Found- one mojo..

Hey guys..
Had a really good day today.
I did a 3 mile walk.
I did 150 situps
I did 20 minutes with jack lalanne.
total burn approximately 400-450 cal.

I am having a hard time with the end bits on some because I don't have a glamour stretcher.
This little product is something jack came out with a long time ago (probably 'everyone' had one).
But my husband still has some therapy bands...I will hunt those down and use those.

my food
awesome sauce.
1 cup yogurt 150 cal.
2 tablespoons honey 120 cal.
1 apple 80 cal.
1 slice asian pear 5 cal.

2 cups coffee with 1/2 cup milk and
4T sugar 245
1 bite ramen 20 cal.
1 ham and cheese sandwich on small latortilla wrap
latortilla wrap 50 cal.
2 slices 2 percent kraft cheese 90 cal.
8 (thin) slices ham 60 cal.
1 T low fat miracle whip 20 cal.

1 banana 100 cal.
3 cups broccoli and cauliflaur 90 cal.
2 slices 2 percent kraft cheese 90 cal.
6.5 oz. turkey sausage 280 cal.

1 dream bar 80 cal.
total cals. 1480
I was shooting for between 1400/1500 and I succeeded.
I will be taking this a day at a time.
for some reason hunger isn't bothering me as much as it has been the last four months or so.

Ready to drop the rest of this weight.
I am more comfortable in my own skin.
I have gotten better at ignoring staring/flirting
I can talk myself out of feeling threatened.
It's getting better.
I am prepared to eat well and less...for the next 21 days.
It's a little goal of mine.
make it 21 days and I am allowed one 1800 calorie day.
I just want to shoot for 21 days of less than 1500 because I haven't done it in a while.
day one was today.
This isn't for any challenge, just for me.

Things that help me lately spiritually.
Recognizing that my battle may be tough on one level...
But it will never be this tough.


I stumbled on this group of people and they humbled me with their faith.
And the blog above,
with her strength.
I would still be in bed.
or something.
I don't know.
Not typing out hope to parents who still have their own, albeit ill, children.
I go there and get my gratitude for my healthy kids restored, to get my attitude and mind checked.
To recognize the pain around me and realize that while I may have problems, mine are minimal in comparison...and to understand that while the pain is incomprehensible, the faith is something
I can try and emulate.

I got my mojo back
It slipped a little because I had a bunch of mental baggage to wade through.
Who was I thin?
I didn't want to get wrapped up in looks.
I want to stay grounded...a good person.
Could I be the same person thin?
I have answered those questions.
I can..
just with more energy and a better shot at a longer life.
Have a great day.
Get out there and do it for you.


Anonymous said...

Good blog

Amber said...

Here's to a good day, good luck with the next 21. You can do it!

I'm with ya, ready to loose the last of this fat!! Let's go!

Joy said...

Hi Chris,

I love how your sort everything out each day. And I love that you get perpective and set yourself on a balanced path. So inspriational. I also love that you count every bite!! That is true dedication and a great tool that has helped you get where you are today. So awesome!! Keep up the great work. You will hit your goal!!


Alexia said...

hey chris, just checking up on ya.
all seems well + you're still the tracking goddess :)
i check out the blog you linked and you're absolutely right about being humbled. i'm always questioning God, weak of faith, so it's refreshing to meet people, like some of my friends, who are so sure of God.

be well.

Angie said...

I am glad you had a strong day, and wanted to thank-you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I also followed the above link, and I almost speechless...to see that family persevering in light of all that pain. It really is amazing. There must be o much love between them.

Linda Pressman said...

Thanks for that link, Chris. She is so articulate and so full of faith, it was really a joy to read. It's a wonderful reminder.

Jane said...

Your practical, thoughtful, resiliant approach to things has served you so well. You're on the downhill stretch! It will be so exciting to see you reach your goal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris. As you know if you've read my posts, I've had that struggle to adjust to the new weight along the way. And found myself sabotaging future loss until I worked it out. So many people do not understand that.

Of course, it rather caught me off guard, too!

There is just that sense of feeling as though I've walked out of my front door and into an alien land. A bewilderment...a need to get my bearing...find my stride again...my place.

You described it well. :) You always do.

Wahoo, on the mojo thing! :D


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I think it's so cool that you are going old school with Jack! He obviously knows what he's doing, he still looks great.

TJ said...

So glad you are doing so well! :) This last handful of pounds are proving to be the hardest- we can do it! :)

Helen said...

If you haven't seen it, you should go read Roni's Weigh post about Exposed. I love, love, LOVE that she realized she was the same, even pounds heavier. You are too, even the same body that has shape shifted. Your basic value and tenents may be challenged more because of how other people see you, but I have no doubt that once you get your stride, you'll find deep down you are just as you were created by your Maker.

K. said...

Wow, that blog you linked to made me tear up. How graceful can that mum be in the face of such adversity...Wow again. really does put things into perspective.
I'm glad you sorted through that mental baggage. Onwards then for the next 21 days. I am sure you'll do great!

Robin said...

I couldn't find the link you were referencing... bwah. However, I am glad that you found something motivational for you. I never thought about your journey like that. Will I BE the same person INSIDE at a different weight? You have already lost so much weight and gained so much perspective that I didn't see that as something you might still be struggling with, but I see now that until you get where you're going you don't know. Or until you decide mentally. I don't know. Anyway, I am glad that you figured that out.

Paula Rodriguez said...

I especially enjoy the way you compartmentalize your day and then look at it. Very clever and helpful.

I see many family and friends who are struggling and every time I start to feel sorry for myself or get "bogged down with my crap" I STOP and count my blessings. God has been very good to me.

I hope if and when I am faced with adversity, I will rise to the occasion. Somehow, knowing myself I don't think so but you never know what you're made of until you know.

I agree with Alexia... your the calarie goddess/queen. Glad to hear you're sorting things out and are ready to lose those few extra pounds.... Proud of you Chris.


Juli's Journey said...

Way to Go, Chris!!! How inspiring.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

So glad to know the mojo is back. It's strange and unexpected, when the mental baggage "strikes" along this road. And you've got to deal with it as it comes up, because it won't go away if you ignore it! Not that I need to tell you this, anyways. Thanks for sharing that blog and keep on keepin' on.