fiddling with things..and thinking things through.

day 3 of fatmaggedon was pretty good.


2 eggs
1 toast
240 calories

2 cuppa coffees


14 tortilla scoops (baked ) 140
1/4 cup of salsa 40 cal.

1 serving turkey sausage 90 cal.
2.5 oz. smart taste ronzoni spaghetti 225 cal.
1 tomato 20 cal
1/3 red pepper 12 cal.
3 large mushrooms 15cal.
2 green onions 15 cal.
1/8 cup of prego spaghetti sauce. 25 cal.

20 mini pretzels 110 cal.

Dinner total: 532 cal.

1387....Not bad.

whoops with the fruit.
Still have some cal. left...apple
80 would put me in at1460.
Well, so I got the new recipe out of the way for my perfect 10.
I did one hour and ten minutes of cardio.
I did a lighter cardio day than usual because I had three slammin days and wanted to give my body a rest.
So I did 30 minutes on Christian and then walked for 40 minutes. That equaled a total burn of 530 calories.

Then it was stretching and free weights.
I did 3 sets of 20 tricep extensions
then 3 sets of 20 bicep curls
and then 3 sets of 40 shoulder raises
arms down at your side and then up to your shoulder level, back down and out to the front.
For a four count.
I like that one.
I can really feel it. I will be doing my sit ups tommorrow.
I did 165 sit ups yesterday.
My goal is 200 by the middle of March.
I definately think it is doable.
I started this month at 188 and am hoping for an 8 lb loss this month.
I have set a low weight loss goal for the perfect 10 because there were other things I wanted to focus on.
Mainly sleep, water and good nutrition.
I am feeling extremely focused.
There are times when I wish I were on a fat farm or something for the next four months.
It's hard really focusing in on weight loss when there are so many other things to focus on.
I have two Monday night meetings coming up.
Both of which are important.
I can deal with tomorrow's meeting....I have a babysitter for my workout in the early part of the day, but the following Monday is going to be difficult. I won't be able to go in the morning and I have a seminar on college financial aid to attend in the evening when I usually work out.
I will figure something out.
It has made me start thinking about and working on what I am going to be able to do when it comes to maintenance. I don't think two hours a day is workable exercise wise.
At the most I can get by with 1 to 1and1/2 hours five to six days a week.
I have been fiddling with my calories and 1400 a day is hard for me.
I mean really hard.
1500 feels easy in comparison.
I know I could easily cut my calories to 1400 by cutting out one cup of coffee.
But I start feeling a little irritated by the thought and then I know from experience that bad things happen.
I will look and see...and try to fiddle with things a bit more.
When I am at maintenance I expect to eat around 1500 to 1600 per day and then have two or three higher calorie days per month.
I feel that this calorie range is doable.
I want to weigh in at around 130 lbs.
eating 1500 to 1600 would mean I would consuming 200 or 300 more calories per day more than I would need to maintain 130 lbs without exercise.
That means I would definitely need exercise.
I can burn 600 calories minimum at an exercise session.
I can pile up a calorie reserve in no time...enough for special occasions and a special dinner out here and there.
I know I 'should' eat my maintenance diet now...and let the weight sort itself out.
But I really want to burn off the last 50 or so pounds relatively quickly. By quickly I mean 6 to 8 months.
I am capable and just want this part of the process done.
I am a clean and jerk type person.
I get tunnel visioned. I Have a hard time enjoying my current weight if it's not where I want it to be. I will have a range at goal so I don't freak out every time I eat a donut. I can't live that way.
This is a kind of thinking through post.
It's probably boring to you all.
It's part of the process for me....trying to wiggle things around and think things through so I don't get caught up in a direction that is unworkable.
Hope everyone had a great day,
Talk to you later,


Linda Pressman said...

Hi Chris, When I first started losing weight (in 2000) I ate frosted flakes for breakfast (with skim milk) and 2 blow pops every day. Let's put it this way - there were some things I just wasn't willing, back then, to give up. Things change over time. I haven't had that cereal in 8 1/2 years and stopped eating blow pops after my jaw locked up. Sometimes your body sends you a message, sometimes it's just time.
And I don't know how this worked, but I started off working out 3 times a week and now I work out 6 times a week. Go figure.

Amber said...

Your doing good. It's all trial and error to figure out what works for your body. I am keeping around 1500 calories anything less, just isn't enough. Make sure your getting those vitamins too.

Have fun at your meetings

Boozy Tooth said...

Gosh, keeping track of Weight Watchers points is so much simpler than counting calories. I don't have the concentration for what you do. I just loaded up on Weight Watchers cookbooks and pretty much stick to making meals from them. Brainless.

Jo said...

I am so with you on the coffee thing. I can't tell you how many times I've given it up! It's not the coffee, of course, but the stuff I put in it that jacks up my calories. I might try again after winter... Your planning looks sound, I know you will figure it out!

Olivia said...

I didn't think that post was boring at all. It made me focused for the day :)

So far as when you get to maintenance, I really wouldn't worry too much. You are probably going to be leading such an active life style by that point, not to mention you are lifting weights, and having more muscle means you just naturally burn more calories. I worry that you are worrying about that too much, because if it were me I would start feeling that even in the end it will be hopeless and give up. But I know you have it together, your determination is obvious.

So far as the coffee thing goes, I've gotta ask why your coffee is 200 calories? Couldn't you get a lower cal coffee? Also, I get so irritated when I feel addicted to something (food included). It literally pisses me off. I mean, almost nothing you are addicted to can be good...besides hugs and exercise :) And even then, I can see them both causing a problem. Since a lot of this journey is about gaining control over your mind and cravings, wouldn't you feel better if you had that control even over coffee? I'm not saying never drink it, I do definitely. But I try to mix it up. Some mornings I'll have a cup of Sugar Free Hot Chocolate, yum! Some days I'll have an extra bottle of water.

But really, you are doing such an awesome job.

Keep busting your butt :)

Miz said...

gotta chime in with the not boring at all.
love the short concise GOAL LADEN focused nature of your soundbites.

200 midmarch? here you come.

uh said...

I have an app diet program called loseit! on my iphone for keeping track of calories, I put down everything that goes into my mouth, and it posts to my food journal blog the next day. I am amazed that you are able to do all that on your own! I love reading your blog.

Christine Jeske said...

Dearest Chris of the Tina persuasion,
Shoulder raises --- eeek! Those are the bane of my existance. I sure can feel them but I get frustrated because I can't do the sets with the heavier free weights like the other arm exercises. I know they are working my arm fat though and so I push through. I will defeat them someday soon, but since I just picked up my weights yesterday for the first time in 2 months I am still mad at my shoulder raises. >.< Pulling them up and then to the front seems to make it funner though so I will remember to do it that way next time I am doing self guided upperbody work.

About giving up one cup of coffee to sacrifice the calories --- how about just use a zero calorie sweetner and substitute fat free milk for creamer??? (It's generally 20 calories per 1/4th cup)

I was planning on my maintenace calories being higher than that. I also was planning on being able to cut down on my scheduled exercise. Just to give my schedule leeway but not stop, of course. Here, let me give you some linkage: Find your BMR at goal weight (http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/) and times that by your planned activity level (http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/harris-benedict-equation/). I was planning on maintaining 115 lbs on 1750 calories and gifting myself with a minimum of 250 minutes of exercise weekly.

Thank you for your comment on my video, I love that I can count on hearing from you. You are my best blog friend. ((hugs))
Your fellow Chris mafia member

Losing 100 said...

I am worried too about how I'm going to maintain. I think it will be even harder than losing the weight. Good Luck, I'm sure you will get it all figured out.

Jodie said...

Dang - you put my workouts to shame! Your determination is awe inspiring.

Molly said...

Keep up with the good work!

Retta said...

Ha ha, I just posted that I am working on improving sleep, water and nutrition!! How funny to come here and read the same thing. ;-)

I didn't find it boring, either. I have made adjustments all along the way. Our needs change... we tweak it. And it's got to be sustainable long term for ME, regardless of what others do.

I hear ya on the coffee. Take my coffee, and lose your arm!! I am down to 75 calories per cup now. And it tastes luscious and worth it. I sweeten with stevia, sugarfree daVinci syrups (for different flavorings), most times a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, and am now down to ONE tablespoon of real cream. That one tablespoon of real cream makes all the difference, and is only 60 calories. SO worth it. :-)


Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

About the "swiss brown cow" - LOL I have no idea. Pretty cool looking though compared to the usual boring cows in rural America I'm used to.

Also, wanted to say a few things that may (or may not) help. (LOL that last sentence pretty much describes me at any given moment of any given day).

1. I've been reading about a new "plan" which I am going to try because I've been stuck lately. The idea is that doing strength training 2-3 times a week should help you drop weight - not a new concept. It's the way the exercises are done - very slowly and controlled, and keep going until your muscles fail you. Push it to the max - carefully of course. Then take at least 1-3 days before doing it again. Increase weights and reps as needed to challenge your body.

2. Exercise helps control my appetite - and I'm keeping a Tupperware full of ready-to-eat veggies in the fridge for emergency binge cravings.

3. When reading this post the thing that popped into my head: REWARDS. I am working towards losing 8 pounds this month (1 lb gone this week already!) and my reward is a new swim suit (remember it's summer here). It's a tangible reward that helps a bit.

GOOD LUCK!!! Thanks for the comment.

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Also, I have 1-2 coffee's a day, 37 calories each! I use 1/4 cup Skim milk and 1 tsp raw sugar.

Melissa said...

If you can't imagine giving up the coffee, don't. You need to do what is long-term do-able for you that doesn't make you feel like you are missing out.
I am eating around 1500-1600 calories per day with a lot less exercise than you do and keeping it under 125 easily. Some days I weigh and tell myself to splurge b/c the number is lower than I would like. About once a week I eat around 2500-3000 calories on a splurge day.
I hear that resting muscle burns more calories than resting fat. I totally believe it.

outdoor.mom said...

Wow you are doing so fabulous!! I have the whole exercise time balance thing that I am continuing to learn. During the summers I work out like a maniac because I am not home schooling and it's nice out. In the winter, I'm a bit more sluggish and have to devote more time to the childrens education. I am trying to learn how to balance calories vs exercise. All i can say is that its an ongoing process not one you find instantly. I have kept off a lot of weight that i lost but find it wants to creep back on if I don't pay attention consistently. You are so amazing. I can't believe you are doing all those sit ups!! My goodness!! Keep up the great work!! Oh, and i never mentioned it before, but I loved what your wrote about your husband being a green beret trying to teach you how to shoot!! It was so much fun! I bet he is very proud of you.

South Beach Steve said...

I have given a lot of thought to the whole maintenance thing too. I am gradually trying to move myself in that directions because I don't want it to be that much different than what I am doing when I get there.