Saturdays and Sundays with Jack lalanne...worry and problems.

I wanted to start with the mental with Jack.
I love this guy.
He seems simple...but when you get right down to it, most every thing in life is simple..
It's the human boobs like us that make it complicated.
I used to be a big worrier as well....
I thought worrying was inevitable.
It doesn't have to be.
So, with out further ado..
Here is Jack

Now onto problems.....your problems won't get better by ignoring your health. In fact, they may get worse..because you will be less able to deal with them..

Have a grand weekend..
starting Monday I am going to be dinging out my calories and reporting it here.
I intend to be a good example.
Have a good one guys,


Emmett said...

Gotta love Jack LaLanne!! Great video to put up!

Rebecka said...

I love Jack!
I agree with you about how we always make things so complicated when they really are simple.
It's that way with weightloss and many aspects of our lives.

Happy Sunday!

Amber said...

Tag your it...

Jane said...

Jack LaLanne was around when I was a very young girl. No one exercised deliberately in the
50's,(at least not anyone I knew) so he was considered a bit eccentric by us "hotdish lovin' Minnesotans" back then. I didn't understand it at the time, but Jack was/is very smart. A man before his time. He also seems to be genuine in his desire to make us healthier. Have a great restful Sunday.

Rettakat said...

"Isn't it better to be HAPPY and have the problem than to be MISERABLE and have the problem?"

Ha ha ha, only Jack could say it that way! Gotta love him. :-)


pinkvision said...

Hi Chris. Great vids. Thanks for posting them. Going to smile my way through my problems now and quit worritin' about things I can't change. :)

Nick Thomas said...

Saw him on the TV just this week, still looking good at 90-whatever. Now, better make some carrot juice...

Juli's Journey said...

Great post, Chris. Love Jack

Robin said...

When things seem too big, the right answer is to always break it down into something simple. Even if means that you aren't solving everything, you are solving something. Once you get that part working, then you can move on to doing that and adding something else. I think it is the overall picture that is overwhelming and causes people to quit before they start. Good vids. Very inspirational. Of course, so are you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched "Problems" yet, but "Worry" was great!

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, I never actually saw Jack LaLanne before! He really is likeable and, truly, he was years ahead of the curve on this stuff! All my mother used to watch in the sixties were these ridiculous calisthenics shows where every exercise was touching her toes, standing, sitting, like touching her toes was ultimately going to change her body!

Julie Lost and Found said...

oh wow..soooo glad I stopped by today and watched these. This guy is awesome. What motivation to start my day..and smack my worry, problems and fears in the face.

Me thinks me needs to pull out my juicer... LOL