A thousand pounds and Answering questions...

Hey guys...it's saturday...
I found this video by Jack lalanne and loved it.
Because it's my philosophy.
Some of us are not trying to lose only 20 lbs.

(oh, and bubba...don't know if you are reading this, but your comment made me laugh...out loud.
Yes, You sure do look better losing the last twenty. )
I am focused on 20 now.
That is because I lost 110 already.
Couldn't lose that final 20 without losing the first 110.
I didn't think of losing that 110 lbs as
Oh, I have to lose over 100 pounds.
Because It would have been overwhelming.
I thought of it as 1 lb 100 times.

I took it 1 pound at a time.
1 pound is doable, 1 pound is not overwhelming.
or for you..
It could be 1 pound 200 or 300 times.
You can't lose 300 without losing 1
So don't look all the way down that road..you won't be able to see the end.
No one this side of the dirt is 'too far gone'.
That being said..
here's Jack.

Now, I was tagged by both amber and REva....
nice ladies both..
8 questions each..I'll answer both then make up my own in a future post and then pass them on: so...
first up..Amber's question.

*If you could do one thing over in life what would it be?
answer: The fifteen years I was fat...I would go back to when I was merely 40 lbs overweight..lose it and then start living at 21 instead of 36.

2. *If you could go back in time and live as someone else, who would it be?
answer: Adolph Hitler....People are always saying these fantastic people...in my book they did the whole thing right...I would just muck it up.
I pick adolph because I would KNOW what I was doing.
I would make sure he never gave up his aspirations as an artist and would avert ww2. Sure I'd live my life as a stumpy, angry man with a bad mustache and minimal artistic talent...but I would save millions. Not a bad tradeoff.
* Someone was offended by this. At this point the only person I truly care about is linda. I think anyone reading the whole answer knows my heart here. I can't jump off a bridge because I don't believe in suicide etc. I could have been his mother and killed him but don't believe in outright murder so my answer would to be, go back in time and make sure this dude didn't do the damage he ultimately did by making sure he lived the life of mediocrity he was destined for.
The good people have lived their lives right.
I think I offend this person. So, I will leave everything else as is.
Hope you all have a great night guys.

4.) Best trait in a person.
: honesty! (kept this answer from Reva cause I agree)

5. *What book or movie could you read or watch over and over and why?
answer: The count of monte cristo....beside jim caviezel being incredibly hot...

A little something for the ladies...

It is a message I whole heartedly agree with. Sure they disneyfied the book...but I love a good tale of revenge and then redemption...all with wavy hair and beautiful eyes....whooo hoo.

6. *Who do you admire and why?
answer: my friend amber...she is always there for people and she just keeps chugging.
My daughter kate. She is motivated from within. She is a hard worker and has her head on straight, and is honest.

7. *Jeans or sweats?
answer: Neither...sweats make me feel sloppy, jeans are binding. I prefer dress slacks or dresses...dresses being preferable.

8. *What is the one thing you would want others to remember about you?
answer: That I lived a life consistent with my values and I lived fully.

Now for Reva's questions:

1. If you had to choose only one favorite sweet thing what would it be?
sugar in my coffee.

2. Which is most like you; Pastels, rich reds and blues, greens and oranges and browns, lavendars and pinks? Yellow (I'm obstinate, aren't I)

3. what is your favorite memory of a childhood game or activity you enjoyed? (younger than 12) Reading

4. which would you have most enjoyed as a career other than what you have or are doing now and why? a starving artist in greenwich village.

5. What have you secretly felt you are very good at but usually don't talk about?
honestly, listening. I am good at listening to people.
Then again, if you are a good listener...why would you talk about it lol.

6. If you had a million dollars handed to you what is the first thing you would BUY?
I would buy my mom a house and land on Mackinac Island.

7. Have you ever shot a gun and have you ever been hunting? Yes to both...actually got a buck.

8. Which would you be most likely to adopt? a cat or dog, a zoo animal, a child relative, a special needs child, a baby, a grandma, a pet rock or a street to clean?
given the right opportunity, a child.

Well, I will try to think up 8 suitably interesting questions.
Have a great Weekend, I'll see you on MOnday.


TJ said...

Great post- happy Saturday! :)

Amber said...

I like your answers! I like the starving artist! Although I'd prefer "not so starving artist :}

Yep, you and the dressing up! Hey, sweats are not sloppy their comfy ;} lol

You and your coffee..

Great post!

bbubblyb said...

Great post Chris. I'm really enjoying the Jack Lalane videos. So true we can all move 1000 lbs *smile*.

Jane said...

Another great post, Cris. Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow!

Robin said...

All very good answers. I didn't find the Hitler answer offensive at all. You are saying that you would change things. If you took over that ship, things would not happened the way that they did. Countless lives would be saved. I don't know how anyone could find that offensive. You have this huge heart. It is lovely.

Jae said...

Loved reading your answers. I agree with you aboug Adolph. One of my 'do overs' would have been to stick to my guns with my artwork. How I wish I'd not drifted away when my parents demanded my time be spent on school. Its like reconnecting to a best friend after 45 years of not seeing her.

Now I don't have time to do art, but I'm for sure going to get back to it when I've graduated.

Deb Willbefree said...

Hmmm. I seem to have mssed something. for what its worth, when I read you would choose to be Hitler, I sat back and know I raised an eyebrow and thought, "What?"

Then I read the next few statements and thought, "Ohhhhh, that makes great sense."

I will never look at the "who would you be" question rhe same way again! Your answer was brilliant, compassionate, wise and, of course, a little off center. :D

I like that.

I think if anyone read your entire answer carefully, they would not have been offended. Sometimes sudden anger causes the blood to rush to one's brain and eliminates the ability to process--so the point or big picture is missed. It happens.

I love the way you think, Chris!


cmoursler said...

Thanks deb.

Lanie Painie said...

Wonderful post. I <3 Jack LL!