Day of Rest?

Not hardly,
I suck at this whole rest thing.
At first I was just supposed to go and pick up some fixings cause I was going to have a friend over for dinner.
So I get an email saying that my cookie appointment for final closeout is tomorrow so that means I need to deposit my money into sucm's account (service unit cookie manager).
At this point I don't think acronym sucm does this whole process justice....you can replace that first consonant with any letter you want to....
Then I also need to print off a bunch of papers for the meeting (mandatory), and I didn't have a printer cartridge so I had to also stop by staples to pick up a printer cartridge.
Okay, so I am taking a right onto a main road here and hit the grand canyon of pot holes.
I sense tire doom
but I pull over...look and don't see anything.
So I drive some more...hearing funny noises.
pull over....see nothing.
Go to the bank and wait an hour! in line.
it's hot, I've got a headache. And quite frankly, It is like a sauna and I am the only one speaking english in this line...so the majority of the people can only see one dude.
I finally get my deposit done...
I come out and the tire looks kind of low...
so I go next door to the gas station to air it up.
I see a bulge next to the rim and some steel belted radial stuff showing.
I thought...crap.
I don't inflate just in case.
I run a few more errands..at this point the tire looks nearly flat..
I try to inflate, only to hear the air go in through the tube and out the hole.
So the rest of my afternoon after the bank, staples and grocery shopping...
was spent at 'tire world' paying for a new drivers side front tire.
I get home, clean for two hours and make dinner....
then after dinner I go up to the store and pick up milk cause we are out.
There is my day of rest in a nutshell.
suggestions anyone?
lock myself in a closet.
Don't answer a door.
tell sucm to suck it.

I sucm at resting.
your tired blogger,


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

That sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm pretty well convinced for me to get a true day of rest I must go away - far away from home - by myself. Run away, that's the answer, lol. Hope tomorrow is better for you. :)

Linda Pressman said...

Love the acronym, hate a day that goes from bad to worse. And don't you just for once want to be able to drive in the worst pothole on the planet and come out unscathed? There's a metaphor there, I'm just not sure what it is right now!

Anne H said...

Wow, you-
It can only get better, right?

Anonymous said...

Chris. I just spent the last few minutes catching up on your posts of the last few days. I wanna be average just like you! Doing so great, you are. And look at us, jogging. Who knew.

Anyhow. So proud of you and happy for you and as usual a teeny bit envious that while I screwed around for a while at the beginning of the year, you kept going.

Oh. And now I'm hungry for lasagne.

BEE said...

sorry your rest day had no rest

Tony said...

I wish I was better at not resting. Tell me your secret.

Shae said...

I can never "plan" a day of rest. If I do, it usually turns out like yours did. Sorry you had such a bad day. Remember, "tomorrow's another day". Sorry...couldn't resist. :)

Tammy said...

Sorry about the tire thing...that sucks. What a crazy day!! It only happened that way because you deemed it a "rest" day. You totally sabotaged yourself dude, lol. :)

josie (35 and Shrinking) said...

Wow, hope you got lots of rest after you posted that.