NSV'S for life...warning..proud mother.

Hey all,
I have been wanting to blog about some nsv's I have had lately but haven't gotten around to it..
so first through the format

calories 1560...all good ones. no crap today.
exercise: 4 mile walk-150 situps and twenty minutes with Jack lalanne.
Great day.
good one. get around to that.
I watched little house on the prairie and remembered how much I loved that show when I was growing up...it showed me what a 'normal' family could look like.


Biggest one is my daughter.
She got a letter in the mail inviting her into the national honor society..she just has to apply and get accepted. she doesn't have a lot of charity work under her belt...but she will apply anyways.
I was thinking of putting her in at the humane society. That way she could get her charity hours in doing something she feels passionate about.
She also received a letter from recruiters from the coast guard talking about her 'impressive' asvab score and the college they offer.

Why is this an nsv?
My kids have been my top priority since they were born.
My aim was to give my oldest the variety of opportunities I didn't have.
(my youngest too, but we are still working on grammar here)
I knew we wouldn't have the money to buy everything for her
...but education
that was the key.
If I could give her an excellent education, it would open so many doors for her.
Doors she just had to walk through.
She has worked so hard.
Has a 4.3 gpa 4.1 gpa*I have been corrected by my daughter in the comments below...that being said, I expect improvement lol* and is self motivated and is taking advantage of every opportunity provided.
I had one door.
She has so many openings, it's not even funny.
She will have choices, and she will get to decide where her life goes.
For me this is a great victory.
When I saw that letter, I remember being in high school and watching my friends getting inducted.
I never realized what I wasn't getting...what I didn't know and what nobody told me till it was too late to turn that corner.
My mom just wanted me to 'not get pregnant'.
c's and d's in my freshman and sophomore years.
a's and b's in my junior and senior years.
That wasn't getting me any kind of scholarship.
I joined the army.
Education is the key to everything.

other nsv...
my thighs no longer rub together. Yeah!
well, enough of that.
Hope you all have a great


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Congrats on the NSVs, especially your daughter. You done good.

Bloodwell said...

Don't go overestimating my grades. It's only a 4.1 GPA not 4.3 sheesh. Yes I actually read your blog daily...Surprised? What's with the song 'goodnight my angel'? Congrats on the...thigh...thing, well that didn't sound weird.

Amber said...

Congrats to Kate!!
She'll go far!

Hey, nice to not have "thigh burn", kinda like rug burn:}

Syl said...

Sounds like a great day all around!
Great NSV!
and congrats to your daughter!

TJ said...

:) I love NSV's Congrats! :)

Ice Queen said...

Oh my gosh! I just had a bad Susan Powter flashback.

*shakes and clears head* Congratulations on your NSVs. :D

cmoursler said...

@ DDaughter...I like billy joel.

@ ice queen...
susan powter...thighs...looking up now.
I want a flash forward.

outdoor.mom said...

congratulations on your daughters success :-) good job raising her!

Rettakat said...

That's great about your daughter... no wonder you are proud of her!


Anonymous said...

:D Awww, does a mom's heart good, it does. :D

Congratulations on a job well-done.


Annalisa201 said...

My mom just wanted me to 'not get pregnant'. HA, mine too... Now I'm a 27 year old mother of THREE. Most days it's a joy and a blessing. Days like today I can't believe I let myself become a mother so young. It's not right. I need to teach my kids so much wisdom that I haven't learned myself yet. I'm a damn good mom, don't get me wrong, I just wish I would have waited, to raise them with wisdom... my heart's prayer. No wonder I've been fast-forwarded through Christianity 101 in my church. THANK GOD FOR GOOD FRIENDS AND A GOOD CHURCH!!! Anyway, sorry bout that. GREAT post Chris. Congrats about it ALL xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your daughter!

Helen said...

1. I have a proud mom post up today too.

2. I bet she'll get in the honor society even without all the charity work. But some would definitely make her college applications look grand.

2. I LIVE WHERE THE COAST GUARD ACADEMY IS! I regularly run by there!! I regularly dodge the Cadets who are running on the road with no sidewalk when I drive home from work!!! Bring her! You can stay with me! We have a Naval Base too and a commissary where you could actually go and meet Mr. Helen! (OK, I'm leaving now so I won't appear to be a stalker...)

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Congrats to your daughter AND on the no thigh rub!!

Robin said...

I feel a bit better now. I read your post last night and didn't comment b/c I couldn't figure out what NSV stood for and felt so stupid that I finally just left. LOL. Then I got your comment on my video and you didn't recognize the show the clip came from and I am still laughing. Well, I still don't know what NSV stands for, but I understand your pride in your daughter and the fact that she has so many doors open to her. The clips on my youtube video were from Smallville. Yes, it was the Superman story on the CW. It explains all that fast running. I wish that they had him jump really high or something so that you might have gotten a better hint. That was him in Green Arrow's costume, too. They were trying to fool Lois Lane b/c she had figured out Green Arrow's secret identity, so Clark Kent did a one time only stand-in performance to outsmart her. Well, they both got a shock b/c that was actually their first kiss. It was AWESOME. I totally love that show!!! Maybe when you get where you're going you can watch it on DVD. It can be a guilty pleasure. There will only be 10 seasons (the is the last one). So, you can enjoy it for a good long time:-)

BEE said...

great nsv
i love you included your lil girl

yes you can pray for us
i can use all the prayers i cna get right now

bbubblyb said...

Hats off to your daughter and to you for instilling in her the value of education. I wish I knew how to do it with my son.

Putz said...

you are a good mom even though your thighs still rub together{nice that you could tell us that}and national honor society is great to be part of