Saturdays with Jack! Sugar....It's baaaaad. lol

The things he says about kids back then?
I think they are doubly true today.
I watched a thin kid struggle up two flights of stairs...not an asthmatic, not terminally ill..
Just (as jack would say) "out of condition'.
My daughter and I race from my van to the door of her home school enrichment course on Tuesdays.. up those same three flights of stairs.
Can I tell you how much I enjoy running with her.
I never ran when I was morbidly obese.
I struggled to walk.
When I was a kid I played outside in the woods all day long.
I was skinny, because I was always moving.
We have to get kids back to eating good foods and moving more.
When I was morbidly obese, I was setting my kids up for a sedentary existence.
I was their example.
The bigger I got, the less I wanted to move and play.
I was also providing them the template for what adulthood looked like.
Now, it looks different for them.
And for me.

Have a great weekend,
See you on Monday.


Rettakat said...

Jack was soooo way ahead of his time!

The hard part is... until one is ready and willing to hear it and act on it, we just resist it.

I heard that message 30 years ago... "tried" it a bit... or rather I should say played at it. I didn't WANT to believe it. I wanted my sugar! And look where it got me.:-(

Yep, I am in Jack's category of sugarholic. He was so right! That's why, for me, I just have to not eat any of it, cuz a little makes me crave more, and go nutso.

I'm enjoying your Saturdays with Jack.


Angie said...

I couldn't agree more in relation to what you said about providing the template for adulthood. My husband and I agreed *while I was still pregnant* that we would never give our child junk food...none at all. But, in order to not be too militant about it, and push her towards the stuff, I came up with a plan that when she attends birthday parties/outings etc. and the other kids get an ice cream or something, I will let her choose whether or not she wants to have it. I'll provide her with a healthier treat as a back up. That's my grand plan anyway. :) I plan on homeschooling, so hopefully that will sort of limit her exposure to unhealthy food.

So, now that she's 17 months old, and so much more aware of the goings on around her, the realization of just how important the behavior I model for her hit me like a thunderbolt. Just more motivation.

Sorry this is so long, but your post just got me thinking. Have a great week.

Mary Ellen said...

I agree that Jack was way ahead of his time. I've since heard his feelings on high fructose corn syrup too and couldn't agree more.

On a personal note, I think (and I've mentioned it before) that you've given your girls some powerful lessons over the last few years. While you weren't the best model for how to use food and exercise before your Build-a-Bear epiphany, you've shown them since then what happens when you do start making healthier decisions. They've gotten to experience how the changes have made a difference not only in how you look, but how much energy you have and how much more you're capable of physically. They've been shown how much inner strength it takes to make those changes.

When I was growing up, I was told that eating veggies would put hair on my chest (a side-effect I was desperate to avoid--I used to believe anything adults told me as the absolute truth). I was told that I needed to lose weight because no man would want to marry a fat girl. I know now these people meant well and didn't realize that I was such a naive little girl, but at that time I was terrified of getting chest hair and began to see that fat was going to protect me from certain expectations. I like the lessons your girls are learning from you much better! :)

Robin said...

What I have discovered about sugar is that the more you eat it, the more you want it. I really don't even want it except during the holidays when I can't escape it. And then after the holidays when it is on sale. Eventually, I have to say, "NO MORE." Quitting is tough. BUT, after a few days it is out of my system and then it is back to business as usual. I would really prefer a small bowl of pretzels as a snack if I really have to eat something. That chip commerical about not being able to eat just one should be applied to all things sugar b/c once that gets in you, NOW you have cravings. Sugar really is bad!

Michele said...

What a great testimony to your new health to race your daughter up the stairs.

Leslie said...

Jack was truly a renaissance man...way ahead of his time. Thanks for this.