My L.A.W.

My Long @ss Walk....
Right now it's my 5.6 mile 'hike' I do on Post.
I did it today in fact.
I plan to do it two more times this week.
I am getting set for my three month boot camp I intend to start in April.
But that is for another day.
Back to my L.A.W.
This had become somewhat of a tradition for me.
You see, when I first started my exercise regimen...or as I liked to call it, my walk. lol.
I would walk about 20 minutes.
About a month after I first started my journey, I discovered that my two mile walk was just not cutting it.
I wanted to try a new walk....So I did..
I called it my Long @ss walk.
I did it once a week, usually on a friday.
It would be all the way out to the stop sign at the end of the road and back...three miles.
My walking regime went something like this.
It was 1.5 m., then a 1.8m., then a 2.3m., then a 2.5m., and then a 3 mile walk.
I remember walking it the first time (completely flat course) and feeling like it was never ending.
It was hot and it was July.
Then, One day as I was on my three mile walk...at that time my L.A.W.
I decided instead of tapping that stop sign and turning back, that I was going to turn left and continue from there....
It turned out to be a 3.57 mile walk.
That became my new L.A.W.
I did it once that month...twice the next.
By that time, I was trying to get up the courage to go to a gym for the first time in a long time...kind of like This lady.
I was around 220 lbs the first time I walked into the gym on Peterson...
I wasn't there to stay.
I was just there to 'look around'.
I just checked my blog history.
I looked, it seems I started at the gym at around 229 lbs...holy crow...brave of me. lol.
August of last year. I started by going once or twice a week.
Now I spend three or four days a week there and feel like I blend.
I will be walking into a self defense class this saturday...
I am not there to stay, it's just a three hour class... and I will probably feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.
I hope time and exposure changes this as well.
Like someone said in my comments yesterday....You don't know what will fill the hole until you start looking.
I have been looking.
I have found out quite a bit about who I am and what I want.
I am Looking forward to more self discovery over the next few months.
Why am I writing this? For the same reason I wrote the last few posts.
Some People have stumbled upon me and my blog at my current weight of 160 some odd pounds.
Unless I tell them about how big I used to be, that I didn't start out walking 5.6 miles...that at one point, 1 mile was tough...heck, at one point standing was difficult...
they won't know,
I may inadvertently discourage someone.
I don't want to do that.
It took months to get to this point physically and mentally.
There are days when I want to eat.
Eat everything.
There are still times I am driving past a gas station, and I think of those haribo peach gummies I used to eat...(150 calorie for 6 slices) and I want some.
I can have some, if I am willing to sacrifice some of my dinner...but sometimes I am tempted to eat some and then eat my whole dinner.
I don't.
Not because I am made of some sort of Iron will...
but because I know I am not, that that excuse that caused me to cave, will become easier to give into the next time...If I give in this time.
I have a lot in common with Tony the anti jared in that way.
I set up rules for myself.
I set up days when I am allowed to eat.
I set up calories I am allowed to have.
Over seen by me.
I am my own gatekeeper.
But I don't allow it to be optional.
It is my new law.
It is my new way of being, because to go back to my old way of eating and being is not an option. It can't be.
So, two things that keep me on track...
My L.A.W. , that little something inside that keeps pushing me to make my workouts tougher.
And my law...how I rule myself in regards to my eating.
Have a great night guys,


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I love the healthy way you are doing this. Slowly adding to your activity level. Being your own gatekeeper, making rules that work for you and being strong enough to self-govern. I have my own rules too, some of them might seem silly to others - but they work for me.

Linda Pressman said...

I'm glad you have new readers and I'm glad you're aware that they don't know where you started at.

I just found out that blogspot has a way to add pages (like tabs) to the top of the blog (look at mine). You could add some stuff there about how you have done this, etc.

Love the long-ass walk, Chris!

Retta said...

I like how you continually challenge yourself, and don't get all comfy and coast along. You muster up the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

kellidee said...

wow you are doing such a good job..i like that being called a law..thats cool...you have really done great losing 60 pounds already..i really cant wait to see me 60 pounds lighter..lol you have a great tuesday..kelli

266 said...

Because This Is Serious... I just read it. Thank you.

Onewhocares said...

Thank you Chris, you have really encouraged me.

Tammy said...

I love the strictness that you have with yourself, and how you said it's not because you're made of an iron will...it's because you're not. Exactly. You rock.

Helen said...

Laws are what keep order - in society and in your body, mind and soul. Good post Chris.

Seth said...

When I first started working out this year I got on the treadmill. My wife was making my blog look better - she was making a header and things - and I started walking -- I was spent after 1.25 miles.

I remember thinking - that's a good start, fully knowing that I could go further. I look back and think, dang, I've come pretty far.

Unknown said...

Needed this post Chris - you seem to know exactly what I need :)
I need to take more control of myself because if I do give in to that one extra treat, it leads to another one and another one and before I know it I'm struggling to get it all back under control again. I need to learn (and you'd think I'd know this already) how to not take that first bite right at the beginning. I've got some mental things going that I need to work through to get ahold of my eating concerns.

Salina Lyn said...

OMG. You're evil. You mentioned peach gummy candy. MY FAVORITE! I haven't had them in forever though. I totally feel that iron will for those deadly little buggers. Peach rings are the devil! ;)

M Pax said...

Whenever starting something you haven't done before, you're going to stick out like a green newbie. That's just the way we work, no matter how fit. Our bodies balk at new exercise and being used in a new way. Don't let that keep you from going back.

Your spirit is inspiring. Keep it up.

Billy Blanks makes me feel like I've never worked out. Yet, I stick with it as I know when I get to the point where it's not quite so hard, I'm going to be in that much better shape.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

L.A.W. - too funny. :)

Robin said...

I can see that if you didn't have rules and stick to them, you couldn't do it. Once the first rule slid by you, it would be too easy to let the next one go. Vigilance would have to be key. I admire your vigilance.

outdoor.mom said...

wow! alot has gone on in the last few days! Scary doll story!! Good job - it was great writing!! After reading this last post, i am wondering if its time for you to start intermittant running. It saves time. To keep upping your walk time, it eats hours of your time. To jog a little in between will up your workout, but in less time. Anyway, think on it. I can see you transistioning into a runner ;-) You're becoming one heck of a buff chick!

Anonymous said...

Great post Chris. I really love the reminder about how it takes time to get to where you are going, either for amount of weight lost or level of fitness. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris. Just wanted you to know that I talked about your "doll" post on my blog again.

So powerful--thanks for that post!


P.S. Do you know if there's a way for me to change the background on you post from my end for my reading? My vision has a hard time unless there is a good bit of contrast. If you know of a button or something, please let me know. I'd like to be a regular reader. Thanks.

Unknown said...

You just left me a comment and I just had to come by to say THANK YOU. It actually made me a little teary eyed knowing that I can help ya when times get tough. :)

Oh and NO, I wouldn't eat the face off a rabid raccoon. They are too high in points. HAHA! :)

Amber said...

Wonder what's in store for April?
Good luck!