I'd kiss ya but I just dyed ma hair......

I'll explain the title in a minute.

well, I didn't go to the gym or even take a real walk.
I went with my youngest selling girl scout cookies.
While I did walk...I mostly stood...right behind her while she sold cookies.
We were out for about an hour and a half.
We have sold 68 boxes so far...
not bad.
I made my moderate calorie pizza tonight and enjoyed the heck out of it.
To be honest I ate maintenance today...1800.
I have been so hungry lately.
That's no excuse though.
I have decided to dump some more cals off my coffee.
When I say decided that means, I'm doing it.
It may not taste the same, but I have to.
So tomorrow I will be using the caramel sugar free calorie free syrup and half and half (2 T)
I am just not getting enough food this way. I am getting maybe 1200 calories of food food and considering I burn 700 in a workout...it just isn't enough food food.
It will cut my calorie intake from coffee from 220 to 80 calories.
That will free up 140 calories...Which doesn't seem like a lot. But when it comes to dinner...it takes it from around 450 to 550 and I can do alot with 550 calories.
So 400 for breakfast 400 for lunch...80 for coffee 520-550 for dinner.
What has happened since I started fatmaggedon was that I was going to drop my calories to 1400 calories per day.
220 of which was coffee.
On a 1400 calorie day...I was hungry.
I tried chewing gum..drinking lots of water. Diet coke at night for the fizzy full feeling.
I'll make it two or three days and eat 1800.
Now if you follow me readers...that is averaging out to yes, you guessed it-1500 calories.
All this angst to what purpose????
I don't know.
The only area left for me to cut is coffee.
I'll try it. I think I need more real food in my stomach instead of sugar from coffee.
clever, ain't I....
Oh, I dyed my hair...dark blond...about a shade or two lighter than my actual color.
Daring, ain't I? lol.
My husband said he liked it...my friend amber said she liked it...will post a picture soon and see if you all like it.
I also went out and bought makeup today. I think I posted a while back that I was experimenting with makeup.
Well, today I went and got a new mascara...maybelline stiletto mascara.
I also got lip liners and a nude gloss. I figured out that I like lip gloss, but wanted different colors.
So I bought lip liners in nude and plum and got a nude lip gloss with a tinge of pink.
I also bought some really light blush and some rimmel eyeshadow.
I love rimmel eyeshadows and eyeliners. They are my favs along with their tinted li pgloss.
If Jack is reading, maybe he can chime in...better yet..come up with diet names for lip gloss.
Somehow I doubt he got this far....lol.
I will be experimenting with darker shades of eye shadows. I saw some videos on youtube where the dark shades actually looked good, and not like you got socked in the eye.
So, I'll be giving it a go.
I almost bought some hard candy eye shadow stick in dark gold...glittery and all...then I remembered that I am not 14 and put it back.
Well, I hope all is well with you. IT's back to the gym hard core tomorrow with a little workout sess. with arnold.
Still tweaking, still working out the bugs....still going.
Your working on it dogged blogger,


Brenda said...

Glad your figuring out your calories to be more healthful and beneficial.
Can't wait to see your hair!

Alexia said...

"I almost bought some hard candy eye shadow stick in dark gold...glittery and all...then I remembered that I am not 14 and put it back."
Haha. How cute you are!
1500 calories sounds fair. I want to see your hair!

Linda said...

Chris, I agree that you can't be hungry. No one's successful who's starving all the time. I eat a lot of boca burgers on those thin bun things because I eat an enormous-seeming amount of food (looks like 2 big burgers with veggies on them!) and yet so lo cal (points for me). I also eat diet chips with that and I am one happy, full woman.

Also, love the fact that you're making yourself over! Fun.

Jodie said...

If weird colored nail polish wasn't such a "childish" thing, I'd have purple and blue and green nails all the time! Rock the blond. My husband would LOVE if I came home blond again (I haven't done it since we got married - almost 7 years ago.

Christine Jeske said...

Regarding your comment: I am experiencing what might be referred to as a "scare" but am in extreme denial about said "scare" because my husband had a vasectomy done in 2007. So for now, I am blaming my thyroid being out of whack because of weight loss or overtraining. If the symptoms persist or I miss a 3rd period then I am pretty much SOL and buying a damn test.

I am also sporting "blonder" hair but not ballsy enough yet to be experimenting with makeup ((am too afraid I would chose 14 yr olds styles ...))

outdoor.mom said...

very exciting! Can't wait to see the new doo - oh dooooo post a pic soon!! You go girl!

outdoor.mom said...

uhh... maybe you need to up the calories a little. Did i just say that?! No, it wasn't the little guy in a red suit with a pitchfork sitting on my shoulder. If you're truly burning a lot of calories working out, then maybe you need it. Also, I would bulk on the protein either way. Your body needs those lean meats to feel satiated and build muscle you buff woman you!

Miz said...


and I suggest some scrambled eggbeaters crammmmmmed with veggies if youre hungry and trying not to eat more calories.

protein and veggies.

you caint go wrong.

Olivia said...

Yay for blondes! I'm not a blonde yet, but I'm bent on trying it this year. Probly after the Triathlon because I won't be swimming in a chlorine filled pool so much.

Good job on the coffee! What are you kidding? Those are a lot of cals to free up.

And yay for new makeup :) This sounds really dorky but I'd like to eventually get some instruction on how to correctly apply makeup. Right now I just kind of slap it on there.

Keep on truckin,

South Beach Steve said...

Just a thought, have you considered tweaking the types of food you eat? For example, choosing foods that have less impact with a high glycemic index? that may help you feel more satisfied on less food.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Could you substitute a cup or two of coffee with some flavored tea or is it the sugary taste that appeals to you? I used to put sugar and lots of that fake, powdery cream in my coffee, I gave it up (unwillingly) because everyone at the office drank theirs black. It was a little bit of a challenge, but if you have the sugar free syrup you can cut back a little at a time until you get used to the new taste.

Can't wait to see a pic of the new blonde bombshell Chris!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

After dumping my diet soda addiction with little or no problems, I figured it would be a cinch to put the brakes to coffee, too. Like you, it was the additives that made my mind up for me. Too many empty calories when you drink your java Willy-Wonka style...

I stopped cold turkey and literally fell asleep at my desk that afternoon. Sh*t really is a drug. I drug through two more days and then a funny thing happened; my energy level jumped up a notch or two and I didn't miss the coffee a bit.

I still drink it on occassion, but I limit myself to only GOOD coffee, not the slop at my office or the stuff I brew at home. That means a trip to Starbucks once in a blue moon and maybe at a restaurant where I know it'll be good. As a once-in-awhile treat, I'm perfectly okay with the stuff.

Sounds like those calories could be better spent for you, Chris.

And I want to help your daughter out: how much for one thin mint cookie?

Unknown said...

guess Jack didnt make it all the way down to see the lip gloss request. lol

I wanna see your hair! I had to "wash that gray right outta my hair" not too long ago and I chose a medium blonde- but the red highlights always come through on me! *sigh* oh well.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the hair! I love blonde :)
Calories - I'm thinking you are in the same boat as me. Need to up them with the amount of exercising and those that we do intake, make sure they are value added. I like Miz's suggestion of eggbeaters and veggies - can't go wrong with protein and veg... much more filling too!
You go girl!

Bret and Victoria said...

Atleast you are working through it and thats what counts!! Sounds like you have a lot of new great thingsd! Make up always makes me feel excited as long as it turns out right. lol and i love getting my hair done in a way to me it feels like a new start! I am loving your blog.

Foodie Girl said...

Do you ship cookies? Can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Aimee said...

Have fun with your new make up! I never wear make up, if I tried to use it I'd probably hurt myself. lol Can't wait to see pics of the new hair!

paulawannacracker said...

Chris, you're so good about the calories in, and calories out. Can't wait to see your hair. Arent' you excited with all the changes you're making? Can't wait to see that new doo.

Melissa said...

We must see pictures. I insist!!
I love Rimmel too. They usually have good coupons in magazines and stuff too!!
I bought some eyeshadow from Mark by Avon that is dark grey and I love it!!