Hey guys.
I know there are alot of people wondering where my normal blog post went.
I deleted it.
I will write a new one thanking Paula tomorrow.
As for now I have learned a good lesson.
Your message and intentions don't always come across correctly to everyone.
I hurt someone last night.
It has never been my intention to hurt anyone ever.
I wanted to make a point about not turning our backs and ignoring things, instead I came across as a neighborhood mrs. Kravitz. For that I am truly sorry. I did follow the blog I mentioned for over a year.
I did feel sorry and pain at what occurred.
I did want to convey what I felt was a collective duty to help.
I am sure there was a better way to make a point.
I will try to think of it in the future.
I hope I can learn and grow as I age.
I hope everyone involved will forgive me.
I meant well.
have a good night.


Anonymous said...

The worst problem with communicating through writing is that emotion is difficult to convey.

I read your other post as it came through on my reader. I didn't take it offensively.

Ann-Marie said...

I have done this once a long time ago. I hurt a good friend with my words. In part because I wasn't being truthful with myself about what she was saying to me.

It is so difficult to express yourself in written word. Namaste

Learning to be Less said...

Girl, what did I miss? Darn me and the need for sleep. I need to be on here more.

You are a total inspiration and I have loved everything you have ever written. Your comments totally make me smile. Don't feel down!

MB said...

Try not to beat yourself up over how someone may have misinterpreted what you wrote. You know in your heart your intentions were pure.

Namaste ....

Lorinda said...

I also read your post through my Reader and did not find it offensive or hurtful. Though I'm sorry if someone else did, you were only being truthful which is that you're greatly admired and respected for. I felt that it came through very clearly that you were trying to come from a place of love and honesty.

Hugs for a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch the post, but I have to say it takes a big person to say they are sorry. Whether your words were right or wrong, good or bad, you felt bad about hurting someone and that's all that matters.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Darm me for being on that mountain. I missed the post. I'm sorry someone was hurt but I know you posted from your heart. You were being honest and genuine. That's the Chris I've come to know through blogging.