Plows, pilates and Pain...or how i spent my afternoon.

Hey all,
I broke out a dvd a freind gave me the other day.
First off, I went to the gym and hopped on Christian for 35 minutes.
(For any new followers, I named my first elliptical after Christian bale because it made it more fun to hop on him one hour a day, six days a week. )
I did 35 minutes because the roads were deteriorating and I didn't want to have a bad accident on the way home...as it was, I passed a bad accident...police cars, wreckers, the whole nine.
So I get home and think "Well, chris...Why don't you break out one of those DVD's Amber gave  you.
What could it hurt?
Me   Nothing, thought I.
This CD is in 10 minute intervals.
At first I was only going to do the ab workout and the arm workout. 
But the bun and thigh workout happened to be between those two sections.
Sso..being too lazy to fast forward per se, I did the bun and thigh workout as well.
Let me just say...
By the end of the Ab burn, I had my feet over my head while I attempted to use " my lower abs to curl my legs back up and out and around"...
Barring actually accomplishing this, I started laughing uncontrollably,
I thought of something I saw on Fitcetera .
It was Ellen Degeneres with her shake weight and this weird thigh contraption thingy.
She said "I don't know WHAT I'm training for...but I hope it never happens.
If I do that twice a week, I will indeed have abs of steel.
Or, I will be the first human case of self suffocation by my own *ss.

Hope all of you are on target..
tomorrow is my perfect 10 update.
I look forward to it...It might not have been a perfect week, but it was productive.
My weigh in is coming up here on the first...it should be interesting.
Have a great night guys.
Talk to you later.


Amber said...

Can you imagine the headlines?
"Homeschooling mom dies buy suffocation of own *ss"

Amazing what 10 minutes with those videos can do huh?
But they work, have fun!

I did the Pilates on Tues and today and my abs HURT!!!
But it's a good thing.

Maybe with enough pain I'll gain a great butt, thighs, and maybe even a little 6 pack. lol


Linda Pressman said...

Does your husband know you're hopping on Christian Bale an hour a day, six days a week? :)

Anything that gets the job done, right?

Christine said...

It's hard, lol...but someone has to do it.

Retta said...

Ooooh, NOW I know why you wait for THAT machine each time. ;-)

I was laughing at the visual I imagined, trying to figure out what in the world you were doing with your legs... back up and out and around... sounds like a contortionist, and all I could see was you reaching up to catch your head in a leg lock! I was laughing at that visual, too.

uh said...

very funny post, I was laughing out loud...thanks!

South Beach Steve said...

Your posts almost always bring a smile to my face. :-)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Too funny about Christian. I wondered how the names came about.

Helen said...

Thanks for the laugh as I envision you all twisted up and hurting on your living room floor! Which is why I never, ever want anyone to see me when I work out with a DVD at home.

Foodie Girl said...

I am trying to a visual of myself attempting this. It's quite scary! lol...

Boozy Tooth said...

Ah, I know the pain well. And ab work is the worst of all. Proud of you, Chris!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Oh my, I needed a laugh today and this post did it for me! Not imagining how *you* looked doing that ab thingy, but how *I* have looked every time I've done an at home workout!