Saying what you want...and getting it.

Hey all,
Back to the gym again today (yeah!)  I did 60 minutes on ARNOLD....and burned 607 calories.
I still wasn't going full tilt.  But I had a good burn.  I then went and took the time for my arm workout and I stretched instead.
I am going to get serious about stretching.
I think I may have two toning days once I hit 175 (which isn't far off) and four cardio days of which two are sit ups.
Then on my down day I will stretch or tai chi or something.
Hey, hold it...my blog editor is different.  I am not sure I like this at all....Sitting here typing and I type tai chi...(spelling correct I hope think)...and can't find spell check above. Hey, but I do have a strike through...
what a sh*tty great idea.  I may spell like h*ll, but at least I can be snarky via strike through.
So the workout was great and calories were great, 1480.
But I got a little pms-y this evening. My hubby rarely wakes up happy, he has a crappy attitude "low blood sugar' when  he wakes up.  So, I kind of asked him to stop being a D*ck bad person tonight.
Why it bothered me tonight as opposed to any other time, I don't know. It just did.
I thought about it on the way to the gym and on the way  back and realized that while I don't expect his attention all the time. The twenty minutes a day we talk, I don't want to be looked at like someone who is an irritant, or who won't shut up.
He does it alot.
So, I came home and explained my d*ck comment reasoning. We ended up having a really good conversation about why he never gets any how to meet my emotional needs so we both have a more fulfilling relationship.  That includes time spent talking and bonding. 
Yes guys, I know you want to get straight to things, but we ladies just aren't built that way.
We actually have to like you first. And liking you includes things like asking "Hey, how was your day."
I think it's the first time I didn't get myself all worked up over my being angry and blurting something out.
I used to get all nervous and try to 'fix' things.
I came home and explained why I got upset, did apologize for calling him a d*ck not very nice name.
He accepted and we worked things out.
whoa....imagine that.
I used to be very dysfunctional when it came to stifling expressing my feelings.
This is a good step forward.
I can't use food to stuff my feelings.
So my feelings come out...since it's all new to me...they aren't always expressed in the best way.
It doesn't mean I am WRONG about feeling that way, but learning how to express my feelings in appropriate ways is a learning process. I'm getting there.
Your emotionally stable growing blogger,


Brenda said...

Glad you were able to work things out.

ot, I tried the new editor last week so I could start doing strike throughs, but it wouldn't let me post. My title and everything else would post. Everything But the actual post. i just switched back until they get the kinks worked out.

Christine Jeske said...

I like this strike feature, it certainly added to your narrative today. I admit I laughed but I am glad that I am not the only one who is going through this raw-emotional-honesty thing and I can relate to the relationship growth.

Tai chi is totally my favorite form of stretching, by the way.

Chris mafia out, g'night. ♥

Amber said...

Good for you! Not the name calling but the working it out!
It's nice when you can step back look at yourself or actions and figure out why you said or did what you did.

Emotionally growing is a good thing!


Linda Pressman said...

Good for you, Chris. The less time spent yelling and the more time spent expressing yourself equals more time being the new you. Also, I just love how I'm supposed to cook and clean and pack lunches and run errands, etc., and then be anything but blacked out at bedtime. Hello - seduction starts in the kitchen, and I mean with chores.

Retta said...

He'd better get used to the New You, cuz you're here to stay. :-D

Miz said...

GREAT for you.
When I finally started asking the husband and friends for precisely what i wanted and needed they were admittedly a smidge taken aback :)

but they've caught up.

and we're all far happier now.

Anonymous said...

DUDE, we have a strikethrough button now? I hadn't planned to blog today, but now . . . WATCH OUT.

Kim said...

LOL @ strike throughs. I've known it was there but I can't ever think of anything to strike through. Hmm...may have to play around with it. It definitely makes things funnier.

Melissa said...

Men can be so stupid sometimes and I think we might be married to the same man.

Glad you got it worked out though.

Great job on the workout.

Intake is AWESOME!

You rock.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Wow! WTG on talking things through. It really is amazing how easily most things can be sorted out with just a little talking.

I loved Dr Laura's book "The Care and feeding of a husband" essentially she points out how simple men it is to make a man happy most of the time and how much women can complicate very simple issues. At first, I was kind of like "HEY! not fair!" but the more I read, the more sense it made lol. Of course it probably makes a whole lot more sense when you have a straight husband lol. It was still a good read though :)

Leslie said...

I love the strike through feature but have no idea how to access it. I'm pathetic with blogger and all other things technical, sigh.

I laughed a lot at this post. When you get and snarky, Chris, I know we're cut from the same piece of cloth. It's great that your conversation with hubby was productive. I think it comes from your ever increasing confidence and self respect that are just a few of the by-products of all the work you've been doing on yourself. Great stuff!

Tara Stevens said...

loving the strike-throughs and glad you talked things through, must better than penting or venting I think (though it takes a lot more restraint!!) :-)

bbubblyb said...

I found your crossout capabilities fun Chris lol. Glad you and hubby had a good talk. It amazes me how many calories you burn

antgirl said...

I had fun reading your fun with strikeout. :)

If I don't stretch in the cool down after a workout, I'm toast for days.

josie said...

I love all your strikethroughs...sometimes I wish we had those in the spoken word.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I love the blood sugar comment. Hilarious!

Bowmanh23 said...

I love this post!It cracked me up! I love the emotional needs part!

Foodie Girl said...

I know exactly what you mean. My BF is like that too.

I hate not having spell check. I don't know how to do the strike-thru.

You made me laugh tonight. Thanks.