Thanks all..and moving on..

I want to thank everyone for the intelligent, and graceful handling of yesterday's subject matter.
I really appreciate it.
It's good to see that while we don't all agree, at least we can maintain some dignity in the process and express ourselves without resorting to name calling  or flaming.
When I posted and turned on anonymous comments, I had a very real fear it could descend into that.
So, again...thanks.

That was exhausting.

I did okay today....I have a headache and walked two miles..that was all.
I just don't feel well.
I won't be writing much tonight.
Hope everyone is doing well on their respective plans and their respective 'lifestyles'.
Have a great night,


Robin said...

I read through many of yesterday's comments. Very interesting. Your readership handled the topic very well. Very classy people.

I hope you feel better soon!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I hope you feel better soon, Chris! Thanks for writing an honest blog where people feel "at home" enough to be honest, too.

Amber said...

Just read yesterdays post and comments, whew no wonder your tired!

I have had a few gay friends over the years and a co-worker or two. Each one has been just as kind to me as I was to them. Each of them had their own life style and beliefs, but not a one was hurting another person with their lifestyle choices. And each was one I was glad to call, friend.

I have my beliefs of right and wrong, sin or not, yet it is not up to me to judge that which God will judge.

Until then noone needs to be treated with hate and crulty.

Granny2Em said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed the discussion on your blog yesterday. It's something very close to my heart. I enjoy your blog and am amazed at your progress pictures. Thank you for being a big inspiration to me.
I hope you feel better soon.


Lanie Painie said...

I hope your head feels better soon. I find that those crazy seeming "oxycise" breathing exercises can really help me fight some headaches, especially when coupled with some serious hydration.

Feel better!