To not be the fattest person in the room?

First things first.
I went to the gym today and burned 705 calories on Arnold.
Then, I did 165 situps.
I did 75 regular ones.
Then I did 2 sets of 30 obliques one right, one left
then I did 3 sets of 10 'situps' in the sense that I was laying down and had my knees bent.
then I curled up with my hips putting my knees almost to my chest and then tapped down on my toes and then quickly lifted back up. You can really feel it in your lower abdominal muscles.
Unlike a lot of 'situps' that focus on the lower abs but seem to actually work your hip flexors.
I could feel the burn under that fat pooch that just lies there...mocking me. I found that exercise on the internet.

This was where I WAS NOT the fattest person in the room.
I wasn't even close...in fact I would say...looking around I was in the top ten skinniest people there.
That sounds concieted and horrible doesn't it?
I don't care.
For years I would walk in a room and within moments was positive that I was indeed...the fattest person present.
Just for the record.
The person directing the meeting...very thin.
And As I thought.... there were cookies.
plates and plates.
I had two cookies.
a samoa and a thin mint.
damage done 105 calories.
They kept passing them around and around.
I kept watching the women eat them.
It made me want a low calorie dinner.
When I got home I had an omelet.

I felt so awesome coming out of there, I controlled myself calorie wise.
I was on the thin side of the average.
It was so different than every other meeting I've been to in the last five years, I can't even tell you.
I kept my calories to 1510 today.
fage yogurt honey and peaches: 310 cal.
pretzels: 160 cals.
apple: 80 cal
coffee: 220 cals
14 baked tortilla chips with 1/4 cup salsa: 180
2 cookies 1 samoa 75 cal. and one thin mint: 35 cal.
omelette with turkey sausage, mushrroms and cheese: 450 cal.

Thank you everyone for all the encouraging words.
I think If i tried really hard, I could cut back to one cup of coffee.
I would do the no cal low cal sweetener, but it just ruins the taste for me.
I drink it with 2 percent and two Tablespoons of sugar. That would put my calories in at 110 for a cup. I drink a big cup...so it's probably 12 oz's.
I think it was olivia who said in the comments that they don't like any food having a hold on them, I am the same way. If this weight loss thing really means something, I can cut back to one cup a day. (by the way, drop by olivia's blog...it looks great)
It does, so I will.
If Sean from a daily diary of a winning loser can quit smoking. I can cut back to one cup of coffee.
(keep talking and I may convince myself)
I also read in the comments about how my maintenance calories seem low for the weight I will be trying to maintain.
I have no idea how to maintain. (never having done it)
I figured I would start with the 1500 to 1600 and then see where the needle goes.
If it hits the 120's so much the better. My bottom out number would be around 122.
I don't think I would look too good much lower. If it comes right down to it, I will just have to buck up and eat more , as hard as that may be. ;oP
I don't think eating will ever be a problem for me though. I like food too much,lol.
I am back to the gym tomorrow to finish out my first week of exercise for my fatmaggedon challenge.
If I see a difference on the scale...I'll post it...if not, its off on for exercise (my one day of rest per week ) on wednesday, and then back to it Thursday.
Hope everyone is having a successful day and that you are ready for tomorrow.
Good luck,
Your Samoa having blogger,


Brenda said...

I'm glad you were blessed with that wonderful feeling of encouragement within yourself.

Sean Anderson said...

Oh the coffee issue---I really need to cut down. But not right now!!!

You're doing great. I love your attitude, I really do!
It is cool to realize that you're no longer the heaviest person in a room. I know exactly what you're talking about. I was the fattest person in the room everytime it seemed...but not anymore.

Love the thin mints!!! Oh wow...they're so good! Especially crunched up into vanilla soft serve---Have you tried that? Oh---I need to stop.

My best always

Hanlie said...

You'll be surprised at the negative effect coffee has on your weight loss efforts. Cutting down will make a difference, believe me! Of course, cutting it out completely will be better, as it really interferes with your body's natural processes, but baby steps, right?

I am in awe of your sit-ups!

Boozy Tooth said...

Girl, I used to do the same thing... walk into a room and survey. It was a rare occasion when I wasn't the fattest person in the room, but then I'd just feel terribly sad for the person who was fatter than me. I will never NOT feel sorry for heavy people because I know that no matter how hard they try to convince themselves and others that they aren't miserable... they are. I was. It's hard being heavy. It's hard losing weight. And it's hard maintaining weight loss. So since everything is so freaking hard, I choose to be healthy and fit. Better to make that effort than to go backwards, right?

Congratulations for slaying the Cookie Dragon!

uh said...

I love that last situp you described, I will include that in my next workout to see how it feels. I am trying to phase out artificial sweeters, I don't think they have a place in my new Healthy lifestyle. Keep using your sugar, just try using a little less and less each time :)

Olivia said...

I woke up in the most pissy mood and then stopped by my blog and saw that you left a comment. Sorry, but your blog is my FAVORITE blog, so it is so like a movie star said, "Hey, go see Olivia's movie," haha. But really, you are so inspiring.

And now, after reading this, I am pumped for the day.

I know exactly what you mean about not being the biggest person in the room anymore. I am a Secretary, and a lot of other secretaries where I work are very overweight. Last time we had a luncheon they all talked to me about losing weight as if I were insane ((as they ate their 2 desserts)).

Have a great day and keep us posted :)


Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Wow, my abs hurt just reading this - and then it makes me wanna make them hurt LOL not sure why...

One thing you may wanna try, find an alternative for the second cup of coffee - Since living in Australia, I am a big fan of "black tea" with skim milk and 1 tsp sugar - same 37 calories as my morning coffee made the same way. It's beautiful afternoon "snack" or even after dinner as a "dessert" - because it's just enough sugar to fix my sweet tooth. Maybe look around for something else that could satisfy your second cuppa, as we say in Oz.

Oh, yeah, another not so small thing - CONGRATULATIONS on overcoming and being strong against those cookies. THAT is a feeling you will want to remember for next time you get in that situation, because it feels so good to overcome! Keep it up!

Hallie said...

Great workout! And also great taste in Girl Scout cookies - thin mints and samoas are my faves too. I'm certain I could not have controlled myself around those samoas, nor would I have probably tried. Samoas come but once a year!

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

Woohoo, it is a good feeling when you realize you are one of the small people isn't it? I have had that feeling before and I want it back.

That coffee must be awfully good to be worth over 200 calories! I have only ever drank mine black.

Recent studies show that they were wrong about coffee being bad. Now they say it helps dieters and that it's good to prevent some types of cancer. I don't know about all that. I just count my calories and don't worry about the what the media says about this or that.

South Beach Steve said...

I don't think it sounds conceited or horrible at all. You deserve to be happy with what you have done so far. Great workout today too!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Damn those Girl Scout cookies-I could eat a whole row of those thin mints in one sitting!

Foodie Girl said...

As I bow down repeatedly, oh Goddess of cookies, I am once again inspired. Of course you can be conceited about being thinner than before. Hello Mama!

Great job sista!

Unknown said...

I love your attitude Chris, it is so refreshing and inspiring to read your posts daily. Your ab workout sounds like a killer. That is something I need to really improve on. Got some cramping last night in my upper stomach doing the hot yoga so I know I really need to get working on my core.
You ROCK and I have no doubt you will be in maintenance mode real soon.

paulawannacracker said...

Every time I read your posts I am just amazed at the amount of exercise you do. You are so consistent with the situps and Arnold. That's just wonderful.

Cograts on eating only two cookies and having 12 chips. I can never stop at 12. I admire your will power.

I agree with you about the coffee. artificial sweeteners just ruins it for me as well. But I've cut down to 1 cup. Your food journal looks great. I reamin, envious.

Christine Jeske said...

Not all will admit it, but everyone does it. You walk into a room and guage the Fat-o-meter. I do it too. Congrats on a successful cookie party!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Great job on the exercise! :) I use to eat an entire box of thin mints straight from the freezer- yep I was a frozen TM addict. lol :) I use to sweeten my coffee but my "cutting back" was ditching the sugar from my life. I dont miss it. I use a splash of fat free 1/2 1/2 - or the powdered stuff, no sweetener now and Im ok. What about using one of the natural sweeteners Truvia or Stevia? :)

Melissa said...

Oh dear Lord....Samoas. I think they might help me reach my running goals. I can run so that I can eat Samoas. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I totally do what you did with the others in the room since I started my weight loss "journey" (I feel like Ruby when I use that word! LOL!) and I feel so bad when I do it, but I can't help it.

Tony said...

How did you stop at one thin mint?

Bowmanh23 said...

Great self control! Glad you are having a great day!

Christine said...

lol tony...
By chewing veeeery veeeeery slooooowlllly.

Sally said...

You are workin it, girl! Like you, I am back in the saddle...AGAIN! I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be our year...the year of the Skinny Be-otches!

PS. You won my blog giveaway on 1-1-10! Couldn't find your email address! So, email me w/ your full name and shipping address to claim your prize!!

jo said...

I do the scan still.

Congrats on only eating 2 cookies and the power you have! Woo-hoo.

I would have had to skip the meeting or skip any cookies, because they are my weakness.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

That's a big accomplishment, Chris. You've literally transformed yourself into a brand new person. Way to go!

Linda Pressman said...

Hi Chris,
One of the weirdest things about when you hit goal is that you walk in a room thin and everyone thinks you've been like that always. They can never believe the suffering you've been through. Believe me, I know.

I feel like there's always evidence, though, some good, some bad. I don't think my arms will ever be completely fit yet, since I was fat till I was 40, I was never in my life outside in a bikini. I have no sun damage! Yea!

antgirl said...

We moved here when I was already a size 8, so no one knows I used to be 100 lbs heavier. It is fantastic not to have to think about my size any more when I go out or worry that people are judging me.

The coffee thing ... some days one is enough. Some days I want the second. I changed the way I frame the question to myself about having that second cup.

outdoor.mom said...

Wow! I like samoas too. I want about half a box though so I have to stay far away from them ;-)