Day 1- Got a ways to go...

Hello all,
well, this is the first day of the new format.
first up

My one thought for the day...
Today is all I can control.
I am currently cohabitating with Tom, so the cravings for white flour and sugar et al...
unusually intense.
I started counting ahead in my mind.
If I have a 500 calorie deficit then by october blah blah blah I will be such and thus.
I had to put the kibosh on that crazy right out the gate.
I can only control today.

I haven't read the bible yet.
I will tonight before bed. I can only find my 'message' bible.
It's a kind of dumbed down version with street type language, I have no idea why I bought it.
I like my New king james...but if I can't scrounge that up, It will be my king james period.
I am going to start in Luke...I never read luke. I always start in matthew...I must have read matthew a dozen times. I don't like the gospels in new age slang. It irritates me.

I will be drawing some tomorrow. (For those that guessed art would be under spiritual ding ding ding.) lol.
speaking of spiritual.
If any of you are the praying for people you don't know sort I wish you would swing by here...Their little boy sam died.
These poor folks lost their little boy to a mitochondrial disorder.
I got sucked into this world a year or so ago when I ran into this guy, who is still fighting....
I don't know anyone personally who has this. But I have been following Noah so long I feel like I do.

I went to the gym and had a fantastic workout.
150 situps and stretching
5 minutes recumbent bike warm up
30 minutes elliptical
2 mile walk.
600 calorie burn
food is the category that I have a ways to go in.
I ate yogurt with honey for breakfast 300 cal
veggies soup for lunch 280 cal.
3 small granola bars with 2 tablespoons of butter (will get to this in a minute) 570
three jumbo eggs and a piece of toast with for dinner 390 cal.
1 cuppa coffee. 120
total calories 1660

To say I craved fat today would be an understatement.
I weigh about 150.
I burned 600 calories.
calorie def is sitting at around 440 calories.
I didn't have white bread or white flour.
gotta nix the butter.
so I got a ways to go with the food...that and I need more veggies.
lots more.
Guess I will put that where the butter used to be...
I know, granola and broccoli sandwiches.
I also need to go grocery shopping which I will do tomorrow, yeah!
have a great night guys,


Anonymous said...

Re: butter & veggies.

Until this spring, I had never had veggies withouit adding fat. Almost always the fat was butter.

Of course, unless you counted spahgetti sauce and potatoes, I didn't usually have vegetables more than once or twice a MONTH. If that.

I've gotten much better. :D I now tend to have 3 or 4 servings of veggies a day--not counting tomato sauce or potatoes. :O! Without butter.

hahaha. See miracles DO happen today.


Amber said...

Like the new format!
My heart goes out to that family.

You and butter, too funny!

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Thanks for your comment Chris. LOVE the new format, which I could steal it... I already stole the way you put each sentence on one line. So much easier to read. Nah, I have big plans for my new blog, I hope I can implement them. Oh yeah - Message version is fantastic in certain seasons of life. I'm going through about my third read of the bible (ever) and I'm loving reading the old testament in the message version, like Deut, Joshua, Judges... it opens it up for my understanding a little bit - more like reading a novel than a history book. Great. I still pick up my NIV for the gospels and NT. And for serious study, greek/NSV side by side... I'm a serious bible freak :)

And prayers said. I sent little Noah a beautiful Aussie book a few weeks back. Hope he's doing well.

Christine said...

wow, thanks about noah, that is cool! I love all sorts of bibles too. I have quite a few and am glad because I can't keep track of anything. I will have to dig through some of those denser old testament books with the message bible. Didn't think of it. Thanks.

Robin said...

The need is never ending. Chris, I feel so overwhelmed with it. Today alone I have read about two rare children's diseases. Then there are the not so rare ones. And the adults who fall through the floor. And I can't get anyone to commit to designing my website. I look at all this need and think, "How can you not see it? How can you tell me you don't have time? How can you just ignore my email?" I start to think that maybe I am wrong and then I get whammied twice in one day and I know I'm not. But, I just feel more overwhelmed instead of less. This requires being still and having faith. I am good with the faith. It is the being still part where I fall short. I think maybe I need to focus my visualization less on the bigger plan and strictly on someone just stepping up and saying yes to designing my website. Baby steps.
Have fun doing your art tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the new format Chris!

Luke is my favorite of the gospels. I like following it with Acts. They are almost meant to go together.

My favorite version of the Bible is the New American Standard Version. I did quite a bit of research and most agree it is the most accurately translated, plus it isn't written in old English. Some people really like the old English though.

A website I am really fond of is YouVersion. You can read basically any version of the Bible you wish to read there.

Roxie said...

Love the new format, Chris!

And boy do I understand the whole butter and flour thing. Plain crappy white bread and butter have derailed me more times than I can count.

Sounds like you've got a good handle on how to get past Tom, etc.

Retta said...

I like different Bible versions, too.

Everyday reading: NIV.

For study or to help understand the sense of the original meaning (since I am not a language scholar) I like the Amplified.

For a fresh spark in everyday language, occasionally, the Living Bible.

But right now, I am totally enjoying the structure of reading an online through-the-bible-in-one-year site here:


foolsfitness said...

Hey there,

sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about your butterfly art. That's good stuff! Rettak was the one who started toon tuesdays, so I think you and her should whip up a art challenge for the rest of us?

I've been thinking that After all the focus on the number on a scale at times it's easy to forget why you want that number, to live life... do things, enjoy, be anactive part of it all.

Thanks for mentioning to me about not seeing any art on my own blog. It's easy to loose focus some thimes and forget some important stuff while dealing with all the clutter of life

No weird sign off this time from Foolsfitness, got to get back to dealing with life's clutter- Alan