jack in the box....

Hey all,
Got my big consolation prize from Jack Today.
I knew it would be fun when I pulled it out of the mail and it yodeled at me.
I have a yodeling yahoo button..which I intend to place right next to my plastic replica of little sure shot Annie Oakley.
I loved the little notepad critters and even the louse comb and mirror.
It says on the top of the compact (with a little picture of a louse)...I live here don't hurt me...lol.
I will have to take a photo...but my 8 year old daughter took off with it and isn't giving it back.
I am putting annie and the yahoo button on my desk.
I figure she will keep my eye of the bullseye.
I also got a bunch of little candy bars and a slightly strange
voo doo doll cinnamon lollipop.
This I definately would have taken picture of...
But, My 8 year old ate it.
I did manage to keep the muscle milk, one luna bar...and as I said before...Annie oakley and a yahoo button.

My oldest took the power bar gummies and ate them.
Thanks Jack.
It was a cute box.
It made me laugh...
and wonder what kind of office you have.

So, Onto my day other than that..
Went to the gym and did one hour and 10 minutes on the elliptical.
Burned 730 calories...then I did 36 modified pushups and 200 situps.

Tomorrow is my big day at self defense class.
I am a little nervous.
I will break out my camera for that one...I'll take a pic of me on the way in...
I will also take a pic on the way out.
I won't take one during cause I would feel like a goob.
Hope everyone had a great day....
I know I did.
Take care,


Melissa said...

Sounds cute!! LOL!

Syl said...

Jack, Jack, Jack! I would of been a little "afraid" to open that box :-)

Good luck tomorrow sounds like a fun class!

Kim said...

LMAO!! I just got my box today too. My 10yr. old opened the box for me and says," Ohh Mommy!...Who gave you all this...crazy stuff??" lol. I'm going to do a post on mine as well. I have a voodoo pop too and I'll take a pic of it if you want people to know what it looked like. It'll be a little while before I get it on there though. Hey Chris, we participated in JackSh*t Getting Fit Giveaway and got JackSh*t! (laughing so hard right now...he knows how to send fun gifts aye?) lol

outdoor.mom said...

wow! very interesting gifts ;-)

paulawannacracker said...

yes, please take pictures of the interesting gifts from Jack and at your self-defense class. You're gonna love it. I took Karate for 1.5 as a teenager and it was the most fun. That's great you're takign this class Chris. As women, we need to be able to protect ourselves and our family just in case the need ever arises... I mean, you'll probably never need to but won't it feel good to know that you can flip someone just in case you had to?

Take care

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

You're gonna do awesome at the self defense class! Have a great time!! :)

Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla said...

Can't wait to hear about the defense class. Wonder if you'll be the only one in there who's been in the military?

kellidee said...

you have such cute ways of writing..i love how positive you are and i know you will do so well in your defense class..you have a wonderful weekend..loveya,kelli

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

How in the heck did you pull out 70 min on an elliptical!?! I did 10 min this week and had to move onto something else - and that was level 5, medium. Sheish you are awesome!

Retta said...

Looking forward to hearing how the class went... and photos, too!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

You shoulda seen the look on the woman at the post office when the package yodelled at her.

Hope your class is kick-ass. Literally.