I did not find them anywhere..
Not in the poop, not in the house..
I am cross
but have a clean house.

I did get a great workout in and have a 300-400 calorie deficit at the end of the day.
This month was another non starter.
I guess I am going to have to have one of those
challenge thingies.
I am very comfortable hanging around the 150 lb mark.
It's easy.
I really want to break out of this rut I am in.
I know I keep saying that.
It's like I think...
I look good
At this weight I don't even have to count calories.
I watch what I eat and exercise and think I look pretty good.
My weight hasn't budged.
I am the queen of maintenance.
But I want to get to the 130's.
So I am going to make a run at it...
I won't get there before the 1rst. But I will get to 145 minimum.
So I am aiming at 145 by January 1rst.
I will weigh in on November 1rst, post it.
And then throw down for november.
I will eat thanksgiving dinner..but just like last year I will be at the gym in the morning.
I will Christmas dinner...
But like last year will take a walk (for some reason the gym is closed on christmas...weird huh lol ;o))
1460 calories maximum every other day.
I really got to pull my head out of my @ss.
Only one way to do that..
Wheel of fire Chris.
Not 'the way of the river' Chris.
let's bump it up 10 notches.
You new readers don't know the old Chris..
But you are about to meet her.
Welcome to Chrisbodia..
The workout machine and the clean eating queen.
Let's kill the next two months..
Shall we?
We shall.


Robin said...

Chrisbodia sounds a little bit scary. I thought that Chris of the river was pretty diligent and to the point. Chrisbodia sounds like a nuclear weapon or perhaps an undiscovered country. An undiscovered country with lots of sharp pointy things. I will enter your blog with care. You might want to post a caution sign here.

Julie Lost and Found said...

"The workout machine and the clean eating queen." LOVE IT! lol

You go girl!

Rettakat said...

Sometimes it takes that intense explosion of effort to get things rolling in the right direction, after coasting for a bit.

I need it, too! I allowed myself to get too side-tracked, and lost momentum. Time for me to stop talkin, and start DOING.


Catherine said...

Go and Get It!!!

I Said So... said...

Just found your blog.

We only have one key too. I am considering myself warned and going to get a spare made today! :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Haha. So could I be reading this at a better time?!?

As hard as it may be to believe, I am comfortable at 175. I don't look great--too much belly still--but I look amazing compared to 252--and I feel good. When I'm not binging...

Uh-hmmm. Okay. I had already decided that i would post my weight on Nov. 1 as usual. (I considered faking a computer meltdown so I wouldn't have to.) Even if it shows a 10 pound gain. Which it might.

And I already decided that i was going to restart my bodybugg program on Nov 1st. So--I guess we're on! Although, I can only eat 1200 calories if I want to lose weight. sigh. Slow, aged, thyroidy metabolism, it seems.

I hereby request a working visa for entrance into Chrisbodia from November 1st until January 1st.

Thank you, Queen of Clean Eating.


Ice Queen said...

Look, I am no psychic or anything but every time I read about your key, I keep seeing underneath or deep inside a sofa, loveseat or large, upholstered piece of furniture.

I am probably full of it, in fact, that is most likely but there it is. lol

I have no doubt that your trip to Chrisbodia will render the results you desire. You have kicked ass, so far. No reason to think you won't get those final 20 pounds off.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this Chrisbodia (or a similar variation) before. Watch out world!

p.s. Sorry about your keys. :-(

~South Beach Steve