anybody want a cat?

Hi, I am going to keep this post short tonight.
I am really tired and have to get up early.
Today I walked 3 miles and did 70 situps.
This was a very easy workout day for me...for a reason...
I wanted to get some  work done in the house, not only cause it needed it and not only because my husband doesn't like the house...
but I needed to eliminate some stuff.
So I spent the remainder of my day doing laundry and sorting through the drawers of my youngest....
We whittled it down to 8 pairs of pants and 8 long sleeve shirts and 6 short sleeve shirts.
5 dresses, 10 pair of socks..sweaters, a jacket and a puffy slip.

We need some shorts, as she only has 2 pair.

so, about that title.
There was a cat hanging next door at my friend Amber's house.
It was very sweet and doesn't seem to mind all the going's on...
Well, when I came back from running errands at the store tonight,
There it was, lying in my driveway.
Now,  we have a cat named Leo.
Kate found him a few years ago under an abandoned truck as a kitten.
He is a great cat and quite the character.
He doesn't like other cats...at all.
We had him fixed because he was so territorial he clawed my daughter up one night trying to get at another cat.
Well, this cat is a female, but leo didn't seem to care.
We will be putting up flyers tomorrow and then calling the humane society to see if we can find a foster family for the cat till they can find it a home.
Till then we gave it a basket and some food and water.
The cat has a great temperment.
It seems like it is an indoors cat and a cuddler.
Our dog likes it, it's leo who doesn't.
we tried to introduce them by putting leo on a leash and  letting them 'meet'.
Well, he started growling and trying to get away.
Then for the last hour he has hung out in the window and stared and growled.
So, until they can foster this cat...I guess we will provide food and water, and a basket for this cat.
I would keep it if I didn't think blood would fly.
I love cats...
I may get it a rabies shot in any case.
There have been rabid animals in the county...
The cat needs to be protected if it's going to be outside.
If you can't tell, this is bothering me.
Anybody want a cat?
Well, it's back to the gym tomorrow for a 'real' workout.
Have a great night everyone.


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Glad you were able to eliminate some stuff. I have been... but still need to eliminate more. Because the military is the military, we have an inspection of our house the same day that my husband leaves for deployment... I'm sure they will agree I need to purge more deeply, lol.

Thanks for your understanding comment on my last post... I swear people can't begin to understand if they haven't lived through it. I think your idea of a deployment challenge is fantastic; been thinking about possibilities all day. :)

Deanna said...

I just read your Where I Came From and you sound so similar to me. I'm very close to your start weight and that's when I realized, I'm fat. I was very inspired by your story. Keep up the great work and I hope you find a home for the kitty too!

Anne H said...

By "hanging" i guess you mean "hanging out!"

carla said...

I do looove me some cats.
my husband? child?
They are sadly ONLY canine people :)

MB said...

Unless I wanted to live on a daily dose of Allegra I can't help you out. I'm allergic to cats. I love the idea of having a pet but it was hard for us to even manage to take care of our fish. We finally got rid of the tank after the last one died off.

Patsy said...

HOpe you find a good home for the cat. I feel for you that you can't take her in because of Leo. :o(

Putz said...

i know i a man, but we still seem to have so much in common, honest>>>>first i organized my cleaning closet, and had fun>>>next is horrible>>>.i love cats>>>exactly three days ago>>>my neighbor who hates cats, sixteen years old>>>bow hunter with those hunting arrows>>>>admitted to seeing my cat in the field sunny hiself>>>couldn't stop himself>>>shot it and parralized it's spinal cord and cat couldn't move back legs>>>took to vet and put him away jasper bell>>>thought about calling the cops but i might have to live here for 21 more years if i live to be ninety>>>>cats here in sanpete are a nusance not a benefit>>>so i just let it go, now don't get all mad at me chris>i know i should do something, but i am a coward>>i loved that cat but will silently mourn>>>snow this morning here, lots of it, hell it is may 23/24 or?????????dec 23/24th>>>i really don't know what today is>>>about the cat again>>>i am afraid of that boy neighbor and afraid he will shot an aroow at me or my dog or the neighbor kids, so i try not to stir the pot>>>i know i am wrong

Christine said...

That is disgusting...I would worry about that boy in the future. what kind of mind concieves of killing a defenseless animal. He sounds like a sick mind. I would be worried about that kid. HOpe you havea way to defend yourself and your family.

M Pax said...

Do you have a petsmart? Ours here usually knows of no-kill shelters and works to get cats adopted.

Hope the kitty finds a loving home.