Fatmaggedon day 2.. with a little satan thrown in...

hello all...
back to the gym.
I got on arnold for 30 minutes and had a 330 calorie burn.
Then I had to hop on a random elliptical for 30 minutes because the queen of Texas had got to Christian first.
I call her that cause she comes in full on face makeup, hair hairsprayed to the sky and I once saw her get into her rav 4 and on the back it had a big *ss texas longhorn sticker and the plates were from texas.
So I call her the Queen of Texas.
Anywho...I couldn't figure out how to find my calories on the thing.
I went on a level six and went 2.5 miles so I am thinking 250-300 calories?
I have done the ellipticals 3 days running.
I think I will do a walk/run tomorrow and then do my arm toning.
I don't think I will be able to get to all the blogs tonight
One of my goals on the perfect 10 is to be in bed by midnight.
I usually post earlier but was up watching the movie 1408 with lane meyer.
That's not his real name....but I always forget his real name...he was in better off dead (lane)
and say anything (lane in a different movie) then he was in 2012 (lane at the end of the world)
and now he is in a satan possessed room (lane in the exorcist) lol.
Lane gets around.
It was alright...but having been raised a southern baptist...I spent the whole movie yelling...rebuke the devil lane..read the bible.
Pray for God's sake.
Lane does none of this....he drinks the devil's brew and wanders around wondering if he is going crazy. He talks to the refrigerator...and then, in a move I predicted...satan throws his dead daughter in his face....Lane falls for it of course.
Just evil.
Well, enough of that ....My calories came in a bit high...1540. I will have to do better tomorrow.
Calories yesterday 1420. So you take the two and it averages around 1470 or so...Must have a lower one tomorrow.
Hope everyone did good today, that you are on track.
your checking under the bed and saying a little prayer


KrysTros said...

John Cusack. I love him. Too bad the Queen reached Christian before you. What do you think she calls you when you beat her to Christian? Heh! My brain follows weird paths so just roll with it. I so need to get back into working out. After a week with tonsillitis I haven't done anything since getting better. Blah!

Linda Pressman said...

Funny, Chris. I figure every movie can be turned into a moral tale to teach our kids to become the kind of people we want them to be. I've taken it to some ridiculous extremes - my kids groan when we watch movies together.

Dani @ PFL said...


(Happy New Year! So excited to be reading about your adventure again!)

uh said...

I find the elliptical gets very boring for me, more quickly than the treadmill, but I do it :)

Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3 said...

Good luck on the rest of your adventure if you wanna call it to lose the weight that you want. I decided I'm tired of being the fat girl to everyone so I have jumped on the bandwagon of trying to lose weight also.

Unknown said...

Work it girl! You are an exercise MACHINE! whoo hoo! :)

I luv that movie better off dead! classic movie from my past! lol :)

Losing 100 said...

I HATE it when the machines I want are taken at the gym. You would think with all the primping The Queen would have taken longer to get to the gym. Oh well, maybe next time.
When I was younger there was a movie called Journey from Natty Gann or something like that. I was in love with John Cusack!

Beth said...

I so far have not been able to force myself to join the gym. But I do have my stationary bike, and if I watch TV or a movie, it's amazing how much longer I can ride!

Melissa said...

Queen of Texas....hehehe
You are still rocking it!!

Foodie Girl said...

Did my first real workout today. I can't believe I am actually doing it! I can't stop smiling!

Christine Jeske said...

LOL! I love John Cusak but that is one movie of his I just don't want to see. ((I am a coward))

Hope the Queen of Texas stays out of your way next time.

Learning to be Less said...

John Cusack. I have a friend that looks EXACTLY like him and it kinda freaks me out.

Want to hear something funny? I now live in Texas (moved here 10 years ago) and I drive a Rav 4 and I am ALWAYS at the gym. However, I think your gym is a bit of a drive (that, and I pride myself on my hair being flat - very unTexas like) but you can call me the Queen of Texas. Dude, you are hilarious. I totally hate when people are in my way at the gym. I kinda want to pee on everything and mark it as my territory. They can use things as long as I do not want to touch them in next 60 minutes. Hmmm....does that sound selfish?