trying new things....

Hey all,
I think I remember telling ya'll that when I reached Goal weight, I would be trying new things...well, I decided to start early.
I got up this morning.
I slipped on a pair of 16's...these pants are really pretty. Yet another pair given to me by Jennifer.
They are black and they feel like velvet.
Which was great...they were very soft, I also put on a button up blouse with a nifty collar...it stands nicely. It was blue and It looked very sharp with the three quarter sleeves and the cuffs.
I have always loved clothes. 80 lbs ago, you wouldn't have known that.
I looked like a hobo.
Antithetically, I felt that since I looked so fat...well, you don't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...so I didn't even try.

Now, I am having fun.
So. There I was with a pretty shirt...pretty pants....hair done, silver hoop earrings, silver bracelet.
I have a choice.
I have a nice, comfy pair of tennis shoes...
And I have these uber cute, pointy, black kitten heels with a buckle strap I bought ages ago when I was heavy.
I wore them once for like a minute cause my feet were too fat, they killed me.
I can wear them now, I have worn them a few times around the house just to see if they fit better.
But I have to go to the bank, px (a kind of department store) and then grocery shopping...
The outfit would look MUCH cuter with the heels.
But, They will hurt grocery shopping.
I wore the heels to the px.....
and took the tennis shoes with me and changed into them just before the grocery store.
I felt so clickety clickety in those heels.
I felt sharp and pulled together.
I have had that feeling three times in the last month.
I like it.
It feels natural.
It feels like me.
I am, at heart, a preppie.
I like looking good.
I like anne klein, Chaus pants and silk blouses.
They don't feel strange.
They feel right.
I love shoes with style.
I love boots, trench coats and a simple, yet elegant hairdo...
Good makeup.
It gives me a feeling of power.
It straightens my spine.
I have always loved elegance.
I loved Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.
If I had to choose a style it would be an amalgam of those two.
It's why I watched Dynasty and Dallas when I was 10.
I still remember going to the Detroit Museum of Art..
All my friends got hamburgers for lunch.
I wanted to try something different.
I ate a cucumber and watercress sandwich on sprouted bread.
I liked it...not because it was fabulous, but because it was something I had never tried.
I love to travel.
I love art...all kinds.
Life is art.
It's an artform.
It's to be lived....fully while there is time.
So, Live it up people.
You only have one, make it a good one.
I went to the gym...ate 1500 calories, and exercised for 1 hour on Arnold and burned 650 calories. I then did 175 situps.
I did ten more because I ALMOST talked myself into skipping my third set of sit-ups...
I only had seven minutes til the gym closed.
In my mind, I said I need to go to the locker room and get my stuff blah blah blah...
I realized this was all rationalizing bs.
So instead of doing my final 55, I kicked my own rear and did 65.
For a total of 175 in seven minutes.
Now my goal is 200 in five...
I have eight weeks.
oh boy.
well, Have a great night all.

Oh, and in the spirit of changing my image..I recently changed a password from snickers to queen...lol.
I won't say which one, or what, or where...
But, I think changing your mindset in every area is important.
Even in seemingly unrelated areas.
Your fashion loving blogger,


Amber said...

I know your are having a blast with the clothes! I am so glad you have them to dress your self up!
Dressing up looks good on you!
and jennifer is thrilled you love the clothes!!!!


Alexia said...

Good for you trying new things! A while while back I went through a stage where I would only wear black tops. My mother would ask, "Are you depressed?"

Why? Because I read somewhere that black makes the wearer look thinner. How sad - I've grown since then. It's hard sometimes, but I try to take pride in how I look.

80 pounds is a big deal! You sound be so proud. Be well.

Brenda said...

We need that. To feel pretty and comfortable in our own skin. I'm out to get my haircut one of these days, something I desperately need, so I can ditch wearing my ball cap as much as I do.

Linda Pressman said...

You're going through some amazing growth, Chris. It's so great to watch! When I first lost weight I belatedly dressed in all the "hip" clothes I couldn't ever wear. Then, about a year and a half ago, it occurred to me that I'm too damn old to dress like an idiot and I've been sprucing up the wardrobe, finding my style, just a few pieces here and there (vests, jacket, boots) and it's made a world of difference. My body is actually part of who I am, not something I deny or just try to clothe and get out of the house.
Thanks for another cool post.

Miz said...

AH HA! moment about the changing of the password.

I type one repeatedly which may be subconsciously making me STUCK.

thank you for that.


Anonymous said...

I love it. The clothes AND the password change.

Thanks for the email.

South Beach Steve said...

The password tells it all, doesn't it? Great work Chris!

Melissa said...

Great job on the changes.
The cookies on my blog are around 80 calories each I think. It depends on the mix you use though. Try popping the recipe into a calculator online.

Boozy Tooth said...

Oh yes! Shoes with style. Nothing like it.

And when your foot slides effortlessly into them like Cinderella, all the better. What a triumph.

Most people don't know that when you lose significant weight, your feet shrink too! Mine did. And subsequently, my shoes got a lot cuter too! Now if only diet could help the width of my feet the way it helped the width of my rear end. And I wish I could exercise these bunions off too. LOL.

Looking good, Chris, all the way down to your dainty little toes and kitten heels.

♥ Casa Hice

karen@fitnessjourney said...

You little fashionista. I can just see you workin' it in the frozen food section!

bbubblyb said...

This post really made me smile Chris. In my mind I've always wanted to be that fashionable woman but in real life I've always been the one in black stretch pants and whatever shirt fit. As for the shoes I still struggle with comfort over fashion, comfort seems to always win lol. But we always have time to grow right? Thanks for reminding me of that. I bet you looked great in your new outfit and heels.

Christine Jeske said...

Mmmmm . . . cucumber sandwiches. ♥

Retta said...

Oh I enjoyed reading this so much. The real *YOU* is blossoming. What a joy to read!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

You go girl! Love the new password. :)