186 and an NSV

My weight this morning.
To be honest, I don't recall this weight or the last time I weighed it...I remember 179, the next time I stepped on a scale it read 190.
This was the great gray area between, "I'm okay" and "oh gosh, I'm 10 lbs away from 200".
I weighed 190 in october 2000 when I got pregnant with my sophie...so, Approximately 9 years and a few months. I weighed 179 in Germany in 1998.
I am about 46 lbs from a normal bmi. 48 lbs from the weight I was when I met my husband in the military. I have lost 76.4 lbs.
I have never lost this amount of weight, and still felt this committed, ever.

I have a little story for those of you wondering if this whole weight loss thing is worth the effort.

I went to fedex kinkos today.
I have been in there many times, today I went in a new outfit.
I looked pretty good...looking thinner even than a 16 would suggest.
I love black pants.
I walk in, and lo and behold some dude comes out from behind the desk and comes over...
I hadn't even set my purse down...
I hadn't even picked a machine.
He goes, Ma'am can I help you? You look confused.
(I am not confused...i have made copies many many many times before...in fact, I always do it in this establishment...in fact the first time I came in I waited at the counter for ten to twenty minutes for some help. that was nearly 80 lbs ago)
I say I was just going to make some copies.
! He takes my one lousy piece of paper and says "Let me show you how to do that the easy way!
He putsit on the top of the copier and proceeds to 'show' me.
Then he says "So, what are making copies for?"
I sat Girls scouts.
He says "I used to lead a boy scout troop, those kids are something aren't they?
I'm all like 'Yeah, they are.'
Then he says "Do you do a lot of copying?" I say "quite a bit".
He says "I miss doing scouts, have you been a leader long...."
I let that lie there, cause he is smiling and acting very friendly.
He says "would you like to know how to get a receipt"
(as I get the seven copies we just copied)
He goes and takes my card, and gets me a receipt...for .56 cents.
I said, wow...I didn't know you can do that.
He goes, yeah..alot of people don't know that
(and he hitches his pants up o.O..then says, maybe you can use it for tax purposes)
Then he walks me to the door, and said 'have a great day, hope to see you again)

I have been in that fed ex kinkos at least 20 times.
No, I was not the only person in there.
No, I did not have a large purchase.
Touching my arm and the whole nine yards.
I don't even know what to do when that happens.
When I was really fat, I had to hunt people down.
This is the second time i have had a noticeable difference in service, you will recall the geek squad incident.
The world, fellow bloggers, can be a cold and shallow place.
I still remember standing there while I was completely ignored.
Granted, I don't remember the people involved....but I have never in the last ten years of my existence been treated that way over a 56 cent purchase.
If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and swims like a duck...it's a duck.

That being said, I have a lovely husband....
Good to see you.
Hate to be going...but 179 is waiting.
Have a great night.


Melissa said...

Congratulations! Sad but true, I've noticed that thinner me is helped more and quicker than fatter me. Why is that?
It does make you do a little happy dance though doesn't it!

Christine said...

um, only on the way out to my car after lmao...

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on 186. Yep, you get treated different as the lbs come off, sad but true as Melissa said. But it sounds like it made your day *smile*.

Christine Jeske said...

It's flattering to be noticed! Congrats on being a smoking man magnet in your hot black pants.

At the same time its sad to realize thinness = more respect. I can't say I don't want to be smoking hot, cuz I do and maybe that is shallow too. But a person shouldn't be judged by appearances, sadly its a judgemental world.

Congrats on nearing your 1998 weight!!!

Your fellow Chris mafia member ♥

Amber said...

Congrats on 186!
179 is just around the corner.

Way to go!

Hanlie said...

I know exactly what you mean... When I had my weight gain, it was also in quantum leaps.

I must be honest, I have just been thinking that service is very poor in SA. I didn't think it had anything to do with me being fat... The telling bit will be whether it magically improves as I slim down.

Brace yourself, 179! Chris is coming!

Linda Pressman said...

Men can be shallow but they are very driven by physical appearance. Though saying that, it always pissed me off that I was the same person inside fat or thin and I got treated differently. But now that I write that, and reading your blog, Chris, it makes me wonder - you're not really the same inside as you were on that couch in that fat picture, are you? I know the Fedex Kinkos guys wasn't reacting to your internal changes but remember too that you have changed internally and externally.

Leslie said...

Awesome! You're doing fantastic. These NSV's mean can be more reinforcing than the number on the scale - though that is also important! I'm in hot pursuit of your time in the 180s - you'll be long gone from there when I arrive, but we'll both be making great progress.

Olivia said...

You had me chuckling this morning :) Congrats and you'll be in the 170s before you know it!!

uh said...

what a great NSV for you and sad but true view of the world regarding obesity.

South Beach Steve said...

With regards to Linda's comment, I have seen this work in my life too. Since I have lost weight, I have been treated quite a bit different, and as you say Chris, I have even been flirted with. This is something I don't really ever remember experiencing. Someone touching you on the elbow when they are talking to you or hanging around talking when they don't have to. Getting better treatment at the car rental counter or at other businesses by the ladies.

Like you, I am happily, very happily married. I am just saying it seems to work both ways.

Bret and Victoria said...

I think everyone has moments like that, I can't say that I enjoy them so much becuase like you said it shows how shallow this world is. I know you can make it to your goal weight keep it up

Unknown said...

I am gonna wear my black pants today! :) hehe Congrats on the 186!Oh and the flirting! WHOO HOOOO!

Salina Lyn said...

Love it! So awesome! Even with the shallow people, it's still gotta feel good. :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, congratulations on 186 AND on the flirtation! It *does* feel nice to be noticed, doesn't it?

I think one of the saddest things about being obese is that people don't really SEE you. It's like, "Oh, I'm sorry, does MY obesity make YOU uncomfortable?!"

Anyhow, I realize why it matters - both visually for many people AND health-wise. I just wish it weren't so.

*stepping off my soapbox*

Thanks for sharing your victories, big and small!

Katie J ♥ said...

I used to use that saying all the time. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck!

You are doing so well! Yay for you!

I have the same thing going on when trying to remember when the last time I weighed a certain weight... I guess I wasn't tracking it (did not have a scale) except being horrified when I went to the Dr. office.

Unknown said...

Oh Yah - 179 is just around the corner. You are doing such a fantastic job. And I love to read those NSV - they make the entire journey worthwhile - regardless of any situation at home - outside recognition is always a very nice confirmation.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

So... do you blog here often?

Christine said...

That. was. too. funny.

Carlos said...

getting kinky and kinko's!? you go girl

antgirl said...

congratulations on how far you've come! You're almost there! :-D

Kinky at Kinkos. LOL So is that why they're so anxious to help me sometimes? I did not think of it, oblivious me.

outdoor.mom said...

Wow!! I had that feeling people were going to start hitting on you. I don't know why. Hmm.... its vaguely familiar. Yeah, I noticed it a lot a couple of years ago. Suddenly I was being checked out alot. It feels good, but we have to be really careful with all that. Don't worry, I saw it all on Oprah. Congratulations on your new body and confidence :-) Perhaps you should make a nice valentines day get up a goal for you and surprise hubby ;-)