Chrisbodia Day one year zero....or how I climbed back on the horse.....

Hey all,
Back from la la land.
First off, Hanli...I will be bloggin about things that make me happy....tomorrow. Some of them are in this post. But happiness Is a great subject and deserves it's own post.
I felt soooo much better when I got up this morning that the tiredness from yesterday was probably 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.
I mean I ACHED yesterday.
Joints, muscles, headache...all of it.
I felt tired and worn out.
Allow me to detail about my time off...
It involved many of my favorite things, things which I HAVE NOT had the time for lately.
It involved the movie strictly ballroom (one of my favorites which you can watch in it's entirety on youtube.)
and a big old bar of white chocolate.
It was awesome...
I also had a great dinner...beans and rice and a grilled chicken, bell pepper and onion burrito with tomatillo salsa....
I stopped by Barnes and nobles and perused a biography of Georgia O' Keefe.
I bought the sugar free caramel flavoring from Starbucks to use in my coffee and hopefully lower my overall calorie count.

You see,
I have become a bit unbalanced about the way I use my time.
I used to have Saturdays 'off'....not the whole day, but a good part of it.
Increased obligations, my going to the gym....girl scouts, home school etc. Have really lead to the demise of my Saturdays off.
It has also led me to a kind of one note existence..
Which wasn't healthy (in the mental sense).
I used to read...
I haven't sat down to read read in over seven months.
As much as I like romance novels...I like to read things with substance as well.
I could feel my mind atrophy.
In the last two weeks, If I haven't said the word time more than any other word in the English language....I will sell my liver.
Usually in this way.....
I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR...(insert whatever activity here)
It was good putting my workouts first.
I am still doing that to some extent.
But on one saturday a month. I am going to go and have a fun dAY.
And on another, I will go to the gym early and have a light workout and then spend a day with my family.
I need to find some balance.
That being said...I had also got rather happy at my current weight (186)
I know that is atrociously large for some of you...but I assure you...I feel slim comparatively speaking.
I was allowing 'little bites' here and there.
ohhh...you know what I'm talking about...lets just have a taste,
100 extra calories won't matter.
When they do,
When it ALL ADDS UP.
That is why my weight loss has slowed from 10 to 8 lbs per month...
There was Not the same fire in the belly.
Well, I woke up this morning recharged.
When tempted to have a sip out of my daughters cup of milk.
I said no.
When tempted to just 'have a tiny bite' of that chocolate cake my husband baked i said no.
It's the little slips that lead to the downhill slide.
I am back otk.
Welcome to Chrisbodia, day one...year zero.
Your dieting blogger is back.
A little wiser, and a little more balanced.


paulawannacracker said...


Thanks for your comment to today's post. You nailed it and I've been knowing this for a while. I see how well you are doing and how disciplined you are and I want to achieve your success -- at least with measuring and weighing. I know that's what stopping my weight loss. Resting on my laurels for quite some time.

I do have scale and measuring cups and today, I actually used them. Thanks for the reality check.

You are so good for staying away from that cake. Can I just call you "sensay"? Forgive the spelling.


Alexia said...

What a great post! I know what you mean about not having enough time. I have to work on time management. Ugh. Glad to have you back!

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, when I was losing my weight, sometimes I needed to "hover" at a certain weight to wait for my fat head to catch up to my thinner body. I do believe it's important that the two be the same size.

And Time - ugh. Huge topic. My body finally gave out on me this morning because of my "never go to sleep" time issues, and I woke up sick and didn't exercise. (Don't worry, I went to the night class!) But still, I have to read the warning signs. I have to make time for me not just my To Do list.

Brenda said...

Well, like i already said on previous post, glad you had a nice recharge!

Christine Jeske said...

It's day one, year zero over in my little version of Chrisbodia too! :D

Hooray for the recharge and renewel. ♥

Tony said...

"It's the little slips that lead to the downhill slide."

Truer words have never been spoken EVER.

Hanlie said...

Good for you! Balance is so important. I get that in the beginning of our journey, we tend to focus very much on self-improvement and that is a good thing, because we're overcoming so many bad habits, but in the process we neglect our "being". I'm glad that you are now in the part where you can begin to explore balance... You go, girl!

Retta said...

Time management... ack!! It is so high on my "to do better" list that I have to look up to see it!

I'm glad you feel refreshed. Not ever having enough time for those things that light you up inside is dangerous.. on many levels, as you know. Glad you carved out time for YOU.

Olivia said...

I am so glad you took some time for yourself. I have no doubt you deserve it. I hope you have a great day!

Arooj said...

sometime i feel that time is a personified motivator that make us work hard and hard,,,

Dani @ PFL said...

Glad you are finding your sense of balance! It's always such a tough line to walk.

And Strictly Ballrom? One of my favorite guilty pleasure! LOVE THAT MOVIE! =)

Keep up the good work!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Some time to yourself looks like it was the medicine you needed to get back in the game. I hope you stick with the plan to take more time for yourself. You do so much with the home schooling and scouting. I'm sure that you enjoy it, but there is nothing like a day (or even a few hours) to yourself.

If you love reading, I'd like to recommend a book of short stories from the author Elizabeth Berg. The book was called "The Day I Ate Anything I Wanted". The first story is the title of the book and it is hilarious. I was reminded of this when I read this post.

Melissa said...

You are so right! I have had to make it a point lately to just sit and relax with the kids for a few minutes each day. Party because I'm busy and trying to get things done, but partly because I have so much more energy now to get things done.
I also totally hear you about the reading. For me reading, knitting, and catching up with old friends was something I had been lacking. I have made a big effort with e-mailing and catching up with friends lately and have been reading more often when I can. Knitting is one that I hope to get back going later.
Good luck!!!

Unknown said...

It is really good to go back to the beginning sometimes- to what works best. I was in line yesterday and in front of all of the candy bars- I saw some 100 calorie bar and took it in my hands- felt it, and realized that the size of it just was not worth what it costs me in my daily budget. I see foods so differently than I once did. The old ME would have grabbed several and gobbled them up in the car- then hid the wrappers.

Leslie said...

Hi Chris,

I just wrote a post where I referenced a post of yours that you left a link to in a comment to Merry Perennial. Thanks for the inspiration from then, and from now!

Unknown said...

Glad you had some time to yourself and got recharged. I would never had known from your posts you weren't still fired up because you are always have the greatest posts.

Balance is the key!

Unknown said...

Good for you - for recognizing the need for balance, and for making a plan to change!
I also find myself going months without relaxing or doing something that makes me truly happy. Then I freak out and take a day to myself, and I feel better, lol.