Let's all calm down...

Hey all,
eating was good..still too many calories. but that was a choice.
Not too many calories for weight loss at my weight.
Too many for FAST weigh loss.
I ate 1745 calories today and did 50 minutes on the elliptical...burned 600 calories.
did upper body weights, and then walked a half mile.
I haven't weighed.
I feel very normal.
I feel like I could definitely live life this way, it doesn't feel weird, it feels normal.
I still had thoughts about how I would like pizza or some burgers, but realized that from where I was sitting so late in the day, that would be a choice that would put me behind my goals, not ahead.
I will be doing this balancing act for the rest of my life.
So now to the title of my blog.
Now, I don't agree with most of President Obama's policies...but some of the hysteria surrounding him has gotten out of hand.
My oldest daughter comes home from school ( she is a junior at a charter school)
and tells me her history teacher (HER HISTORY TEACHER NO LESS!!!!)
told her that barack obama was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran.
(I have no idea whether Thomas Jefferson ever had a Koran...?)
My husband said "YEP." (remind me to smack him later)
I told them they were insane.
Then I took them to the computer and showed them that Barack Obama had been sworn in on LINCOLN'S BIBLE.
There is enough to disagree with the dude about, lets not get all tin foil hatty up in here.
We talk politics in our family and my little one said; "I hate barack obama.
I say..."We don't hate anyone..."
"We disagree with policies, we disagree with decision making....we don't hate the person."
So now when we talk about politics she says "I don't like Barack obama's decisions."
much better.
We all need to calm down.
Just because people have differing ideas, it doesn't make them bad...or evil.
It makes them people with differing ideas.
Attack the idea, not the person.
Argue your point of view, don't demonize other's points of view.
Don't be hysterical, be informed...and vote.
That is my thought for the day.

Robin...I got your video.
I don't need to be a nun to do something important.
I know.
You never know who you are Raising.
Or where your talents will take you.
My fog is starting to clear.
It has become apparent that september may be a bad month for me and something (now that I actually noticed it) that I will have to keep an eye on it.

Have a great night guys,
I will see you all tomorrow.


Amber said...

We have taught the kids the same, we may not like the choices one makes but it's not for us to judge and say a person is bad or evil.

Gotta love those history teachers, is that the one that's only a few years out of High School themself?

Be informed, a good motto to live by.

Anonymous said...

re: Pres. Obama. I couldn't have said it better.

I didn't vote for him. I do not agree with most of his ideas. But he is the president of the United States and, as such, deserves some respect.

I have gotten numerous hysterical, obnoxious emails--I tried to respond resonably, explaining the facts (the facts of the emails were usually embarrassingly wrong. sigh).

Eventually, I had to ask one person to take me off of their email list. It's been a little tense since then. We are both involved in the same organizaton--this person is in a leadership role. sigh..

As usual, your post was well done and important. I, for one, appreciated it.


Lanie said...

I adore you & your family. It just now happened. I liked you a lot before, but complete adoration has now kicked in.

Christine Jeske said...

Sheesh. I agree. Democrats were always demonized in my home growing up. I wanted to be informed on the issues and there was no educated discussion of politics allowed. Only rumors and character assasination. And I also tell that to my kids, "We don't hate anyone." :D We disagree with their opinions and decisions . . .

I also have wondered (from your comment on my blog) if exercise is/was an idol in my life. I stepped back from it and have missed it. I always regret binge eating. But I rarely regret exercise! It can be overdone, true. But I have decided I need a certain level of cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises in order to have balance and order in my life.

I am not sure at what point I would label exercise as an idol. But I do know that at some points I was pretty addicted to it and could nevr get enough . . . :S

Joy said...

Hey Chris,

Gave you a little shout out today. Need some help!!! Check out today's post. Thanks!


Helen said...

What a beautiful, wonderful gift you are giving your children (and your husband, evidently)!

September is over as of today. Forward.

Robin said...

What I love about Joan's relationship with God is that God is exactly what you would expect. He never answers her questions. He hands out assignments. It makes her crazy. That is what you saw in the video. We always think that talking to God would be so great because we would get all of the answers. However, aside from Jesus, no one is the Bible had all of the answers. They got tasked... just like Joan. And she doesn't like it. And God cracks me up because he always walks away from her while she's talking and does the wave. Or says, "Just do what I ask."

Love ya Chris!!!

Ice Queen said...

Now you know that you will have to cherish yourself a little more through September. And that is okay.

It is October, now and I hope that you spirits are rising and your purpose is renewed.

I need to stay out of the political discussion. But I will say that your child's teacher needs a good, swift kick in the kiester. And some serious time reading and getting better informed before spouting crap like that to a room full of impressionable students. *rolling my eyes*

99ToGo said...

Funny, I was sure you were going to say the teacher erred in the opposite direction. We've heard far to many stories about teachers coming up with insane 'facts', but they slanted more in favor of Obama's policies, rather than against. Either way, I'd be annoyed too.

My husband had a teacher growing up who brought in a combat vet to tell the kids all about how he and his buddies killed (pregnant)women and children in Vietnam. He said they used equipment that made it clear that they were civilians (and that they could verify pregnancies), but they killed them anyway. The teacher also gave the kids questionaires about their political values, and then tried to persuade those with values differing from hers. My husband has never forgotten her class...it was an elementary school.

I always wonder if that lady still teaches, and if she's ever been told to modify her 'lessons'.

F. McButter Pants said...

Thoughtful post, Chris.