Nearly there...and being grateful.

Hey guys,
Nearly there with feeling decent.
managed to eek out 30 minutes on an elliptical and do 100 situps while fighting a bit of nausea and cramping..yeah me!
Calories are higher than I would like but it was from consuming orange juice.
Trying to kick this thing in the rear.
Three days is long enough to be sick, thank you.

Now on to a rather depressing subject.
I feel like I have been reading or hearing about it all week long.
Not that I want to dwell on death.
Maybe it's this time of year.
Maybe it's because it's getting dark earlier.
Maybe it's some of the blogs I read. (very probably this last one)
I am 36.
or as I sometimes think of it....a little under half dead.
We are only given so many years to kick around here.
I don't want to spend my life dying.
I want to spend it living.
Some people waste their lives.
They sit in darkened corners complaining about how things didn't go their way. How life is unfair.
They blather on..day after day after day over things they could control, but choose not to.
I understand that sometimes life seems overwhelming.
I went through a period of a very near mental malfunction.
But honestly it was because there were things that I had refused to face and the stink and the problems had gotten so big that they seemed insurmountable.
And at the precise time it all came to a head and I needed to deal with them because I hadn't up till that point, my legs were cut out from underneath me by an emotional blindside.
mental and emotional inventory and clean up is an ongoing process..
Deal with the problems as they come or they will deal with you.
Lesson learned.
I have been reading about some families lately.
There are people who are handed huge bags of crap, things that would have or should have crushed them mentally and spiritually..
And somehow they are still functioning.
Through God's grace I would imagine.
I read today that a lady who lost her little girl in an accident three months ago..she put this on her mirror...
The phrase
I can do hard things.

I CAN DO hard things.

If she can say it.
I can.
We can.
We can stop eating for comfort.
We can exercise.
We can face the day with a determined attitude.
And a grateful attitude.
Because we have been given another day.
I have been given a family.
Two healthy children.
A decent husband.
A roof over my head.
Food in my belly.
I am going to use my life to my full advantage for as long as I have it.
What will you do with your tomorrows?


Ice Queen said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better. Being sick does, indeed suck.

Ms. M said...

I completely agree with you about how we choose to live our lives. I've been focusing on having "an attitude of gratitude" and being more thankful for what I have each day.

Glad to hear your feeling better. :)

Btw, I'm writing on my new blog now... please follow me there.


I'm sure you'll figure out who I am. :)

outdoor.mom said...

for sure!! we can do this :-) we all have a lot of blessings to count!

Leslie said...

Love this post Chris, and glad you're feeling better. I just wrote about gratitude myself today, if you're interested. Have a great w/e.

Robin said...

People must have hope. Without hope they lose the war. Bad stuff happens. You must dig deep inside yourself and pull it out. Must do it. There is no other alternative. Because if you don't then you are choosing to live in misery. It is a choice. You can choose misery or you can choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other and pushing through it. Not saying it is easy. Some days it will suck balls. But it is all about choices. If you choose hope, then it will get better as time goes on. If you choose to find the joy wherever it is, it will get better. If you choose to see misery wherever you look, then that is all you will find. Choices.

On a much brighter note, you made the dedications at the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY PARTY this week. I know. Again???? I couldn't help myself. You are just so darn inspirational. And you know I love ya! Gotta show you some love, especially when you're sick.

Hope you feel better soon:-)

Joy said...

Chris ~ this post was great!! We do have to live life to the fullest every day. This very minute could be our last!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Have a healthy day!