circle of influence vs. circle of concern

Hello guys,
Back again..
It's wednesday.
A good day.
I did quite a bit today.

the last 20 lbs is as hard as the first 110 lbs.
that's the truth.
In fact, it may be harder.
Because there is so much less wiggle room and it is so much slower.
But I am getting there.
200 calories means nothing when you are 180 lbs and are racking up oodles of deficit with the exercise.
It means something when your deficit is a thin, thin line.
200 calories is the difference between 130 lbs and 150 lbs without exercise.
200 calories is two pieces of bread.
4 ounces of meat.
2 ounces of cheese.
It is very easy to go over that little amount.
This is why weighing and measuring is really key.

Jack and I met up after my 3 mile walk and 150 situps, and had a little time together.
He likes to remind me the "we girls' collect fat at the back of our thighs that make them look like "biscuits".
Thanks Jack.
It did have me kicking a little higher than usual though. lol.
food 1631 calories.
No white flour.
I did have an orange dream bar (orange sherbert 80 calories bad...I know)....
other than that I had lean protein, two cups of green beans with slivered almonds (which were really awesome.)
I had two whole grain waffles with 1/4 cup sugar free syrup.
I had 3 eggs and one piece of whole grain toast.
I had 1/4 cup of yogurt with 1 tablespoon honey.
I ate an apple.
2 slices of 2 percent cheese.
good day.
I am going to buy more broccoli and those green beans with almonds.
I love those.
I am going to try and incorporate one day of fish next week.
Jack keeps talking about fish.
I don't really like fish.
but I will give it a shot.
He's 96, he must know what he was talking about.

choosing happiness.
choosing to live instead of worry.
Man, I used to think optimists were saps.
But now...
I think they have it all over pessimists.
They live longer,
are happier,
you name it.
I am halfway through luke...and am enjoying it.
I will tell you a philosophy I have been living by for about a year and a half now..
I got it from the seven habits of highly affective people....explained in this way

your circle of influence vs. your circle of concern.
If you focus on what you can control...do it with excellence and become an expert in your area.
You will expand your circle of influence.
If you focus on the things which concern you and don't work within your own sphere of influence...if you allow things which are not within your control to distract you, to suck your energy...not only will you continue to worry and increase your sense of helplessness...you won't be working on what you CAN control...your sphere of influence.

Let's go back once again to the nutjob in florida.
I could spend hours lamenting the fact that some whacko took it upon himself to randomly off people.
Or, I could spend time within my sphere of influence...talking to my children..instilling values and ensuring that they never take it into their wee skulls that they have the right to kill people indiscriminately.
or even better, once I get control over my own household..I can expand my sphere of influence to kids in my neighborhood...by having them over and being a good example...or by becoming a girl scout troop leader.
If each and every person would apply themselves within their sphere of influence (instead of wallowing helplessly in their sphere of concern, wringing their hands and lamenting the state of humanity) If they would apply their efforts toward doing good, there wouldn't be some man driving around florida shooting people, because his mama would have taught him better, his community would have reached out with mental care, I am sure there will always be people who decide to just do what they are going to do....I don't blame anyone for what this man did but him, but I think the instances could be greatly reduced if people would do their absolute best within the circumstances they CAN control.
That is my philosophy.
Hope you all have a great day,
Talk to you all tomorrow,


Amber said...

A good day for you!
I like the optimists, I am one (on most days)
Yep, being a happy positive person is much better than being a negative, grumpy, old fart.

Good post.

Julie Lost and Found said...

Love it!

It's been many many years since I read that book. One that has always stuck with me, and one in particular that I try always to apply is "consider a paradigm shift" I forgot all about the circle of concern vs. circle of influence. Time to read it again!

Anonymous said...

Yep. The question that needs to be asked when something comes up that troubles us is: "Is there something I can do about that?"

If the answer really is, "No." Then what we need to do is PRAY about it and trust God to handle it. His arms are longer.

The next question, of course, is "What CAN I do?" Then do it!

I loved your sphere of influence explanation. (I have never read that book.)

It makes me want to scrub my bathroom. chuckle. Well, it does. Somehow it made me feel like if I did the simple things that I know to do--I could move on to change my world.

Good job, Chris. I, for one, am inspired!


Rettakat said...

After all these years of it being out, I finally read Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. All I can say is: I wish I had read it sooner!

It totally surprised me, his take on it. He had a lot to say about having a good, honorable Character as the foundation for why you do stuff... I think I'll read it again soon! LOL!


Ann-Marie said...

I agree that last twenty it the home stretch and it's a long one. I know you'll do it.

Helen said...

I never thought I liked fish either, then I married someone who loves fish and seafood. Because he kept insisting that I buy it and cook it, I found out that I do like some fish - mostly mild, white fish like tilapia, flouder, cod, scrod, etc. Once you learn what you like and how to cook it, you'll look forward to having it. Good thing because that's one of the things I'm supposed to eat a lot of on my new "diet."

Jane said...

Great post, Cris! Words to live by. We would all be better off if we tended to our own "gardens." Also, it sounds like you are working your plan very well. Those twenty pounds will come off with such an effective plan. It promotes so much individual growth, and is not just a diet. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The last 20 may be harder...but you look a lot better doing it.

Leslie said...

Love it - great wisdom and philosophy. Sounds like stuff I hear a lot in AA - Serenity prayer comes to mind.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

LOVE the idea of working within your circle of influence. Just added the book to my Amazon wish list.

Robin said...

Fish is very good for you. If you don't like it, you probably aren't buying the right kind. Try grouper or red snapper. Don't overcook it. Nothing worse than dried out fish. It absolutely should not smell fishy when you buy it. If it does, it is old. Ick. Cooking it in foil often helps to keep it from drying out. I would use some sort of marinade on it to also help with that. Maybe soy sauce mixed with just a little bit of honey. How does that sound to you? Most of that is going to cook off, but it will help to keep the fish moist and add a bit of flavor. If you don't like that idea, check your cookbook or online for fish marinades. That is just what popped into my brain.

I am big on visualization. I am in the process of making a slideshow of the things that I want to have happen in my life. All positives. I do believe that the more we focus on those things, the more likely that they are to happen. I don't think positive things happen when we are always looking at our lives from a place of negativity. Anyway, I will probably post it when I get it done b.c. I am geek like that:-)

bbubblyb said...

What a great msg Chris, thanks.

Michele said...

Love this: choosing to live instead of worry. Great way to go into a weekend. Keep at it, those last pounds will pry off soon. Michele at http://ruminationsasiuncoverthewomanwithin.blogspot.com/