Back at it....day 8 at the gym...

Hey all,
I read the comments...
I hope no-one is worried about men flirting with me.
It doesn't turn my head, I guess is the old fashioned phrase....More than anything I simply remember how nobody flirted with me when I was much bigger. I have no illusions about the nature or quality of any interest shown.
My husband was married to me through thin and thick and now hopefully thin again.
If anyone deserves a shot at the goodies, it's him.
There is where I sign off from tmi thursday, back to our regularly scheduled blog....
So, I went to gym today.
I went for 60 minutes on Arnold. I burned 700 calories.
Then I did my 165 situps.
same proportion as three posts down.
3 eggs and 1 toast 310 cal.
1&1.5 cups macaroni and cheese made with water 435 cal.
6 strawberries 30 cal.
1 T honey 60
2 cups coffee 4 T sugar....(no milk today)
2 oz. chicken 100 cal.
8 shrimp 130cal
15 spears asparagus 62 cal.
3 shrooms 10 cal
1 T butter 100 cal.

Total calories 1417
under my 1500 calorie cap for the day...pretty good.

oh and quick heads up for those of you counting on restaurants to get the calorie counts right...
It's all about how they aren't....not fun.
I am going to keep it short tonight.
I will have a much longer and better post tommorrow.
Take care all....


Linda Pressman said...

I was never worried, Chris. :) My husband was incredible when I was fat. He used to just say, "You're beautiful." I appreciated that! I don't think he'd be happy if I suddenly started gaining weight now but he was great back then and very supportive through the weight loss and all these years of maintenance.

Brenda said...

I just read your previous post and I am amazed at your healthy perspective. Seeing, thru your eyes, at both perspectives as far as how you were/are treated is enlightening.
God bless.

266 said...

I'm trying to get caught up on all my blog reading! Congrats on your last weigh-in and on how amazing you look in the latest photos! You are tearing up the scale, girl!

Retta said...

"If anyone deserves a shot at the goodies, it's him."
That's cute! And he will be reminding you of what you wrote, just wait and see, LOL!

uh said...

Sounds like your husband is a prince like mine....I didn't get that you wanted to stray, but I did get the irony of it

Boozy Tooth said...

Keep up the kick ass work! *Pride*

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I saw that news about restaurants and calorie counts, too. Eighteen percent average overage is a pretty big jump, and another reason why I like eating in more than dining out.

Keep it up, Chris. You're killing it!

Melissa said...

I share the exact same thoughts with you about the hubby deserving the "goodies". LOL!

Unknown said...

Actually knowing that other men find you attractive can really HELP you feel better about yourself. I know we should already- but Im just sayin. :)

I saw the news clip about restaurants calories being HIGHER than what is listed adn I was not surprised. That is why I prefer cooking/ eating at home. I know exactly what I am eating.

Christine Jeske said...

Never entrust your body to a restraunt chain! I agree that preparing it yourself is the best.

Regarding you comment on my post--
Yep, I think "diets" are crazy and setting us up for failure. What you need most is balanced nutrition, an awareness of portion size or how calories work, and good old fashioned EXERCISE. Choosing bulky, filling foods over empty calories also helps. I just like to keep myself informed on the plans out there and glean what I want from them, then keep charging forward. Also, its fun to collect recipes. ♥

Leslie said...

I lol at "if anyone deserves a shot at the goodies..." I love that you're posting your food now - it's good to get ideas of what other people eat.

Stephanie said...

I love that you feasted on shrimp, strawberries, and asparagus all in one day. YUM...
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