gym gyminee gym gyminee gym injury

I have 'tweaked' my hamstring.
I don't want to say puledl or injured because I don't want it to be true, and I haven't waited 24 hours yet.
I don't want to get thrown off my training schedule for this.
I did one hour on Christian tonight and burned 637 calories.
Then I did my upper body workout which is basically the same as before.
biceps, triceps and shoulder lifts.
With Five pound weights.

I am hoping some rest will cure the hamstring.
My calories are in at 1480 today.
So I had a good burn and low intake.
I am ready to bust out of the 180's.
Either way, if this hamstring thing hangs around...I can always go walk.

so there.

Well, it's back to kinkos tomorrow to make some more copies for girl scouts. lol.
I have to make 14 this time.
Hopefully I can get in and out without 'help'.
I know I haven't said anything about haiti.
So, lets just say...I am praying for that country and those people.
I really don't want to dwell.
I used to do that.
Dwell on things I couldn't control
I don't do that anymore.
But I am aware, and I am doing what I can and I am praying.
It's all anyone can do.
I hope everyone out there is doing great.
I hope you all are creating the life you want.
living life to it's fullest daily, in honor of those who can't.
You living, breathing, and glad of it...


Christine Jeske said...

Hope the hamstring glitch goes away.
I am glad to be living, breathing, and creating the life I want too! ♥

Linda Pressman said...

Hey Chris, when we vacation I go to different Jazzercise locations where we're at but since I don't want to get up early on vacation I go to lite classes. One year I was in Tucson and there were little old ladies in wheel chairs and walkers, everything, just showing up and doing whatever they could. Some were working out sitting on chairs.

It was amazing and inspirational. It made me very grateful for a body that is fit and able (so far!) and I was stunned by their willingness to go to any lengths to get their exercise.

I know you will too. No stupid hamstring is going to get Chris down!

Retta said...

Ouch! I hope it's only a minor and very temporary detour.
Oh, and I hope you find out what caused it, so you can avoid it happening again.
Take care!

MizFit said...

how is it this morning?
my husband seems to tweak his all the freakin time and GENTLE stretching can help....and as you said TIME is his friend as well.

uh said...

If you have to go easy on the cardio and leg work, go stronger on your arms, pushups etc while your recouping!

Anonymous said...

I 'tweaked' my ankle and am trying not to have anxiety. Why is it when we finally get in a groove, stuff goes funky? Ugh.

Can't wait to hear about Kinkos.

Syl said...

To answer your questions, yes i did take a picture however I won't be posting it until my 30 days in. I am not following the food plan I am just continuing with the counting calories I was doing before. I will address all this on my next post :-)

Leslie said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for commenting on my post yesterday. Sorry to hear about your achy hamstring, and hope that by now it's better. Here's my nurse Rx I tell everyone with a musculo-skeletal injury: RICE

Ice - for 10 minutes each hour that you can manage it, and definitely after working out for a few days after you get back

Compression - an ace to keep it supported and protected, if that feels necessary

Elevation - keep it up whenever you're sitting if you can.

And - ibuprofen - 600mg three times a day for a few days (every 6 hours or so) for inflammation

Hope it's a non-issue by now, but do the ice and ibuprofen anyway for a couple days if it's better. Take care!

Christine said...

@leslie, thanks...
I was trying to think of rice last night...I just got through the first two and then it was yada yada ...lol.
Thanks, I am really interested in the p90x

Unknown said...

Hope your not facing a serious injury! :-/ Your post title made me chuckle and sing. lol

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I hope you don't have too much discomfort. Even if you need a few days rest, you can continue to do some seated upper body work. It's all good.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

That sucks about the hamstring - that muscle can hurt big time.
Don't push it or it will set you back!

Melissa said...

Crossing my fingers that the pain goes away quickly!!
You had a great intake and burning day. Now go make that Kinko guy's day rock!

Tricia said...

Hope the hamstring feels better!

antgirl said...

I like the songy title to your post. Mary Poppins always makes me think of my maternal grandmother. She was always singing songs from that movie.

Let it heal. Sometimes muscles moan and groan and it's really nothing. It will tell you soon enough which it is.

Helen said...

Do you own a rolling pin? If you do, get someone to roll the hamstring for you. It speeds up the healing. If there's no one around to help, do it yourself, you just can't get the same pressure. Rolling was what finally fixed a tweaked hammy that bothered me for almost 18 months!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

You know what's good for a hamstring? Ham! I don't know why it works, but it does...

Foodie Girl said...

Ouchie mama! Feel better soon!

Miranda said...

I am ashamed that its taken me this long to get over here and leave a comment on your blog. Your comment in response to my post on Sue's wall was the nicest thing I've ever read. I cannot express how much your kind words meant. They've replayed in my head and replayed again today when I went to the ob and she confirmed that I will likely have difficulty getting pregnant. Rather than letting it consume me I replayed your words and made up my mind that I've got a huge role in this and I have a lots of control to regain over my body. This fight isn't over and I'll keep on with it until I've done all I can do to carry a healthy baby inside of me.

I haven't had the time to sit down and read your blog the way I am wanting to but I have read enough to gather that your starting weight was exactly where I am right now. I look forward to reading more and think its wonderful how far you've come. Any tips for getting the ball rolling are mucho appreciated. I see you do a lot of calorie counting and the discipline that comes with that absolutely TERRIFIES and OVERWHELMS me. But blogs like your give me hope :) Thanks!