ahhhh rolling pins! HELLO HELEN.

I did the rice thing...thank you Leslie.
I did the massage thing...thank you Karen.
But, when I broke out the rolling pin this eveningin a last desperate attempt to 'fix' this leg....I thought "No way is this going to work."
My husband started and boy did it tickle. All along the back of my leg was kind of weirdly tight and sensitive.
Then it loosened up and started to feel good. I have stretched and stretched, rested and rested and iced and iced.
This worked.
If anybody is wanting an awesome massage after a rough workout...do the rolling pin thing.
Thank you everyone, and THANK YOU HELEN!
As for my post yesterday.
I just wanted you all to know that I like all of you regardless of political affiliation.
It's not so much that I am rooting for republicans its that I am rooting for the power to go back to the people. I am for less government. Less intrusion.
I am for more personal autonomy. We, the people have been ignored...not just this last year, but for quite a few years. I think we as a country have woken up and are fully engaged and fully involved.
When besides this last year have you seen people discussing policy. You see it in the streets, in stores, in peoples homes.
In paula's house...lol. My husband and I get into some doozies as well.
I like that people are awake and engaged. Now we can get some new ideas.
Whatever you think of Barack Obama, Whatever you think of Glenn beck or rush limbaugh or rachel maddow. They aren't pale pastels, they are bold colors...they have ideals and ideas. We have finally broken free from the crust of stale opinion and apathy.
People are out there fighting for what they believe in and it is awesome.
This is what democracy is about.
Our government works FOR US...WE DONT WORK FOR THEM.
Thanks to everyone for putting up with that last post and this post.
I swear I won't go all political on you.
I will be back walking tomorrow....Back on track.
I hope you all take it easy and enjoy the debate.


Amber said...

rolling pin? Hey sounds good. I could new ways of working out sore muscles.
A little political is ok for me, you are my source for news.
but you already knew that.

hope the kink goes away!

paulawannacracker said...


couldn't have said it better. Eliminate white bread, white pasta, white foods in general. I've heard of that it's worht a shot.

outdoor.mom said...

wow! i will have to read the last post, but i love what you said in this one ;-)

outdoor.mom said...

looks like it's all been great posting! Please be careful with that leg! Don't over doo. I know i sound like a mother hen, but I remember not wanting to stop exercising because I was starting to get those awesome adrenaline highs! Keep in mind that over dooing one day can mean nada for many days to come. Be good to yourself so yourself will be there tomorrow (says the mother hen nurse).

Linda Pressman said...

Don't you love home cures? And I love when it involves something like a rolling pin - that is funny! I'm glad it feels on the mend, Chris, because I'm a tad devoted to my exercise regimen myself (like a fanatic let's say...)

Retta said...

Well, I got tired of ALL of them, and wanted to vote for Ron Paul, the ultimate Libertarian-like candidate!
Oh well.
Glad to hear the leg is getting better. Rolling pin?! Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Rolling pin? Brilliant. Oh - and you tweeted with PerezHilton. THAT, my dear, makes you a twit.

(Totally kidding and you were right on about Mickey Rourke and his date)

Jodie said...

Massage is great! never thought about it with a rolling pin!! I agree with you about the politics. It is nice to see people actually trying to DO something. I was amazed at how many people in Mass I know voted for Scott Brown (BOTH Dems and Reps)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

The rolling pin is doing what a deep tissue massage would do for you-brilliant idea, BTW. I would have loved to have been there to see that seen!

Unknown said...

Most excellent that your hams are better. And thanks for the rolling pin idea - I wonder if it would work on my butt/hip? Gotta see if Ron will help out... ;)

Helen said...

Can I say I told you so?! No really, I just want to say so glad it worked for you. Sometimes I rock and roll even if I don't have a particular injury - it just makes me feel looser and better :-)

Kim said...

I agree with everything you said...I prefer small government as well. Glad your leg feels better. :)

Unknown said...

aaahhh I love a good massage- I bet that rolling pin works great! :)

Leslie said...

I would NEVER have thought of a rolling pin! I'll have to keep that in mind. So glad it's feeling better.

On the political front, I just hope we figure out how to provide health insurance/care for all Americans. I hope that doesn't get dropped for 20 years!

antgirl said...

So maybe my rolling pin does have a use then.

I hope we've woken up.

bbubblyb said...

Cool about the rolling pin. As for politics, I voted for the first time in my life this election. I think that says you are right with that at least it's getting people involved and I don't even watch the news lol.

Christine Jeske said...

I agree with your political statements and I am totally looking into the rolling pin massage thing as I type this.