Thank God it's friday

good so far, got my three mile walk in. still need to do situps and a workout with jack.
food....very good.
It may go down hill in a bit here.
I have been invited to 'sit' with some neighbors and imbibe an alcoholic beverage.
Most of me doesn't want to at all. But I am willing to invest 112 calories in 4 oz. of wine if it will make my neighbor feel that her birthday is being celebrated properly.
She is a nice lady.
I loathe alcohol.
yogurt honey 360 cal.
two cups coffee 240 cal.
1 1/2 cups green beans with butter and 1/8 cup almond slivers (very very good) 250 cal,
1 apple 80
dinner 3 small latortilla wraps 150
4 T pizza sauce 50 cal
3/4 cup part skim mozzerella 240
4 oz ham 125 cal.
15 slices turkey pepperoni 70 cal.

calorie total sitting at 1565....
if I drink 4 oz of wine that puts me at 1680 calories.
we'll see.
I do know what a half a cup looks like, the bennies of weighing and measuring for almost a year and a half now.
fine. need a break but what else is new. will get that on Sunday
ditto...gotta say though that I heard about those kids getting shot in that school in california...
By a transient. There is so much wrong with that I can't even begin to elucidate.
If you are a transient, how do you pony up the dough for a gun?
The things I think.
Luckily, none of those kids were killed.
well, gotta go do a jack video.
and situps.
see you tomorrow for my new Saturday with Jack lalanne dealie.
Have a great night..and remember
It's never too late to start or start over,
Have a great night guys.


Anonymous said...

It looks like all is going well Chris.

I know what you mean about the alchohol. For me, it is only something I have when the occasion demands it. I question that most of the time too.

Robin said...

There are reasons that I don't watch the news. It's all bad all the time. It is also all stuff I can't control. It just makes me angry and uses up what little energy I have on something I can't control. On the one hand, I feel out of the loop of what is going on, but I think that makes ME feel better. On the flip side, I wonder if there are things that I should know. I don't know where the balance is.

Looking forward to some inspiration from Jack!

MargieAnne said...

I don't focus on the news either but I don't live in a vacuum so I posted on my other Blog http://newzealandmyhome.blogspot.com/ some of the stuff that's going on in little old NZ For a country of about 4m people there is far too much going on and all you hear is the bad and silly stuff.

I hope you have a pleasant time celebrating your neighbour's birthday.

Reva said...

alright Chris, time to (lighten) up. (you look great by the way) What I meant was that you've been tagged by me to answer some hopefully lighthearted and maybe even some deep dark secrets about yourself to your 'public' audience. :) come to my page for the particulars if you dare......