The power of focus...turning weakness into strength.

Hey all,
Well, I took a walk today and ate well. Higher than my usual number of cals.
Tomorrow it's back to writing it all down. I came in at 1700.
With my 4 mile walk that is maintenance for a 130 lb woman..so not too bad.
But I would like to knock about 200 calories off that total.
To do that, writing down every last thing I eat helps me to....


The power of focus,or the intense concentration on an object or goal...
It is critical when you reach this stage of the game.

I feel fantastic.
I am not tired.
I feel pretty.
I am pursuing my goals and my hobbies.
I am enjoying my family.
Before I had the constant pain and humiliation to motivate me...
Not a whole lot is missing in this equation.
But I am still technically overweight.
You may wonder why I still want to get to goal if I feel so good.

To say I did it.
I want to finish it.
So, now I need to focus.
On the numbers-daily...not the scale until I am sure I am past a certain point.
I have a pair of size 6 goal pants hanging on the wall.
When I can put them on and zip them up without damaging internal organs,
then I will weigh.

I have always had good focus when I set out to achieve something.
Better than average actually.
I will tell you why.
When I was 5 my mom took me to the doctor because I was exhibiting funny symptoms.
I would sometimes space out.
I would get 'overexcited' and then stand in the middle of the room and rock and wiggle my hands.
When I would get like that, nobody could get through to me.
So, she took me to a doctor who told her I was autistic...mildly autistic.
She thought he was calling me retarded.
That didn't go over well.
She told him I was reading at four and whatnot and we left that office in a huff.
or at least she did.
I don't remember it.
I do remember going into trances.
In my trances I was putting the Eiffel tower together in my head..each beam, each bolt.
It helped me feel comforted.
I did it once in school in first grade.
I did it at a roller rink.
It used to embarrass me.
People would ask "what are you doing!"
When I didn't know what I was doing.
Mrs. Shelander saved me.
She was my third grade teacher.
I used to draw all over my math pages...and after she gave my ear a good twist and made me promise not to do it again, She started setting aside some of class free time for me to draw.
She entered my art in a school "Reading is fundamental" poster contest...that I won.
I never spaced out when I drew.
The details helped me focus.
It was my chance to focus.
In my mind everything is equally relevant.
The fly buzzing around my head...the sun shining off the bumper of the car, the weed whacker across the street, the person who is talking to me.
The sound light bulbs make.

I focus sometimes by putting my hand up next to my eye and leaning..blocking out sound.
Or by watching a person's lips.
I have to have comfortable clothes.
sock seams drive me crazy etc.
My house is very quiet.
I structure my world in a way that helps me focus.
No tv. et al.

You know though, my extreme levels of perception help me sort through problems well.
I can pick out the missing piece...or the erroneous idea...
My biggest weakness had turned into my biggest strength.
Say your biggest weakness is impatience.
I would be willing to bet your biggest strength is jumping in and getting things done.
Biggest weakness...stubborn
biggest strength...persistence.
I could go on and on.
Think about your biggest weakness.
It no doubt makes your biggest strength possible.
Be appreciative of yourselves and your unique gifts.
I stopped my spells by focusing.
All those years of focus helped prepare me for my weight loss.
And now it is preparing me to do something with my art.
The haze preceding a spell is very similar to the haze you have just before a binge.
When you decide to let your mind slip.
So, if you want to keep your mind in the right place.
Print off pictures of bodies you would like...or maybe places you would want to go to...and tape them on the door of your kitchen cabinets....on the front of your fridge etc.
It will help you focus. Keep your goals front and center.
It will help you through rough spots.
Have a wonderful night guys,


Linda Pressman said...

I love that your greatest character flaw can also be the source of your greatest strength. It's always good to use what we have to our best advantage. Happy about the artwork, Chris.

Rettakat said...

Very interesting... and timely for me, since I'm having trouble lately with exactly that: focus

I've allowed myself to get distracted with a whirlwind of events, things that take time and energy and concentration and thinking and figuring out... and my wt loss journey has lost it's priority status.

I've got a post swirling around in my head, sparked by something you mentioned a couple of days ago (actually many times over this last year)... about internal motivation vs external motivation. It's an idea that seems to be calling me lately. Hmmm, and now Focus.

Thanks for sharing this personal stuff, it's making me think.


Annalisa201 said...

BEAUTIFUL POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fat Grump said...

You are so right! Focus is what it's all about.

Those wanting to lose weight HAVE to focus on what they prepare to eat. In a split second you can make the right choice because you are focused. It's taken me a while to practice focusing - I even have to tell myself to 'focus - right now!, but when I do, it works!

Tammy said...

Oh that is sooo cool. I never made the coorelation between my biggest weaknesses and my biggest strengths before....but the impatience (ME!!) totally matches up with my "getting in and getting things done...wow. So true. I do not procrastinate ( finish things 2 months early, lol)...and I do not delegate (if I do it, I know it's getting done, and getting done right). What an awesome post. :)

The Traveler said...

That was amazing. So glad I found your blog.


Helen said...

Awesome how the very thing that was supposed to make you weak and vulnerable is now your strength. Thank God for a mother who wouldn't listen and that teacher who knew how to direct you.


Morgan said...

Wow. Thought provoking post, as usual. You are crazy amazing.

Christine said...

You should have become an architect, with your drawing ability and attention to detail!!!

Robin said...

You've got me thinking with this one. It's a great post. I am glad you found the way to turn your weakness into your strength. Right now I am struggling with the fact that I am feeling called to put this website together NOW. I suppose if that is true, then God is going to send my way someone who knows how to design websites and feels compelled to do it at no charge just because it is a good thing. In fact, I feel certain of it. Now, how that relates to what you just said... no idea.

Waisting Time said...

I read about this on Dr. Fatty's blog. Great way to focus on the positives and use things to our advantage in life.

Lesia said...

Say your biggest weakness is impatience.
I would be willing to bet your biggest strength is jumping in and getting things done.
Yep that's me!!!

Lanie Painie said...

Encore! Encore!

M Pax said...

Go, Chris! Your determination will see you through. I'm happy to read how good you feel. Never forget. Mull on it everyday. It helps me keep focused to do that.

99ToGo said...

How's that for an insightful post?