and We Now Resume Our Regularly scheduled Programming....

I am back otk,
60 minutes on Christian for a 550 calorie burn.
It would have been more but I still kept it under my normal intensity just in case...
My leg feels solid.
I did 185 situps.
I am almost to two hundred.
Can't wait.

My calories were awesome.
I am ready to  put the cap back on the toothpast in regards to eating...
like a poorly squeezed tube, I was going over 1500 by 30 to 40 on a regular basis...
not good.
At least one time per week, and that can't happen if I want to smash my fat in my Fatmaggedon showdown on July 15th.
So it's back to strict caps except for my two higher calorie days...where even then, I will be counting the calories.
I hope all of you had an excellent Sunday,
I haven't gotten around to all the blogs yet...so Can't comment as well as I would like.
I think I will start doing some form of blog link love around here.
There are enough people out there putting out some  good stuff that I can dedicate at leaast one section of my Sunday blog to it.
Hope you all are doing well.
Thanks for chiming in on my last post.
Some would say it doesn't have a lot to do with weight loss...but I think it does.
I think we can get so caught up in what we've done wrong that we fail to move forward.
Trapped by our own mental incapacity to move on.
When I realized that the choices I made or have made were no where near perfect, but the outcomes...while at times sucktastic, eventually led me to the place and person I am today...
Well, I decided that it was 'all worth it'.
It really allows you to let go of failures and move forward.
Here's to a light trip with no luggage.
Your upbeat and fully healed blogger,


Brenda said...

Glad to hear your leg is back in the saddle, if that makes sense!

Retta said...

I know what you mean about needing a "cap" on those calories. They add up fast!
I'm glad to hear your leg is okay, and you can burn up those machines soon at the gym. July will arrive faster than we think!


Miz said...


Jodie said...

Good for you Chris! I thought alot about yesterdays post. I initially thought "Hell yeah I'd make better choices - like NOT eating a Suzy Q every day at lunch in high school" but the more I thought I was troubled because the things that got me to that were reactions to OTHER people's choices. The overeating started way before I had a consciousness about it. I had a counselor once tell me that being overweight was my one "vice" in my circumstances. She said other people would have been on drugs/drinking/sexing it up/getting pregnant/dropping out of school...etc. But me, I was a good student, had upright friends, volunteered my time, read a lot...I was just FAT. She thought that was pretty good in light of my life.

Helen said...

So glad to read that you're feeling better. You are so right about everything we choose contributing to who we are. Even the choices you're making today will be your past choices tomorrow. Letting go of the not perfect ones really is the key to complete success.

Amazon Runner said...

Good for you -- doing what you gotta do! You sound energized and committed ---- and it's giving me a boost.

I realized that if I want to look good on my wedding anniversary in July I don't have enough time left for too many "bad weeks" or I'll miss the boat entirely.

I don't want to spend another summer being miserable because of all of the sweat dripping from underneath rolls of flab.

Not just "no", but HELL NO! I had been letting the carbs and the calories creep up and I was getting off-track with the cardio.

I reoriented myself this past week and I'm feeling great! Keep up the good work and the great atitude. You always inspire me!

Unknown said...

Glad your leg is better, nothing like having that slow you down when you have so much get up and go!
Your post has come at a very good time for me. I'm not taking this sitting down anymore and last week I had a bit of a relapse. I'm back in the game full head down, butt up going to get it done!

Bret and Victoria said...

I need to put the cap back on and your blog gives me the motivation to that!! thank you so much for telling your story and being so opened!! so you left a comment saying you left me an award and i appreciate it so much i just wish i knew how to put it on my blog. have a great day

Foodie Girl said...

Cap's back on the toothpaste? Never heard of that one. It's a goodie!

antgirl said...

I agree that we have to learn to focus ahead and quit beating ourselves up for the past.

I found it an error to devalue fluffier me. She was important. She had worth. She is part of me. I made peace with that and accepted her. It seemd an important step even though it did nothing for dropping more weight.

Tricia said...

Glad youre feeling better!

South Beach Steve said...

I love your analogies here Chris - onward, forward, and moving toward the goal!

Melissa said...

So glad you are feeling better!! You'll get this whole thing figured out. I think those are the things we all have to work out for ourselves.

paulawannacracker said...

Man, your workouts are just down right awsome....Glad to you're feeling your old self again.