real food vs. crap

Hey guys.
How are you all, a bit late in posting.
That's okay though.
so mental...
Great day mentally.
main thought.
eat real food.
meaning whole food that hasn't been overly processed.
I am sitting at 1630 calories.
All of it good food.
nuts and raisins for lunch
eggs for breakfast.
beef and broccoli for dinner.
I want the food to be something my body can process, not something it has to discard or attempt to wade through to get to the nutrition.

Good here too.
realized I really don't like negativity in most forms.
not that I am a light weight mentally or anything.
Just no sense in pouring anger and fear into a perfectly decent mind.
I hadn't realized up till now how much news affected me.
I heard in passing today, a story of how some man ran around randomly gunning people down in florida.
Affect on my life?
Not that I don't have sympathy for those poor people he killed...I do.
But there is nothing I can do about it, it affected no one I know, and it is over and not a threat currently here where I live.
Before I would have been sucked into that story, and allowed it to affect how I view the people around me.

not one bite of garbage.
I walked 3 miles and did a half hour of 'trimnastics' with jack lalanne...I do it with my youngest and it's quite a bit of fun!
I also did 160 situps...of varying kinds.
Tomorrow is the pumpkin patch with my youngest and her homeschool enrichment class.
She is very excited because she gets to ride on a school bus.
Havea great night guys, I have to get to sleep as I have to get up early.
Hope your days went well and you know that you are worth the effort.
I remember daily that it wasn't always easy for me.
In fact it seemed impossible at some points to ever lose the weight.
I thought I was destined to be fat forever.
But one day I woke up and realized that I COULD do it.
I am the same me I was.
No different.
except this time I realized I was worth the effort and the food wasn't helping, it was hurting.
So to those of you struggling,
hang in there.
stay positive.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Chris- how appropriate for you to mention real food vs. crap. Thanks to you in a huge way, I haven't really had crap food since some time in May. (Have been losing about a pound a week since April 30th, using your info. and inspiration.) Last night too much deep fried- fish & chips. Amazed at how sick I felt. And to think I used to down that stuff just about daily!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Its amazing how much better I feel when I focus on eating REAL food. My son is learning that candy isn't real food & now he tells his friends, lol.

carla said...

Im with you and julie.
STRIVING to teach the chld the difference at 4 so she doesnt need to learn at 24 :)

Roxie said...

I totally agree on the real food versus crap. I believe it makes a difference in how I feel, for sure.

I'm with you on the negativity front. If there is nothing that I can do, then I am better off just leaving it alone. I have decided that I will be selective about my news/information intake.

Great job on all aspects of your day!

Ann-Marie said...

Crap food leaves me unsatisfied.
I'm so proud of you girl

Jane said...

Good food equals a solid weight loss program for me. I have found that I can't incorporate junk into my daily eating plan, or I find myself hungry and wanting more. Sometimes it takes days to get back on track. It's just not worth it.

Jo said...

Yes, I vote for real food, too. The other kind doesn't like me, either. And I don't need digestive distress every day.

TJ said...

I love real food days. I enjoyed my home made meals yesterday after eating at the bed & breakfast for a couple of days. Breakfast there was NASTY- I felt like Buddy the Elf (from the movie Elf) syrup on everything, even if it was already sweetened! EEEWW! lol Happy to be home indeed!

Amber said...

I don't watch the news for that reason. I don't need negativity in my face all the time. i get too sucked in and worried or upset.
There is enough to focuss on right here. Good and bad.

Congrats on the good day, lets have another.

99ToGo said...

It's amazing how much crap food is sold as "real" food. The sweetened oatmeals, many breakfast bars/shakes, overcooked and MSG'd veggies, etc.

Just skipping out on packaged foods, and eating the single-ingredient stuff can make suck a difference in how I feel, and how my body loses extra fat.

Robin said...

When you mentioned whole foods specifically it made me wonder if you shopped at Whole Foods? There is actually a chain of health food stores that are called Whole Foods. My brother and sister-in-law do the majority of their shopping there. They are all about very healthy eating. Of course, it costs more to eat organic and healthy, etc. We don't have a Whole Foods here. We just try to eat a lot of veggies. I just about never snack. Sometimes I have pretzels at night if I am hungry, but that is rare. Plus, I haven't eaten red meat or pork in almost ten years. I don't know why I am sharing diet info with you b/c I am not trying to lose weight. Mental head smack. Anyway, another blog friend wrote something quite a while ago about energy conservation. It was all about how we have a certain amount of emotional energy. She made the decision that she wasn't going to allow herself to get worked up about things that were outside her control anymore (like you and the FL thing), because it tapped her reserves, leaving her nothing for her important stuff. That is kinda sorta why I don't watch the news a whole lot. It makes me angry and I find my energy being sucked in directions that I don't want it to go. I have limited reserves anyway, so I can't waste it on things that I can do nothing about. That was a very long comment to say, "Bravo, and thanks for posting. I hope other people get that message, because we all have limited energy reserves, AND we can LITERALLY make ourselves sick when we overextend ourselves."

Julie Lost and Found said...

Here too..real food always makes me feel so much better. I've been real focused on eating only whole, real food today and it's amazing the difference simply doing that..in what I've accomplished.

re the news stuff..I hear you! Just a couple of days ago I was reading a news site and I read that story and a couple others and literally got up from the computer crying. Gotta find a way to stay informed but filter a lot of the other stuff.

always appreciate your posts!

maryjane2744 said...

Hi Chris, love your blogs. I think it's great that your growing so much spiritually and emotionally along with your weight loss. Looks like you're really getting it together. I'm a new homeschooler and love to talk with you and get some ideas on the subject. If you have the time, could you email me at above address? If not, I completely understand. Our cups runneth over!
Good day. Mary O.

maryjane2744 said...

Chris, here's the whole email address maryjane2744@bellsouth.net

Rettakat said...

Interesting... I used to ALWAYS keep up with all the news. And I didn't think it affected me that much. But... now that I have been giving this journey so much focus, I have cut back on news to practically nothing. Just headlines, and if it's important to me, I'll find out about just that one.

And it's been surprising how much LESS I get into rants over politics and all, LOL!

Do I still care? Sure. But like you said, it's outside my circle of influence, not within my control. So why fret over it.


Half of 360 said...

Great blog!

Never, never give up...
Working towards half,
Tony B. @ Half of 360