MOving forward...

Hello all,
Thank you guys for all the kind comments yesterday.
I was a little nervous about posting it because even though I have said things about myself and my past before, it felt more personal to talk about my 'relationship' with food.
This whole process has been about changing my relationship with food and the world I live in.
When you give up food, it leaves a hole.
You have to start looking around and finding something else to fill that hole.
I have been trying new things in the last ten months.
I have tried exercise, girl scout troop leader, making new friends....
I will be trying my hand at a self defense class this coming Saturday.

There are so many ways my life and the way I function in it have changed, it's hard to quantify.

It's like The Truman Show ...you know, the movie.
There was this reality.
He lived in it, it's all there was.
Then one day he rowed his little boat across the fake ocean...hit the wall and busted through.
Whole new world.

It's like that.
Only you won't know it unless you get in your boat and row.
You have to believe it to see it.

I'll write a longer post tomorrow.
I am bushed.
Hope you all are in your boats and rowing,
hugs to you,


Scarlet Simple said...

I just read the aforementioned post and it was so incredibly moving and right on. it touched a chord with me.

I usually refer to the hole and filling the hole as a "crutch". Food is what I am used to leaning on emotionally and mentally and now that I don't have it anymore I find that I sometimes struggle more with emotions and situations while trying to find a substitute. I'm leaning to cope on my own, but it isn't smooth sailing, and it isn't easy. You are amazing, brave and inspiring for your openness and your honesty. You are going to make it!

Retta said...

The Truman Show is my all-time favorite Jim Carrey movie.

"You have to believe it to see it." It took me too many years to finally believe I could really do this... and even now, the doubts come pounding on my door occasionally, wanting to be let in.

Rowing and believing,

Terri said...

Great job putting your feelings out there. It's hard but sometimes that just what we need.

Boozy Tooth said...

I love your Truman Show analogy. So true and so smart.

You so get it.

Patsy said...

Your anaolgy yesterday really touched a nerve with me, and many others, I'm sure... Very well written post.

Putz said...

you have made a friend of me to fill up that hole you talk about and i am proud to be your friend

M Pax said...

Yes, you have to fill yourself up in some other way. Make yourself whole and alive.

Took me awhile to find the observatory, but when I did my whole life changed. It was like someone flipped my light switch on.

Keep searching. You will never find unless you seek. :D And, you will.

Tara said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on your previous post so gonna kill two birds with one stone (why we say that I'll never know).

First bird...It's hard to post the things that we post sometimes. Hard because we often feel like no one would understand and that it will make us look weak. I say bravo to you for taking that step to post what we all can understand and for that it makes you strong.

Second bird...I rowed that boat right into a gym for the first time ever!!

Shae said...

Thanks for all of your advice and encouragemet. You are a motivation to me.

Seth said...

Keep your head up! You can not move forward unless you take the steps in that direction.

Have fun with the self defense

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love The Truman Show reference. That is going to stick in my head all day.