What you take into your hands....

What you take into your hands, you take into your heart...

It's a quote from the movie witness. I heard it years ago and it stuck in my head.
It's the part where john booker has grabbed a gun...(he is living amongst the amish)
And an old amish man is admonishing him for resorting to violence.
It struck me at the time. I thought it was bs.

But then I thought more about it, the more I realized that it is correct.
What we touch. What we think about. What we focus on.
We become.

If we are focused on only our own self interest..
We become self absorbed.
If we focus only on money.
We become greedy.
If we focus on food.
we get fat.
If we focus on the wrongs done us.
We get bitter.
If we focus on our own shortcomings..
and on how unfair things seem.
Or on other's success
We become jealous and bitter.
If we focus on what we lack.
We become stingy with our time, love and material possessions.

If we focus on self acceptance
we start accepting others.
If we focus on our own strengths
we see the strength in others.
If we focus on what we have...
We are thankful and able to give.
If we see our success through God's eyes.
We will be able to revel in the success of others.

Every day we wake up with a new opportunity to do things right.
To focus on the good in ourselves and others.

Today I ate 1700 calories walked 3 miles and did a half hour of lower body toning (including situps and leg lifts and calf raises).
I read three chapters of proverbs and drew a rose which I will post tomorrow.
Have a great night everyone.
I know I will.


MargieAnne said...

Great thinking.

After reading Jack Sh#t's recent post I'm wishing I'd had your strength at your age.

I admire your tenacity and accomplishment. I also admire your art. Maybe one day I'll buy a piece. *smile*

Lorinda said...

A lovely post! Thank you for the reminder!

bbubblyb said...

Great post! After the post I wrote tonight this went right along with it. Thanks.

Robin said...

We get what we think about...sure enough.

M Pax said...

Great thinking and I love the title. Will have to jot that down ...

Focusing on what we have & being grateful is key in learning to enjoy life. So I've found. Glad you figured it out. It also keeps me steady on the healthy habits. I am grateful to have a choice. It is not a burden to have too much choice, it is a blessing.

clickmom said...

Beautifully said, Chris.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Perfect post. My daughter and I were talking about this same thing on Sunday. She's reading the book "The Secret" and said what we think, we become.

Needed to read this today.

Allan said...

Email me please, a little confused

Rettakat said...

"Every day we wake up with a new opportunity to do things right."

This is so powerful, and gives such hope.
I appreciate the thoughtfulness in this post.