Quick Post-mental, spiritual, physical and Jack lalanne

love this, watch this. Just turn off the music to the right.

My thought for today...
always follow through. It takes less time to do it right the first time.

read the first chapter in Luke.
Didn't realize it names Gabriel as the angel who visits mary in that one.
Pretty cool.
I am posting early so I can draw later.

walked 4.2 miles and have eaten 1130 calories.
No butter today, No white flour and once big ole cup of coffee...have at least one serving of veggies in me and am going to get two more and some roasted chicken for dinner.

Have a great night guys.


Robin said...

Watched the video. Inspirational speaker. Very motivating. I have gotten to the point where I just don't have the patience ~ scratch that ~ the time for people who are all talk, no walk. We only get so much time in this life, and I am not handing any more of mine over to people who are all talk and no follow through. They can go blow smoke up someone else's skirt if they are willing to listen. Can't wait to see how the art turns out.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Jack Lelanne is a force of nature.

Thanks for sharing....

Rettakat said...

LOVE Jack LaLanne. I've seen quite a few of his clips, but not that one. Very touching about his Dad... and how he took that experience and now it is fuel for his passion to help people get healthy.

Thanks for sharing that one!

Paula Rodriguez said...

Jack LaLanne was a head of his time. I remember my mom watching his show when I was a kid.

A friend gave me a nice bible and I should read a little each nite since our bible study group broke up.

Dinner sounds good Chris.


Jane said...

I'm old enough to remember Jack LaLanne's exercise show on TV. That was a long time ago, and he definitely was ahead of his time. The way his father was living was the norm for most men of that era. If someone took up running or exercising, they would have been considered a bit eccentric. Thanks for the memory, Kris. We have come a long way in terms of our thinking about health, diet, and fitness.