What do I eat...well, let me tell you...plus art pics.(and loretta's art)

Hey guys.
You know, I went back to the gym today. Burned 700 calories on the elliptical.
I think I will just stick with the gym...laying off the gym puts me in a lazy frame of mind.
I will just treat it llike a part time job. lol.

So I have been doing the rounds on the blogs.
I pick up so much from other people's blogs.
the graham cracker and whipped cream person..
you know, take a graham cracker...and some light whipped cream and stick it in the freezer and it's like an ice cream sandwhich except without all the calories..

try it guys. It's awesome.

My nine year old had half of mine.
I was also over reading Lisa's blog.
She has started doing a low carb kind of a thing...
I spend so much time telling you guys I count calories that I forgot to tell you all what I don't eat.
I don't eat white bread.
I don't eat white rice.
I don't eat donuts or any kind of processed crap on my non splurge days.
You know why...
Because It causes cravings.
Bad ones.

Another thing I don't eat.
It does nothing but make me hungrier.
I know it doesn't bother some people.
I will now have people tell me to try granola or total raisen bran..
I have and it does nothing for me.
I eat yogurt or eggs.
On my splurge days I usually contain my big meal to dinner.
But I think someday I may have pancakes at Ihop.
That would be awesome.
I don't go through fast food places.
I buy turkey sausage.
I don't keep chips or candy in my house.
I don't keep soda in my house unless it's diet.
I recently stopped eating white flour crackers and switched to all bran crackers.
I eat 15 grain whole wheat bread...one slice with my eggs.
If I have a sandwich it's in a whole grain 80 calorie latortilla wrap.
I limit myself to two cups of coffee with sugar and 2 percent milk.
I don't eat white potatoes.
Butter doesn't help.
nothing does.
and popcorn.
I don't keep it in the house in any form...
It's my kryptonite.
That is how I stay so consistent. I keep my living area clean.
It's hard enough when I have to go out, no need to make it harder when I am in.
I eat fruit, yogurt, veggies, lean proteins and limited whole grains...no more than one or two servings a day.
Then I limit my calories.

I have all sorts of little barriers to my eating.
It helps me stay on course.

Now on to my art pictures and finally I wanted to post something for Loretta.

This is not finished....

Okay, I am thinking of titling it 'sleeping dawn'....(the angel who brings the dawn)

okay, so I actually got the idea from paint on my husbands computer, I was fiddling around and saw an object that was similar to a wing and went from there...
It started as a simple pencil drawing, then I took a fine point sharpie and 'inked' it, erased the fine pencil lines and then started with my prisma color colored pencils. I am in the process of coloring her in...the sky is ultramarine, violet and indigo (I am thinking of deepening the sky with more indigo, but want to give that thought some time...don't want muddy it up and it is almost time for her to wake up and bring the sunrise, so the lightening sky is acceptable.)

So...am thinking of doing the underskirt black as well....maybe a blue or purple or green undertone...am thinking. I actually did a dry run on a wing on a seperate piece of paper...will be doing a lemon yellow underlay with yellow ochre at the edges and the shading I am going to do with indigo because once it hits the yellow it makes a really gem like green color which I love.
Which is why the underskirt is up for grabs....I think I will do the wings first and then the underskirt. Down below looks like a high desert plain and want to concentrate on Tuscan red with an undertone of orange and maybe a raisin color or blackberry color....with the plains areas orange or yellow...don't know yet.
I have another blog in me about this and taking yourself seriously..think I will leave it till tomorrow.
For now I will leave you all with the prints I won from Loretta a bit ago..
I had them framed and hung on my stair case...a place that has been barren for quite a while. Which is unusual for me...as I love art....but just couldn't find the right pictures to put there.
When I received Loretta's pics in the mail..whammo...found it.
I am so happy. The look like little pieces of stained glass hanging on my wall.
So here they are:

Have a great night, and thank you loretta for my new art...


Anonymous said...

Love your art! Keep on showing it to us! :D

You did a wonderful job framing up Loretta's truly outstanding prints. She is to talented--such detail Love them and your framing really show them off.

Thanks for sharing.


Jane said...

Your art is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent. I am back to blogging again, and I wrote that I have come to realize that we have to cultivate the creative sides of ourselves. Also, thanks for sharing how you eat and what you don't eat. It's important to those of us who are behind you in our journeys. There's so much to learn from one another. Keep drawing--you are good!

Fiona said...

Fabulous that you are sharing your art with us :)

Rettakat said...

I love the Angel! And I'm a big fan of Prismacolor pencils...I must own every color they make, LOL!

I especially like the clouds and hair so far... the way the tendrils of the hair move and swirl; and I have a special fondness for stylistic clouds like that. I look forward to more updates on it.

And I am so glad you like the prints! They look great stair stepped up like that. And I used that same color wood frame on my originals. :-)


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the grains and the starches. I am in the same exact boat on this!

BTW, you are talented! Very talented!

Anonymous said...

Purging the Pantry - that's where I started. Oh, the family complained and whined for the longest time. They're over it now.

If my teens want junk food, the house rule is they have to get themselves to the store and buy it with their own money. It's Absolutely Amazing how little junk food they want to eat when the funds for it come out of their own pockets!

TJ said...

my list of NO's are very similar to yours....interesting. But i do NEED my air popped popcorn. lol

I can not keep graham crackers in my house...CRACK! lol Oh well...at least we know what triggers us right? lol

Robin said...

You really have a gift with the art. Keep that up. It is pretty amazing. I think that we should use our talents if we have them and art is definitely one of yours.

Sandra said...

Wow, love the art you are doing. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

And that ice cream sandwich -- I mean, graham cracker sandwich sounds lovely - I'm going to have to give that a try!

And popcorn is my kryptonite too!

bbubblyb said...

Great picture Chris!

Katie J said...

Thanks for sharing your artwork. It is stunning even though it is not finished.

Loretta's artwork looks fabulous on your wall. She does some awesome work and it would be a pleasure (I imagine) to have her art to gaze it.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

You make me SO wish I were more artistic! I can usually copy or adapt my own ideas from somebody else's stuff (more scrapbooking stuff), but I rarely come up with great ideas on my own. I love the angel, can't wait to see what it looks like when you are finished!

Sparkler said...

LOVE your art work Chris...try colour photo-copy to test out different colour-ways if you're unsure.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Lorreta's prints are gorgeous and look really good in the stairway... love art too. Your piece is coming along very nice. I like the colors you have in mind.

I need some rules too. Trying hard to elminate "white" from my diet i.e., potatoes, bread, rice, etc. It's just easier said than done because of the "going out to eat."

Maybe you'll share pictures of yoru food next????