Happy Blogger and end of month weigh iN.....oooooohhhhhh....

Okey dokey,
So, I am going to post my end of month weigh in...I started the month at 188, I end the month at 178.
10 lbs.
Not bad. I fully expect my weight loss to sloooowwww down in the coming months. It can't keep going at this pace, and I will keep my calories at or around 1400 for the month of February.
I drink one cup of coffee a day now.
I have replaced the other with a diet coke.
I drink 8 cups of water...
my food will be 300 to 350 for breakfast
100 for coffee
300 to 350 for lunch
600-700 for dinner.

I already have many good meals of all types in these calorie ranges.
In February, I have one high calorie day planned.
That is February 6th...my oldest's 16th birthday.
The rest of the month I will be op.
I want to be 170 by the end of the month...and it is a short month.
That leaves me with 27 days in which to create a 28000 calorie deficit....not easy.
I will give it all I've got...captain.
sorry, couldn't resist.
the borg.

wow, my brain is firing on all cylinders tonight.
10 things that make me happy...
for alan.
I would put up an award picture but at this point my right side of my blog is going to be dedicated to 10 lb pictures....which means I am going to have to put up a new one.
I will do this until I hit 138.
10 things that make me happy...
1.)Being in normal sizes.
2.) My new belted, double breasted, tweed jacket I bought today in size large for half off. :o)
3.) Picking my oldestdaughter up from a Birthday party attended by a group of good Kids. All lovers of God, all respectful and bright go getters.  Watching her happy face as she talked about her time at the party. Knowing she has good taste in Friends.
4.) Buying clothes for my youngest and watching her try them on. It feels good to be able to buy your kids nice things.
Knowing this makes me appreciate how hard it must have been for my mom to have to tell us no to things all the time...
and steve here is one for you...something you didn't know about me.  This is something I hold near and dear to my heart.
Wait... first let me finish my list.
5.) Leo adopted Duke (our lab) as part of his cat family today. He went up and rubbed his head against Duke's in greeting tonight as Duke was laying in the living room.  very sweet.

6.) Finding out coral is one of my new favorite colors.  Beats Beige, black, almost black and grey.

7.) That new song by Selena Gomez...the one that plays right off now on my blog.
I don't know what it's referring to...but I do know that when I finally go clubbing in a short skirt...I am going to request that song. What a great song.  Full of energy and positive vibes.

8.) I finally got my girl scouts their well earned silver key ornament badges.  I will be handing those out at the next meeting.

9.)I have Already put in our initial troop cookie order and nothing went kabluey.

10.) I threw away some of my husband's ratty old shirts and bought him some new ones...at 75 % off, there is a heck of a sale going on at the PX as they clear out winter gear to replace it with the spring clothes...so...woooohooo.  Sale time. lol.  sales make me happy.

Okay, so Steve,
something you didn't know about me...
Everyone knows I was poor growing up. My mom made about 3.25 an hour in 1986. She supplemented her income with sewing our clothes and growing our food and making door stops from fabric people gave her and government rice...
So anyways, one day we were in some store, I think it was meijers.  We were clothes shopping and every year I got three pairs of pants, three shirts and socks, underwear and new shoes. I already had a coat. It was a grey wool coat with fur on the collar (not real lol) 
I hated that coat.
Someone gave it to me.
I saw an 80's tastic coat.
Leather on the shoulders, charcoal grey with patchwork stuff, velvet and some flowers. can't remember the whole thing now.
I was 15, and old enought to know that an 89 dollar coat was NOT going to happen.
So, I turned around and was going to walk away and mom says, "You like that coat?"
I said, "No."
I knew we couldn't afford it.
She said "Yes, you do."
I said "Well, it's nice, but it's not worth 89 bucks."
She goes "Oh...okay."
So we finish shopping.
That Christmas I had only two gifts under the tree, while my brothers had five or six.
But I knew how my mom worked, she gave us an equal amount.
I opened one and it was  a teddy bear.
The next gift I opened was that coat.
That coat represented four full days of work.
She worked four full days,
Just so I could have a fancy coat.
I cried.

Well, that is about all...
Hope you guys have a great day,
Thank you again Alan for the happy blogger award.


Linda Pressman said...

Ten pounds in one month! And you were injured for a few days! Chris, that's awesome!

I know what you mean about the feeling of satisfaction when your kids make the right choices. They may not totally realize it yet, but it's because of you passing on your faith and values. Good job!

KrysTros said...

10 lbs is great! You are doing so great, keep it up woman!

Patsy said...

I will take a 10lbs loss every month, thanks very much! ;o)

Moving story - I can tell how much that present meant to you.

Helen said...

While I am supremely happy for you and your 10 lbs. I am a teensy bit jealous that my 10 lbs. in a month days are long gone. Between the thyroid and age I aim for half a pound a week. Sort of sad :(
Shoot I'll even get excited over .2!

Love your coat story. It really symbolized the unconditional and huge love that parents have for their children.

South Beach Steve said...

Chris, that is a really touching story. It reminds me of my childhood. My parents didn't have much, and after my mom and dad divorced, it just got worse. Looking back now, I cannot believe some of the things I asked for knowing my mom was struggling to make ends meet. You were much more in tune with reality than I was.

By the way, what an awesome loss for the month!

Foodie Girl said...

So sweet! I can see your mother in you.

Great job on the loss!

Love that song!

Unknown said...

Ten lbs is fantastic Chris. I'm loving watching you lose this weight. Since I can't seem to do it, I love livin it through you :)
Loved your story - parents are so giving of themselves.

Anne said...

I finally caught up with a week or so of your posts and just wanted to say I'm so very impressed! I love how thoughtful you are in every area of your life. Who was it who said, "An unexamined life is not worth living?" It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Unknown said...

Id say that was a GREAT month! Whoohoo! Great job! :)

*oh and I think it was bad lighting-cuz I am REALLY WHITE- more so like my Dad. lol :) hehe I wish I had the olive Italian tones my Mom does.

Kim said...

Wow, what a great post. I'm like you...I love to see my children growing, learning, and making good choices (despite my flawed parenting). I like your picture...you're so pretty. :) Congrats on the weight loss...I'll trade you. LOL

jo said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds! Woo-hoo!

The story about the coat made me tear up. How loving, sweet--thank you for sharing that!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

What a lovely story about your mom and the coat - thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on being down another 10 pounds - wahoo!

Christine Jeske said...

Aww that made me cry that your Mom got you that coat. I had an expensive 80's tastic coat too, of course I am around 5 yrs younger than you and I got it when I was 10ish. Donated to our family by a local business that was giving free coats away to needy children. I remember going into the store with the free coat voucher and just about dying from shock when my Mom told me the coat was within the voucher's price range. I am gonna write my mom now, thanks for stirring up those memories.

HUGE CONGRATS ON THE HUGE LOSS THIS MONTH!!!! WOOT-WOOT! The Chris mafia is kicking ass.

Melissa said...

Congrats on 10 pounds gone FOREVER!!!!!!!

That story made me cry. :)

MB said...

Congrats on the 10 pound loss. Keep up the good work.

My mother used to do the same thing at Christmas and to this day will explain that my brother got more gifts but she spent the same amount of money on us.

Amber said...

10 lbs, pretty darn awsome!

Touching story! Isn't amazing what some mothers will/won't do for their children.

How was your walk to day? I'm surprised we don't cross paths more often. Sorry I didn't stop, but you know once your moving well, you don't stop! Finished the run though, with only a 3 minute walk rest.

Keep it up!

Brenda said...

Aw, your coat story makes me cry. How special is that?
Congrats on the 10 lbs. Christ!

Hanlie said...

Congratulations on a great month! Wow, you really aced January!