Yeah! Welcome October....

I for one, am glad to see September in my rear view mirror..
Though as time goes on, I will probably find this month to be pivotal.
We never appreciate our hard times the way we should..
So, on with the format:
I didn't weigh in this month...and my weigh in this morning left me virtually the same.
149.5 lbs.
I find I am ready to drop the pounds.
October is my month for some more weight loss .
3 lbs.
So 146.5 by October 31rst.
In september, I turned my attention from the food to my life.
I will discuss that below.
You will notice me not joining challenges.
I have enough challenges.
I will simply go back to eating what I was eating while dropping the pounds.
Turkey sausage, here I come...just had some tonight as a matter of fact.
I did a 3 mile walk and did a half hour of jack lalanne lower body toning.

This month was a struggle here.
fitting everything back into the puzzle after I had stripped so much out over the last year and a half,
while dealing with the mother of all funks...that was interesting to say the least.
but, it was illuminating.
Thought for the day:
consistency wins
My consistent exercise saved my bacon this month.
Back to being consistent with the food, while holding the line on all the other things I have included in my life.
My art.
My new church.
My daily bible reading.
My fridays with my oldest after school...(don't know If I talked about this..I started this about a month ago as well...I go to barnes and nobles after I pick her up and we hang out for about an hour and a half...It's a good way to spend time together and talk. )
on to the newest thing I am incorporating

A day of rest.
I don't actually have one right now.
I manage to fill up every day with work, work, work.
I will be doing a full on day of rest, on Sunday.

I will be going to church but I won't be:
A.) cleaning
B.) exercising
C.) cooking
D.) planning
Bill paying..cleaning out cars, having people over, doing yard work, pondering the complexities of the universe or anything else.
I will hang out with God, and then my family.
We may end up at the park...who knows...
I will put my food in the crockpot the night before for dinner the next day....eat simple breakfasts with paper plates...sandwiches for lunch and the crockpot meal for dinner. The most I'll be doing is popping open some biscuits from a can.

If the amish can do it...the hardest working people out there.
I can do it.
If the orthodox Jews can do it.
I can do it.
Six days shalt thou labor (tomorrow is going to be Bill paying, grocery shopping, homeschool planning, pre make the sunday dinner and finish cleaning..)
I just have to make it a decision.

Like my eating healthy and my exercise.
Two years ago I decided that, and here I am.

One month ago I decided to draw..and I am drawing.

Three days ago I decided to have a day of rest.
That is what I am doing.
A day dedicated to God.
A day spent with my family, letting my stress gooooooo....lol.
Tomorrow will be my last posting for the week..and I am thinking of starting a new series..
Instead of Saturday Snark....I think I will be doing Saturdays with Jack lalanne.
I love this guy.
He is positive, and we need positivity so badly.
He is spot on about diet and exercise..he is an encourager...and a good way to start your week...so when people drop on by on my Sundays off blogging, they will see a positive, encouraging post.
I am choosing to be an optimist from here on out.
Have a good Friday everyone!
See you all tomorrow.


Annalisa201 said...

Hugs back Chris. So happy for you. You are just getting better and better, and I'm so happy for you.
May God bless you abundantly with favour! xoxo

Jane said...

Hi Cris,
When I read your post, I thought--what a great life plan. I love the idea of giving yourself a day of rest. In this age of technology and constant activities, we push ourselves to the limit, and most of the time we don't even know we're doing it. You really covered all the bases. I especially liked the crock pot idea. I'm going to adopt some of your plan. Thanks!

Amber said...

Rest? What's that?
I like the new plan! Good Luck!
I know you'll do great!


Joy said...

I think that is a great idea!!! I should do the same!!!

I know you will get the pounds off you want. You can do it!


Deb Willbefree said...

I am also glad to see September go--in fact, I've had one rough summer.

BUT today is October 1st. It is the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year.

If you watch football, then you know that tha teams really hit it hard that last quarter. Games are won and lost that last quarter.

We're gonna hit it hard, girlfriend, and score us some touchdowns! Yes. We are!

How's that for optimism?! :D


Rettakat said...

Oh I'll be SURE to drop by on Saturdays... Jack LaLanne is one of my favorites!


Linda Pressman said...

Nice post, Chris. I noticed for a while that you've taken your day of rest on Saturdays and, even though I'm Jewish, I support you fully in that you need to have your day of rest reflect that of your faith. And remember, observant Jews (very, very observant Jews) don't do any work at all on the sabbath, including turning on light switches, turning on ranges, answering telephones, or pushing elevator buttons. There are some pretty intense analyses of what constitutes "work," like walking on grass is harvesting to some groups. To me the beauty of the sabbath (which my husband works on, just fyi) is that it opens up a window of time to join with God and rest.

Cara said...

I love having a plan and yours sounds great. I definitely agree with you that consistency wins :)

Robin said...

The one constant in our life is change. We must be adaptable to the things around us as they change. Or even ourselves as our needs change. Going through that process can be rocky. It is hard to find the balance. I think that was a big part of the problem last month ~ in addition to it being September. You were trying to do several NEW things. It had ripple effects because your schedule got out of whack and it disturbed all of the patterns that you had in place. You figured that out and made a new schedule with the new stuff figured in and are ready to go again. I will kinda miss the Saturday Snark, but that is just me. I am sure I will like the positive stuff, too. Possibly even more:-) My life is changing too. I am mentally visualizing myeelf in a place where I don't currently "live," but where I want to go. I think I need all the positive I can get!

You are the one person that I don't usually rah rah rah for because you seem to have it all together. (That was my cheerleading skills up above.) However, anytime you need someone to encourage you and give you that cheerleading that you are always giving to everyone else, all you ever have to do is say so. I am happy to pull out the pom poms.

Annie said...

I would love to join you and have a day of rest! Not this week, but I will strive for it next.

Seth said...

I dig the new plan!

99ToGo said...

My husband works on Sundays right after church, and I've been using that as a reason to observe the Sabbath on one of his days off. But it never actually happens. You just may have provided the inspiration and kick in the tail that I needed...

outdoor.mom said...

good girl having your day of rest :-) Good job with your consistency too!! You are such an inspiration to us all. Not seeing changes is the hardest part...