Fatmaggedon outta here....

overate...by about 300 calories....calories in today at 220o.
oh well.
I ate pizza instead of chicken.
My chicken was still frozen.
I did a three mile walk and my situps.
So today was a wash.
That's alright. Back otk tomorrow.
IF there is one thing I have learned, it's to let go of days that don't go as you planned.
YOu can bang yourself up about it...but that just leads to more bad days.
In the end it's a downward spiral.
1500 or under....

And might I say, I called it with the sea lions and California and the earthquakes.
It's humans who seem to have lost their basic instincts.
Call me Kreskin.
(or call me something or someone who had immense respect for animal life....dogs usually ferret out crappy people...animals run from danger....etc.)
Well, When the sea lions said "HEY! I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE."
I thought hmmmmm.
They had been there for twenty years.
I don't think it's over either.
There have been two rather major earthquakes.
One on the coast of Northern California.
One on the coast of Southern California...in the last week.
I do wonder what kind of pressure that puts as the plates grind together.
The plates sliding past each other and the pressure has been released north and south...not so much in the middle.
Have a great night guys.
Will come back tomorrow with a clean eating day and awesome workout stats.
your pizza having blogger,
er. Chris


Melissa said...

You know, when I overindulge and jump right back on the wagon, it seems to rev up the weight loss. Here's to you having that same experience.

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, you're absolutely right. The worst thing people do to themselves is get all flipped out about eating too much one day and then go on to have ten more days like that. That's really bull because our bodies are kind of like ticker counters. They don't know what day it is, the body just knows calories in and calories out. There's always another meal to eat right at, even on the same day.

deisegal said...

That "letting go of bad days" is something I still struggle with but it's something I do TRY to do. Definitely no point in going "oh welll everything is ruined anyway, might as well go on like that.."

uh said...

It's hard to be "ON" all the time, we are human and imperfect. You did the right thing, forgive & move on!

Olivia said...

Ah, thanks for saying that about just letting those days go where you aren't perfect. Because let me tell ya, yesterday wasn't perfect for me either. But today I'm back on track and that is great!

Have a wonderful day!

Boozy Tooth said...

Hey Kreskin... you totally crack me up, sistah. Totally.

And I love all your diet wisdom. Climb right back up on that horse. Awesome. One bad day doesn't ruin a diet. Never has, never will. Good for you for understanding that and passing it along.

South Beach Steve said...

I thought of you when I heard that yesterday - you certainly did call it.

"IF there is one thing I have learned, it's to let go of days that don't go as you planned." AMEN to this!

Unknown said...

Some of our beloved sea lions are back! :) They are really entertaining to watch- I love visiting them. :) We are rocking adn rolling over here though- last night was a BIG one but it was WAY up North from me and I did not feel it. 6.5!!! YIKES!

Your doing great- I never worry about you, whew-thats great cuz there are SO many out there that I DO worry about! lol :) Keep up the great work! :)

Christine Jeske said...

I think you are right about California. That's why I moved, my Mom wouldn't stop telling me I was going to fall into the ocean . . .

Hooray for ocean front property in AZ!!!

Oh, and you are also right about the beating oneself up cycle . . .

At least, in my experience. :S

aimeeinak said...

This was great to read, as I was just beating myself up a bit over how badly I've eaten this weekend. Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better. Thanks for the reminder!