um...that's my scale..the needle is moving and it is in the right direction.
Go figure, a little dedicated control with the food and a little extra oomph with the exercise and my scale caves like the little ***** it is.
calories 1470
3 mile walk.
20 minutes with Jack lalanne and 150 situps.

Tomorrow I plan to pound out a bit of extra exercise at the gym...maybe a whole hour of cardio again...make this sunday a 1400-1500 calorie sunday and ride this wave of mojo for the next week.
A little edgy today.
I think it's that whole "I want to pound this fat into dust, obliterate it, incinerate it..
apollo creed's got nothing on me.
so...I am ready to go.

Not a whole lot doing here today.
gonna read luke...probably finish it up.
It's been really nice.
i think I will go back and read Ecclesiastes. It's my  favorite book in the bible.
One theologian summed it up like this
life is hard, then you die.
I like it because it's true.
I like it because the hardest things are the things most worth doing.
I know we all go to heaven..but I am going to say something here.
Even if there were no heaven I would still  be a christian..
for the sheer pleasure of it, for everything I have learned.
For being allowed to live and breathe and experience everything.
The good and the bad.
I like life.
Enjoy your life.
Big hugs,


Robin said...

Sounds like you got your mojo back.

I like life.
Enjoy your life.

Boy, there is a lot of truth packed into those two sentences. It is one of the reason my website is so important. No one who is chronically ill is enjoying their life. I want people to be able to say that. I like life. I am enjoying my life. There is so much to enjoy. Thanks for the push. There are so many things to do and I didn't do any of them today b/c I spent most of the day not enjoying life, lying in bed with a migraine.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY SIT UPS! I bow in the glow of your awesomeness. You're rocking it this week. Ecclesiastes is my fav book also. I like that summary sentence I'd never heard that before and, yep, sooo true.

Anonymous said...

I find Ecclesiastes to be a difficult book. Interesting, but difficult.

My favorite NT book is Romans--Chapter 8 is my all time LIFE chapter. Starts with "There is therefore now NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus..." And winds up saying that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God--nothing. How can you not love that chapter?

I'm glad you're enjoying your reading--and your life.

And to Robin: I have a chronic illness. A couple of them, as a matter of fact--neither of them are lightweights. And I enjoy my life. Just sayin.


Amber said...

Congrats on the moving scale!! hey why don't you come over and give my scale a good beating, maybe it will listent o you and start moving for me:} I've tried to beat it, threaten it and kick it, it just keeps holding steady. Stupid, stubborn scale. ;)

To the above comments, there are may people with severe illnesses who are choosing to enjoy life. Even with all it's complications.

I know one who has spent a great deal of the last few years in and out of hospitals, a few times she was opening death's door and by more than her fair share of miracles she's still here, and truly loves and enjoys each and every day.

Life is life, living is a choice.

99ToGo said...

Wooohoooo! I'm with amber. My scale and your need to have a chat. I have the mojo.... My fat cells just haven't gotten the memo.

I like the Ecclesiastes summary too, but I am partial to Romans as well. And the Psalms :)

Linda Pressman said...

I'm a Book of Ruth girl myself... :)

I feel the same way about being Jewish and, of course, Jews don't really have a preconceived notion of heaven so we really have to stay Jews for the joy of it, for history, obligation, belief, something. For me, there are many reasons, but there certainly is joy.

TJ said...

I love when the scale moves in the RIGHT direction! :) Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Rettakat said...

Yay on showing that scale who's boss!

And NO WAY can I let that comment slide, that said those that live with a chronic illness are not enjoying their life. Says who??!!!

We don't enjoy the "illness" and it's effects. But *I* am not that illness. My *life* is not that illness. It is not my identity!!

Right now I am so excited about the future I am creating, the possibilities that are peeking from around the corner of my future!

Is all perfect? Not by a long shot. But whose life IS?? It's how we choosing to respond to what happens to us that counts.

Sorry, Chris, I'll get off my soapbox now. :-D


outdoor.mom said...

life is good :-) glad to hear that scale is on your side ;-) please tell mine to cooperate - it seems to be heading in the wrong direction. i think i'd better get out running today!!

Fat Grump said...

Yup...I agree. Strangely I have just posted comments on two blogs about a) living for the day - being in the present moment, and b) learning to love ourselves, right here, right now. IE:Enjoying our lives if we possibly can.

It seems such a waste not to try, whatever our circumstances.
I too am getting strict with myself regarding food and exercise. I think my scale is broken or stuck - or could it be that I am not losing weight?:)

No more messing about!:)

Anonymous said...

The title and the first three lines say it all. My post today will be something on the flipside, but a lesson nonetheless.

Joy said...

Way to go Chris. Keep it up!! You ROCK!!