No white bread evaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

channeling my inner Joan crawford.
I have been a french bread a holic.
I have to stop.
It's causing all sorts of cravings.
Gotta ditch it.
man, this no cussing thing is hard.
I have a bush I am trying to grow, my husband doesn't like it because it gets HUGE and he can't get the lawnmower into the back yard.
I tell him...I will keep it contained.
And I have been...it's very small because he ripped it out last summer and it was re growing.
He mowed it today.
Even after I told him I liked it and wanted it.
I was soooooo mad.
So he says, "What, you aren't talking to me?"
I said "I am mad at you and don't want to talk to you right now"
I had to wait an HOUR to talk.
Which was probably good.
We hashed it out.
I told him he had 'hurt my feelings, and that it was like he didn't even listen'.
of course he didn't listen...
He thought..it's a bush, I'll mow it.
I think my response was very mature because if it had been the me of two weeeks ago....those stupid maps he insists on keeping would have been 'accidentally' shredded. It's called guerilla warfare.
My Bush will grow again.
on to more important matters.
I worked out today.
eating was so so....
It will be better tomorrow.
eliminating the white bread and unneccessary sugars will go along way towards curbing my appetite.
so long artisan french loaf from safeway...I hardly knew ya.
So, Robin gave me 8 qeustions and wanted me to answer them, make up eight and pick 8 people.
I will ask three good questions and ask 7 people.
hows that for following rules.

oakey doakey.
I pick Robin, cause this is the Chrisaverse and I make the rules,
Loretta even though she is blogging less...I would be very interested in her God questions...
Steve @ logmyloss...ditto
Deb will be free, Linda @ barmitzvahzilla, Amber @ faith love kids and me, and Alan from fool's fitness...that's good....those guys...

Question 1:
If you could Ask God three questions, what would they be?

If you could go back in time and have dinner with a famous person, which person would you choose.

What was the mistake you learned the most from?

After I read ya'll's answers, I will post mine...fair is fair.
Have a great night guys.


Robin said...

I told you the cussing thing would be hard. You live in the Chrisaverse. I love it. I might start saying I live in Robinworld. I swear I think I do. Some things that other people do make NO SENSE to me. In Robinworld that stuff totally wouldn't fly. So there. And I guess I will answer your questions on Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday and I have my regularly scheduled HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY dedications planned. This week has been hard. I keep thinking and rethinking it. That makes me a little crazier than normal. So, that means my brain is really scrambled.

Deb Willbefree said...

Awww, Chris, all but one of these are HARD questions! Although I am seriously honored to be among the chosen few. :)

Well. The easy answer is who I would go back in time and have dinner with--that would, of course, be Jesus. Hands down. No one else even comes close. :D

The rest, I have to thnk about. I'll get back to you, ASAP.


P.S. Me foolsfitness and Loretta--:D--I think we make quite a trio. LOL! :D

Deb Willbefree said...

Haha, I'm back. Spent some time in serious thought--I did. :)

The God questions. First, I had to change the question from a focus on the questions I'd ask to thinking about what information I really wanted. I mean, if I could get 3 chunks of information directly from God--information that I didn't have to guess about--I mean this is the straight stuff-3 bits and no more, what would I want to know.

That eliminated all kinds of "why" questions. Like, "why do innocent people suffer?" Not that I don't want to know that, but is knowing that answer worth eliminating all of the other things I could know? Nope, it's not.

So, here's my questions:

Question 1: I would ask God to let me truly know Him. I mean know Him--His thoughts, His feelings, His ways--Him. Knowing Him the way a woman knows the man she truly loves. You know how that goes--you know what he is feeling, what he is often thinking, what he will think about a certain situation. But more than that. you know His soul, his essence (to get kind of New Agey). I would ask God to allow me to know Him that deeply, that thoroughly.

Question 2. I would ask God to enable me to love Him more. I would, I'm not just being spritual here. I mean I would ask Him to increase my affection to that "first love" feeling. A deep, overwhelming, breath-taking love. That's the word "overwhelming" I would ask God to allow me to be overwhelmed by my love for Him.

Question 3. I would ask what he would have me to do. Specifically, what He would have me do. There are general instructions in the Bible, of course. Lots of them. Like the Old Testament answers that question (I forget where) "What does God require of thee, O man? But to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God."
The New Testament has lots of instructions, too. Love others, do good works, give... But, specifically, for me--what? Do I search out a job? Do I get more involved in some projects and less involved in others? What? What would God like me to do--How does He think I can best fulfill His specific purpose for me?

:) I knew this would be long, but I chose to do it here in your comments so all of your answers would be in one place rather than my own post.

I'll get back to you on the mistake question. chuckle. I have soooo many to choose from--and I got so caught up in answering the one above, I couldn't transfer my focus to the other.


99ToGo said...

I think you handled the mowed-down bush situation very well :) We have had our share of gardening snafus around here, and those maps would have tempted me as well.

Good riddance french bread!! I'm sure you'll be better off without it.

Sheilagh said...

French bread, delicious but deadly.

Thank you so much Chris for all your support over the past few weeks, your comments have really helped hold me up where I want to be.

God Bless you



outdoor.mom said...

hi Chris!! Wow i am always amazed at your blog for many reasons ;-) today i made french toast with WHITE BREAD!! i was just disgusted for doing it. its evil i tell ya PURE EVIL!!!

Helen said...

You made me laugh right out loud with the guerilla warfare line! Glad to know other couples aren't perfect.

Would the French bread bother you if you had it with fat (like peanut butter) or protein? Just wondering.

BTW, stop by the blog today, there's an answer to a question you asked me.

Allan said...

"I have a bush I am trying to grow, and my husband...." So sorry, but I spilled my coffee all over the computer before I got to the lawn mower part....I need to get out more.

Angela Pea said...

1. If you could Ask God three questions, what would they be?

When? How? Why?

2. If you could go back in time and have dinner with a famous person, which person would you choose.

Eleanor Roosevelt

3. What was the mistake you learned the most from?

Getting into financial issues 25 years ago. I've lived debt free ever since, and will continue to do so until I die.

TJ said...

We have sourdough bread here that I could ( and used to) make a meal off of...the entire loaf. I have bread issues too. It sticks to my butt so bad! lol

RIP bush :(

Putz said...

i just wanted to respone to pea one of your commentators>>>my hero is eleanor roosevelt, she was so empathetic to pollople>>>yes me you and my neighbors>>>not like today's politians who never see all sides>>nope they don't

foolsfitness said...

Thank you always for your comments on my blog, beyond your kindness… you have a wisdom and hold a mirror up to me to learn from many times.

I would choose to meet G K Chesterton… he was a version of a theological Mark Twain, that had an un-common common sense. He was very aware, and wise, moreover had a wonderful sense of humor and wasn’t in the least fear of making fun of himself.

As for asking God questions, I would struggle. I would not want them to be challenges, and I try to respect my limited understanding would be as an ant trying to grasp the idea of an ocean, trying to wrap my mind round the universe well, the finite trying to understand the infinite. I have a strong faith and trust he’s in charge even when I don’t have a clue what’s going on. Perhaps I’d ask suggestions on finding my soul mate where ever she is and what I should do to better prepare for being with her when I do. Not even ever knowing her or meeting her (to my knowledge), where ever she is I can’t find the words to describe how I miss her, so empty without her, knowing she should be there.

Then as bizarre as it sounds I’d like to ask if I could make some clouds when I get to heaven… as an artist there is something about clouds I find breathtaking. I figure there is a lot of them, and I’m thinking God wouldn’t mind if I just made a few.

What have I learned from my mistakes? I think they have made me who I am; I try to respect them for that. Failure is a better teacher than success. I will always charge windmills like Don Quote’… silly and foolish or not, it’s in my nature.

At Foolsfitness comments are one of the best parts!- Alan

M Pax said...

Avoiding the white stuff is hard, but I no longer miss it. I find it shocking how salty, sweet and unsatisfying 'normal' food is these days.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Chris, you made me laugh so hard. The part about shredding his stuff. I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that... proud of your maturity.

BTW--I left an award for you on my blog as well. When you have a moment, stop by.


logmyloss said...

Here goes:

If you could Ask God three questions, what would they be?

1) Why?
2) How much are we missing because of our inability to understand?
3) What do you want me to accomplish in my life?

If you could go back in time and have dinner with a famous person, which person would you choose.

This is a hard one. The answer that first comes to my head is Jesus, but the more I think about it, the more I think I would rather spend time with Paul (formerly Saul). Think of the transformation this guy made, and the impact he had on the world. John (the apostle) and Simon Peter are close behind. In more recent history I would have to say Ronald Reagan.

What was the mistake you learned the most from?

My wife and I opened a restaurant eight days after we were married and fifteen days after I turned 18. I have paid for that restaurant many times over since then. I learned so much in that period of time, but wow was it costly.

Waisting Time said...

Bread is not my friend. White, brown, whole grain, square, round. I love it and would overeat it every darn time I take even one bite. Sigh.

MB said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....I think I've turned into a 12 year old boy because I just cracked up when I read "My Bush will grow again."

Oh, fresh white bread, why do I love you so much. I try not to have it often because it just makes me want more and more. Good luck staying away from that fresh french goodness.