.
um, talk to you all tomorrow...


Beth said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the class!

Robin said...

These guys aren't going to teach you to WANT to hit. They are going to make it so that you are CAPABLE of hitting if you HAVE to hit. Hopefully that day will never come. This class is all about you knowing that you CAN. I know that you already knew that. Sometimes you just get too close to something and you forget for a minute. You will be great.

The Merry said...

In my class, the guys wore padded to cover the most sensitive areas. Actually, I thought these guys were really cool: they deliberately put themselves in a position where women were hitting them, just so we women could develop confidence in our ability to stand up for ourselves.

Linda Pressman said...

After three hours of class on the 27th, I can't wait to see your blog entry. You'll probably have burned like 10,000 calories. LOL.

Good job on signing up.

Patsy said...

Quite often, these classes are far more about inspiring confidence than they are about physically fighting your way out of a bad situation. The knowledge you *could* fight your way out will make you feel (and appear) far more confident, and often that in itself will difuse the situation.

I've not done a self defence class, but I'm a pretty tough old cookie and if I'm walking somewhere at night where I might feel vulnerable, I'm ashamed to say I keep my hand in my pocket, and a bunch of keys in it, with a couple of keys poking out from between my fingers...

KrysTros said...

Congrats on making it into the class, and also on the fact that you are running now. I have been running a few mins at a time on the treadmill myself.

Helen said...

Chris you should know by now to listen to your elders - ha! One thing I can tell you is that you WILL come out of the classes prepared to defend yourself, but only if necessary. Martial arts almost works on muscle memory techniqes. So what happens is after practicing over and over if someone lunges at your neck you automatically parry their hands away. I never understood it until I started doing it. Don't obsess too much. Go with an open mind and have fun!

Leslie said...

Great next step for yourself!

Retta said...

That's gutsy of you. You'll be stepping outside your comfort zone for sure with that class. But I just know the benefits will more than outweigh the discomfort.


Kim said...

Good luck with the class. :) 3 hours...whew! I'll bet you'll burn a lot of calories. lol I don't like guns either even though I support the right to have one. The post on my blog from last week about me being bummed, was b/c I ended a long time friendship. The reason an argument started in the first place was b/c I made the comment about not liking guns. I just thought it was ironic that you said the exact thing I said to my friend...what makes it even more ironic is my friend is in the army and you used to be. Anyway, sorry I drifted off there for a sec. You're doing great...and walking 5m. is awesome. You inspire me. :)

Melissa said...

I want to hear all about the class.
Funny about you and guns.

Anonymous said...

Great work on getting into the class.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

It may be a little scary, but in the long run, it should be a good thing. It will probably make you a more confident person. The next time some guy is flirting with you, you'll be able to handle yourself.

I don't remember the last time a man flirted with me. I think it was some old guy in a bar, but I'm pretty sure it was a mercy flirt. LOL!

Christine said...

oh Karen lol.
I don't think men do mercy flirting.
If they did, I was a prime case 100 lbs ago and it never happened.

Fiona said...

Well done hun

Tammy said...

I think that class is just what you need to help you with your fears. I'm sure you'll gain a lot from it, and I look forward to hearing about it.

As far as guns, they kind of make me nervous...but I like the thoughts of being able to defend myself if someone breaks into my home and threatens to harm me...so I went to a gun show & bought a 9mm and Dwayne took me to the firing range several times to learn how to shoot it. He taught me how to disassemble it and re-assemble it until I could do it with my eyes closed. I think the point of that was to make me more comfortable handling it. It's put away and I never fool with it anymore...but I know it's here, and if I feel threatened, I don't think I'll have any problems using it. (And God forbid they try to harm my precious puppy dog, Scarlette. That's momma's baby. Harming her would earn them a bullet right between the eyes). :)

South Beach Steve said...

Good for you signing up for the class. Three hours at a time does sound like a lot though. I will be interested in seeing how it goes for you.