Entering the dragon's lair...

Yes folks, that would be the movie theater.
I watched Secretariat with my oldest (who for some reason has a five day weekend off school).
Good movie, even though you already know the ending...the still manage to make you tense.
And anyone who knows me, knows that popcorn is my kryptonite.
I didn't have popcorn, but did have chips.
calories in at 1679.
If I would have bought popcorn, the damage would have been astronomical.
I consider it even steven. I don't watch many movies and have been waiting many moons for this one.
exercise in at 650 calories burned.
I had a great workout.
all told around a 400 calorie deficit.
I ellipticaled...I sprinted...I weight lifted.
It was great.
I also talked to a personal trainer about a consultation.
I want to take off 8 or 9 more lbs of fat before I start sculpting my body into the shape I want it to be as the last 5-10 lbs come off.
I want to figure out a workout schedule I can do for the rest of my life that will give me variation and intensity and not wear out my joints.
So, go to a professional.
I meet with her this thursday.

I have all sorts of ideas bouncing around in my head.
Things about my ability to apply the lessons I learned from weight loss to the rest of my life..
to how much verbal litter there seems to be in the media.
I think I have talked about this before.
People talk twice as much as they listen and about fifty times more than they think.
I can feel my bs meter pinging half the time.
Jingoism is a particular irritant.
I don't like it when anybody does it.
Reducing life to slogans irritates the crap out of me.
You see it all the time via bumper stickers.
Then you get the people who get verbal Diarrhea with the bumper stickers.
left or right..you are never going to fit the entirety of your personal convictions on the back of your vehicle.
I know you want to seem complex and multifaceted...like a thinker.
But you just come off as obnoxious and confused...so please stop.
rant over.

still working my way through Luke.
I took back something I bought yesterday on a whim.
It cost too much and went against my "money is a tool not a toy" idea. (this could count as bumperstickerish..but there is truth in it and I didn't slap it on my vehicle.)
I sometimes think I use money like I used to use food, as a distraction to thinking and moving forward.
It was embarrassing to take the item back, but not as awful as the feeling I got every time I looked at the stupid item taking up space in my closet.
Stop filling up boredom with exteriors.

Have a good one guys,


outdoor.mom said...

oh fun!! glad you got to go to the movie!! i would have ate the popcorn - lol!! Gosh Chris i need your will power!!

logmyloss said...

Movie theaters are rough for me too. It is one of the few times I break down and eat popcorn. Too much popcorn.

I love your saying - money is a tool, not a toy! Love it!

<a href="http://www.logmyloss.com>South Beach Steve</a>

logmyloss said...

grrr! I hate it when I leave out the last quote! :-)

South Beach Steve

Karyn said...

Hey Chris...started following you recently and you're a real inspiration. I look forward to getting to know you more, and to learning from your journey.

I also LOVE popcorn. I found these little 100 calorie bags of microwave popcorn and I really look forward to that treat.

Hope you have a great day!

Hallie said...

very cool about the personal trainer

Splurgie said...

I want my mojo back like you! I can take or leave pop corn but we have all have our nemeses. Gee, when did flavored coffee creamer become the food of the Anti-Christ? It's not doing me any good and I'm taking my un-opened bottle to the staff coffee break room but as treats go, it's no worse than most. I'm following you closer these days to "catch" your motivation bug. Great idea, by the way, to engage a professional to help you. Eager to hear more about that.

Jane said...

The movie theater is always a challenge in terms of food, and it's set up to be that way, so we will spend money. The money thing seems to be an issue for many of us who have food/weight issues. Maybe we trade on thing for the other. I like your ability to see where you are going and the way you deal with issues as they arise. Your comments on my last post were helpful, as weight loss always brings up old and new issues. Have a great day!

M Pax said...

I love popcorn, too.

I think the secret is exercise you enjoy. Keeps me going at it.

Balance, too. Balance is a big key in the picture. What can you live with day in and day out? Here you have to be very honest with yourself.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Chris, I think you could REALLY benefit in a big way from starting serious weight training now instead of waiting for 8-9 more pounds to come off! Not only will weight training help those pounds to come off, it will start the reshaping of your body NOW - why wait? Plus increased lean muscle mass will bump up your metabolism, making it easier for you to lose weight and maintain your weight once you reach your goal.

I know I'm a big ol' preachy one when it comes to this topic so that's all I'll say now.

Keep up the great work!

Rettakat said...

I like distilled wisdom. Truths that are stripped away of the extra verbage, and easy to remember.

Does that make my blog guilty of jingoism? Yikes. Hope not. :-O


cmoursler said...

@ loretta,
I like distilled wisdom.
I don't like all the anger on the bumper stickers. There is so much anger.
I don't think people are thinking and not thinking combined with anger...
bad combination.
probably wasn't real clear.

Helen said...


"Money is a tool not a toy"

"Stop filling up boredom with exteriors"


Maybe you should start a little on-line bumper sticker or t-shirt shop with your saying Chris. Would give you some extra money to use as a tool...

Helen said...

Oooh, forgot to say that sometimes I purposefully have popcorn for dinner. I eat the whole bowl. But at least I've made it and I can't get anymore. Well, I could, but by the time I finish the bowl I'm too damn lazy to get up and make some more ;-)

cmoursler said...

@ helen, lol..if I started a bumper sticker business people may think I am a hypocrite...having just ranted about bumper stickers.
Thanks though.

Robin said...

I think hate on the bumper sticker is merely representational of where we are as a society. There is simply too much hate. Period. We are losing our humanity. Our compassion. Our willingness to forgive. There are a lot of people talking the talk and very few walking the walk.

My kaptcha word is ready in (but all together). Cool, eh?