Happy 101 blog award...a picture of my cat....and answering those questions...


Hey all,
I took a walk today with my husband.
I ate maintenance again.
I am 149 in the morning...150 at night.
I am not sure where I am with regards to food other than hungry.
Maybe my body is adjusting I don't know.
I am maintaining.
I think tomorrow should be better.
I have gotten most of the white stuff out of my diet and my cravings are calming down.
I have lots of veggies in the fridge which I will be comsuming tomorrow.
I have eaten only fruit for snacks.
so, doing good there.
I just got finished with Tom...so that could have something to do with it. I don't know...that and all the organizing, and homeschooling and what not.
But anywhoozle.
I have recieved a blog award that I haven't posted.
I wanted to do that now.
First up,
Karla...she gave this a few days ago. Joy prior to that...I have been very negligent getting it up here.
thank you both so much.
It's the happy 101 award
I am supposed to tell you ten things that make me happy.

okay here goes.
The smell of new paper.
A well sharpened pencil.
the smell of coffee.
The sound of little kids laughing...especially the little girl two doors down...
she has the cutest laugh.
My youngest daughter and her interest in words.
my oldest daughter's haiku s
A well timed joke.
the feel of silk.
my cat Leo...

magnificent isn't he....he knows.
Leo was found one day under a pickup truck.
He allowed us to take him home and feed him.
We have been grateful for his presence ever since.

Now those questions I asked of others....
3 questions I would ask God...

What is my ultimate purpose here?
Who does he find funny? I mean, wouldn't you want to know who cracks God up....
How can I create more joy in the lives of the people around me??? What do they need?

The mistake I learned the most from..
I was in 7th grade and I picked on someone.
in front of people.
I thought I was hysterically funny.
I was sarcastic, and subtle and mean.
As I stood there getting approbation for what I did...she started crying.
Then I realized that I wasn't being funny.
I was being a monster.
I acted that way to be liked.
I hurt another person to fit in.
I went up to her right then, in front of all those people and said I didn't expect her to forgive me, but I was sorry. The people who had been cheering me on didn't like me after that.
But I didn't care.
I never did that again.

People have feelings.
Her name was Darla.
She forgave me, and turned into a friend, is in fact still my friend now.
Hurting someone, or tearing someone down to build yourself up is one of the worst things you can do. I learned that everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. That everyone has feelings, and that everyone is capable of being cruel. But people can change.

I wanted to thank everyone who answered those questions. I know a few haven't yet.
If anyone wants to read a few of the others...go at it.
If anyone wants to put there answers to these questions in the comments below, I would be really interested....
Oh, yeah...
Who would I have dinner with.
Mother Theresa.
I find her fascinating.
I just want to sit down and talk to her.
She must have had ideas and thoughts that she couldn't talk about...

everyone have a great night.
Big hugs,


Anonymous said...

Once again, I love your blog. And your answers. You're the bomb, Chris. (to quote Monk) :D

My last question: biggest mistake: When I went to college the first time (age 17), I flunked out. Big, huge flunk out.

When I was 34 with 2 kids, a husband who worked shifts, a ten room house, a dog, hamsters, parakeet and fish--I went back to college. I wasn't sure I could do it--in fact, I was sure I couldn't considering the egg I laid when I had tried before.

But, I did do it. When I graduated, I only had one B. The rest of my grades were As. I was outstanding woman graduate for the School of Social Work that year.

I learned: Your past does not have to dictate your future. That lesson has served me well.


Christine said...

awesome! we learn the most from our mistakes. amazing what motivation there is when your family is depending on you.

Alan said...

I recently came across your site, very nice. Keep it up.


E. Jane said...

Love your blog. I also have regrets about some of the things I did when very young, and one of them involves being "nasty" to another girl. I felt bad immediately, and to this day, I think about that with some feelings of shame. Ah...life's lessons--so many teach empathy--and without that, we cannot be useful to anyone, including ourselves. Have a great weekend...

Diana P. said...

The mistake I learned the most from is how I treated my parents in high school. Not treating them like real people with feelings. Thinking their love, care, and desire to spend time with me was a sadistic need to control me. I never "rebelled", but I would insinuate things, or ignore them, or make a certain face, that would cut them more deeply than I like to remember.
And yet....they still love me. And want to spend time with me. And thankfully, I do now too. :)

Robin said...

I am glad that you and Darla became friends. That is cool. The God questions were hard. Just sayin'. And I, too, have enormous respect for Mother Teresa. She was all about helping one person at a time. I am not sure that she was ever about the Big Picture, and, still she helped SO MANY. It is amazing.

Michele said...

We all do stupid things that we eventually regret. The nice thing about you and Darla is that you figured it out right away (when you saw her cry) and reached out to her by apologizing. Great that you are friends.

Thought you might like this article after a post you write a couple of weeks back:
foudn it on http://lapbandletters.blogspot.com/

CNN article: http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/09/02/tf.lost.100.pounds.fat/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn

99ToGo said...

Oooh, how my biggest regret mirrors yours. I wish I had learned how to be kind when you did. It took me a few extra years. But I too, apologized. I hope it meant something to the offended...

LOVE your question about who cracks up God. I'd want to be around to hear the answer to that one ;)

I would want to ask Him what I was doing right, and where I was headed in the wrong direction. I have so many questions...

Jayne said...

I have recently discovered your brilliant blog. I love your honesty here. It's when we can be honest and face up to our true selves that we can finally deal with the issue of our weight.