Hey guys,
I went to barnes and nobles and drew tonight.
I managed a pretty decent pic in a little under an hour.
I was happy about that.
I finally realized how important art is to me.
I know that sounds silly, why wouldn't I know...
But honestly I put it aside so long it just kind of faded from memory.
I was talking to someone not too long ago who I knew from a ways back..
When I was about 20 and he was 6.
I used to buy him crayons and coloring books, he was my friends little boy.
He is in Art school and says he remembers me showing him how to draw...not only that he still had one of my old art pads with my doodles and color theory in it..
I couldn't believe it.
I told him that I had stopped drawing because I wanted to put my family first, but had recently started again.
That somewhere along the way I had kind of gotten lost.
He said'
"I could have told you that, you were always happiest when you were drawing."
And I was.
And I inspired him to be an artist.
That makes me very happy.

For now Just wanted to say Hi and give my blog a new look.
Will be back with a bigger and better post tomorrow.
Have a great night guys,
do what you love.


Carol said...

What is your preferred medium? I paint in oils but not as much as I should.

Carol-the gardener

Christine said...

@ carol. I used colored pencil. The last two things were both colored pencil.

Carol said...

art is such a wonderful form of self expression. I find myself very fixated though when I do paint almost to the point of obsession. I'm so glad you have once again express yourself this way. Art is a good teacher of self discipline isn't it? I like to draw using pastels and I did a butterfly years ago in pen and ink and that was fun.

i loved your angel by the way.

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, your work is lovely. Such fine detail! I'm glad you've returned to it!

Rebecka said...

It's fun to read about you finding your gift again.
It takes a great deal of courage to show to others the things that are so personal, like your art.
The butterfly is lovely, and I can't wait to see what else you do.

Anonymous said...

That butterfly is exquisite. To think--with color pencils and an hour!

I'm glad I culdn't sleep and decided to check out blogland. :)

And thanks for your suggestions on my blog. I was feelling that I needed to go with the "your rust, my dark salmon" color rather than light green. :) The color wheel connection hadn't occurred to me, I just knew I needed to add some weight to the room or it would be washed out. :D So glad that feeling is grounded in theory. :D

Again. love the art. I'm glad you've reclaimed that part of yourself. It's like finding your voice.


MargieAnne said...

I'm so glad you are exploring and practicing your artagain. It's a God given gift and will give you and others many hours of pleasure and inspiration.

I'm awed by your talent.


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

The butterfly is beautiful! Its so good to see you renewing your passion... so happy for you. :)

Retta said...

I really like your detailed butterfly, tool! And I've always enjoyed reading about color theory... all the way back to good old Sir Isaac Newton!

One of my favorite color theory books is the one called "Color Choices" by Stephen Quiller.

I learned so much from it. They have it at our local library, so if you were interested, you could try yours. It's packed with examples from his own art, and is just sooo interesting.


Vagabonds Mercantile said...

I too put aside my hobbies to put my family first. What I failed to see was that my hobbies are a part of me and I was no longer giving my family my best possible me. I have always wanted to learn to draw

M Pax said...

I know what you mean. When I got back into writing, that was my lifeline. It helped me lose the weight and keep it off. Over 2.5 years now I've maintained. Passion for life will help you do that. :) I know I'll be reading about you in 2.5 years - maybe not even talking about weight any more. :)

Robin said...

It is so wonderful when we find a piece of ourselves that we lost along the way. Your art is amazing. I'd say keep it up, but I don't think you need the reminder. I will say I am thrilled that you are on a new path of self discovery.

bbubblyb said...

What a beautiful butterfly. Cool about the little boy. My husband went to college for a short time for art. He's always drawing pictures for Marie. I think it would be good if he went back to it sometime. Maybe I will ask him a few questions and buy him something related. Marie always says she wants to draw like her daddy *smile*. Glad you're drawing again and loving it so much.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

So happy you're happy, and have "found" yourself, your passion.

LOVE the new look of the blog!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Beautiful picture! You're going to inspire me to pull out my dried up acrylics yet!

I like the new look on the site too.

E. Jane said...

I loved the butterfly and the updated look on your blog!

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

After many many months of scatter brained stress, I finally realised that I had given up a major part of who I was unknowingly! I've started back to "creating" (I have many various projects from scrapbooks to my personal cookbook, to playing guitar), which is so obviously a character trait we've all inherited from our Ultimate Father. When we ignore this very very vital part of us, it shows. As they say in Australia "Good on ya" for figuring out art is a part of you. And good on ya for being a true artist! Love your work Chris :)

Anonymous said...

I love the drawing Chris - you are so talented.