First, I went back to the gym.
and I did 35 minutes on the treadmill.
Got off and stretched, and stretched and stretched.
Then Got on Christian, on his lowest setting and
went 30 minutes.
Total calorie burn 330.
My leg feels solid.
No tweeks at all.
Tomorrow I will do 15 minutes walking...stretch, stretch and stretch some more.
Then do 45 minutes on Christian.

Beautiful blogger award.
Thank you Yaak adventures.
I am supposed to name 7 things you don't know about me...lol.
okay then.
1. I almost drowned when I was 7.
I went out on the ice on our pond to get a ball. The ice was thin and I fell through.
Which wouldn't have been so bad except I kind of got sucked under the ice.
I had to crawl back toward the hole, and when I tried to get on, the ice kept breaking, so I wold fall in again. I did this till I got close enough to the edge that the ice held. I never did that again. And thank God my uncle Max taught me how to swim when I was six.

2.) I know how to gut a deer.

3.) I know how to pluck a chicken.
It takes some hot hot water and an ability to withstand the smell.

4.) I traveled to London about 10 years ago.
I loved it, it's one of the nicest big cities I've ever been in.

5.) My goal is to travel to every state in the union.
I have already been to 42. I only have 8 more to go.

6.) I collect boxes. Handmade boxes.
My favorite box is a wooden box inlaid with pieces of straw made in the ukraine.
It's very cool.

7.) I draw. I like to use graphite and colored pencil. I haven't done it much in the last few years...but lately, I have been having the urge...after this year is over in may with Girl scouts...I think I will take it up again.

perfect 10 update.
pretty cool.
This week...
exercise...we all know how that went.
I missed a day. The other days were not nearly as intense as they should be....a few more days and I will be back full strength.
Food. Pretty good. calories between 14 to 1500 daily. well one 1530 day..but other than that...pretty good.
One new recipe.
Tonight I had a sweet potato with one T butter 1/8th of a cup of walnuts and 1 T brown sugar. It was biiiiiig sweet potato...8 oz.
Man was that good.
So yep, new recipe.

upper body workout and situps..on track.
My situps are now up to 175...this is week three.
Next week it's 185.
I will have four weeks to get my 200 situps to under five minutes...so this goal is definately doable.
My other goals were getting to sleep before midnight...maybe three out of seven.
so meh.
there are picture things...and weight things...but they are more of a before and after thing.
Now, one thing you don't know besides the seven I already said?
One of the coolest experiences of my life was a drum performance at central michigan university in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.
It was so loud I could feel the drum beats in my chest. It brought tears to my eyes.
I like stuff like that.
very cool.
Now I am supposed to pass this on to like 7 people who haven't gotten one....
1.) Linda Pressman
over at bar mitzvahzilla....I love her blog. She is funny and dead on about most things.

2.) super squared
Because she has a beautiful soul, and I like her spirit. She hasn't given up or given in yet.

3.) Marilee
over at the hix mix, For the same reason. She has had a rough year. But she is still kicking.

4.) Amber
Because she is Beautiful, even if she doesn't always know it.

5.)losing 100
Cause she may not be losing, but by not losing she is gaining something pretty cool.
A child.

6.) Exquisite Christine
Official member of the Chris mafia, I bestow this award because you aren't exactly chatty.
I would like to learn seven new things about you.

and last but not least

7.) Victoria
Over at becoming My perfect me...
why? Because for such a young lady, she has a very good head on her shoulders. and with her attitude, she is definitely headed somewhere.

That is all....finally, right?
Hope you all have a great night.


South Beach Steve said...

Lots of new info on Chris tonight! That must have been really scary with the ice incident. Thank goodness you could swim.

Another good week Chris - keep it up!

paulawannacracker said...

I'm impressed Chris. You can pluck a chicken and skin a deer. Not many woman can say that...

Congraulations on the award. You really deserve it. You're one of many bloggers who are just darn right consistent.

Amber said...

I don't think you ever told me about the ice. Scary! Glad you came out if it ok, many don't.

So when I start to raise chickens you can come do the dirty work for me. :) I'll pay you in chicken and eggs.
Thank You for the award! I'm glad to call you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love it. And GOOD CALL on Exquisite Christine. Can't wait to read her list!

uh said...

You were a very strong 7 year old, wow, scary ice story.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Soooo glad your leg is doing better. I like learning new things about people-big hugs to Uncle Max for teaching little Chris how to swim!

Unknown said...

OMG about your ice incident - how scary that would have been. My dad was a life guard so I thankfully learned to swim early. It's a good thing because I was quite the tomboy and got into all kinds of trouble - but never like your ice story. Wow..
Ron is always asking me to go hunting with him and although I think I could hit a pretty good target I don't think I could dress the game. I could in a survival situation but not just hunting game to fill my freezer. So I've told him that I will not shoot anything until I can handle it all the way through.
Great job on the goals despite your leg.

Marilee said...

I GUT DEER!! I GUT DEER!!! I have a lifetime supply of deer sticks in my fridge right now!! =) I hope you know that made me love you even more.

Helen said...

I know how to pluck a chicken too but I don't ever see myself doing it again - unless I happen to become a contestant on Survivor or something! Hope your hammies are feeling better.

Melissa said...

Nice list. If you haven't been to Louisiana, come visit me!!

UpsAndDowns said...

Hello ma'am,
I have blog, reading your blog for some time now. When I observed your work out pattern through your posts, stretching seems to be a vital part of your exercise routine. As a fellow person wanting to loose weight, can you please tell me what kind of stretching exercises you do?? Many thanks in advance!